Donald Trump Too Busy Filing Lawsuits To Run For President (with Classic Letterman Clip)

On the day that phony real estate magnate Donald Trump announced that he is running for president of the United States he made the first of what will surely be many boneheaded and offensive remarks. And ever since he maligned Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals he has faced the wrath of decent Americans who find such bigotry unacceptable.

In less than two weeks Trump has seen his Miss USA/Universe beauty pageant bumped from broadcasts on both NBC and Univision. Other media enterprises including Telemundo and Televisa have also cut ties with Trump. The latest of his business relationships to collapse is his clothing line at Macy’s who, like the others, say that Trump’s values do not represent those of their company (or their species).

Donald Trump Lawsuits

And in a hysterical display of delusion, Trump says that he broke off the relationship with Macy’s. He even criticized the fact that his products were largely manufactured in China, a fact which he defended a couple of weeks ago on CNN’s State of the Union by blaming China for his decision to do business there, rather than in the U.S. It’s an excuse he has been making for years, as evidenced by this hilarious two year old clip from The Late Show with David Letterman:

In response to his critics, Trump is demonstrating the sort of immaturity that disqualifies him for public office by throwing a temper tantrum as he refuses to apologize for his repulsive comments. In fact, he has spent the last couple of days reaffirming his rank prejudices. And now he claims to have filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision. But is he also going to sue NBC and Telmundo and Televisa and Ricky Martin’s charity foundation (which has moved its golf tournament out of Trump’s course in Puerto Rico) and all of the celebrity participants who have quit his pageants and Macy’s too? You have to wonder when he will have time to run for president.

This is just the beginning. Fair-minded people and responsible businesses will continue to distance themselves from Trump. The next big player ought to be the PGA which is currently scheduled to host its PGA Grand Slam of Golf (October 2015), the 2022 PGA Championship, and the 2017 Senior PGA Championship (presented by KitchenAid) at Trump golf courses. There are plenty of other world-class facilities to hold these events. The Golf Channel (which is owned by NBC) should also reconsider whether to broadcast any event that originates from a Trump property. [See update below]

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Of course, as the list of those who “Dump Trump” grows, so will the list of potential litigants for Trump to file against. The GOP already has three candidates who are the subjects of ongoing criminal investigations (Scott Walker, Rick Perry, and Chris Christie). Trump himself has been charged with criminal violations of defrauding students of his fake Trump University. It would be particularly unseemly for him to become embroiled in more litigious controversies of his own making. Yet that is exactly what Trump is doing, and it only took him two weeks into his campaign to achieve this distinction. I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring.

[Update: (This was fast)] Donald Trump was interviewed on the Golf Channel today and told them that “I’ve had tremendous support from the golf world, because they all know I’m right.” Well, not exactly. Shortly thereafter the four major golf organizations issued a joint statement contradicting Trump’s arrogant assertion of support:

“In response to Mr. Trump’s comments about the golf industry ‘knowing he is right’ in regards to his recent statements about Mexican immigrants, we feel compelled to clarify that those remarks do not reflect the views of our organizations. While the LPGA, PGA of America, PGA Tour and USGA do not usually comment on Presidential politics, Mr. Trump’s comments are inconsistent with our strong commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment in the game of golf.”

The statement does not make clear whether these organizations will cancel tournaments scheduled for Trump courses, but the pressure is on. The National Hispanic Media Coalition says it will call for a boycott of PGA events if they do not end their business relationship with Trump.

[Update: 7/7/2015] The PGA has severed ties with Trump on their Grand Slam of Golf which was scheduled to be held at Trump’s Los Angeles course in July. Also, ESPN is moving their Celebrity tournament from Trump’s L.A. course to another one nearby. And Trump continues to refuse to reconsider his bigoted comments, or to apologize.


12 thoughts on “Donald Trump Too Busy Filing Lawsuits To Run For President (with Classic Letterman Clip)

  1. Not surprisingly, all this is giving The Donald a bump-up with GOP voters… not surprising because those voters are yoooooge assholes. And if the party refuses to nominate him when he fails to make his finances public when the deadline comes, I’m sure he’ll hit them with a yoooooge lawsuit… which will be totally frivolous, pseudo-legal nonsense, just like all the others.

    • Green Devil, that was great. I read the word yoooooge in The Donald’s voice and it made my day. Mark, as usual, great writing.

  2. Donald Trump might be President in a Disney movie, but nowhere else (remember, these are movies where dogs drive cars and land airplanes). Trump’s poll results reveal the simplistic sort of thinking that conservatives use to pick a president. For a bunch that claims to disdain Hollywood and everything it stands for, the right sure seems to take a lot of their cues from movies and tv as to how real-life actually works. Therefore, Trump, like Sarah Palin, is not a dangerously misinformed nitwit, but a “straight shooter” who “tells is like it is.” Just like their heroes that they see in movies and on their favorite tv shows.

  3. Note the rhetorical game Trump is playing. Using the phrase made famous – to me at least – in the 1950 classic “Cheaper by the Dozen” when the hapless photographer hired to film the family’s 12th child’s birth only to realize he forgot to load the camera, proclaimed “You can’t fire me. I quit,” so is Trump claiming the upper hand in these breakups by insisting these were actually his decisions.

    No, they weren’t. He indeed was fired. The cheap trick has not escaped attention.

    • You’re spot on with that comparison. That’s exactly what he always does. I do wonder how his family feels about his childish behavior.

      • Yeah, and I wonder how they feel about his calling everyone on his growing list of enemies “losers.” That’s the kind of taunt a maturing person leaves in the schoolyard.

  4. Oy! Donald, what are you doing? I’m so disappointed that you’ve done this. I had high hopes for you and your deal making ability to get the U.S. On the right track in international dealings. Too bad. Lawsuits won’t help. Make an apology and tell the press you got confused between Mexico, China, and the Mariel boat lift from Cuba in the 80’s.

  5. I have always felt that the Trumpster was self-destructive, but then I’m prescient, and rarely wrong.

  6. We all know about the Hospital records of Obama’s Birth; none have been seen. But Obama tells us the story of his mom cnomig back to Hawaii for cancer. As with all of Obama’s stories there is never a paper trail.Obama’s mom records should be open if she is dead, so where is the Hospital and Dr. Reports of her cancer treatments and most of all where are her Death records. We have photos of Obama spreading his mother’s ashes which looks like flour not human ashes.One OBOT made me laugh when explaining why the Obama’s mother ash was so white and not grayish because Ann was a white woman.LOL

    • You are an incredibly ignorant BIGOT. Kindly Drop Dead.

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