Hillary Clinton’s Fox News Problem

This evening on Fox News Shannon Bream, filling in for Megyn Kelly, did a segment about how dismal Hillary Clinton’s future is now that her poll numbers have descended to unfathomable depths, particularly with regard to favorability.

Hillary Clinton Favorability

Like much of the rest of Fox’s recent coverage of Clinton, the impression made is that Clinton has about three weeks before she will drop out of the race and report to prison. To open the segment Bream gleefully reported that…

“A new poll now showing Clinton may be more disliked than she has been in decades. As a brand new survey from CNN shows her unfavorability rating is now at a whopping 53%. A number that Clinton has seen just one other time in twenty-three years of polling.”

What the “fair and balanced” propagandists at Fox are leaving out is that Clinton’s favorable rating in the CNN poll that they referenced is better than all of the Republicans that were polled. Clinton scored 44% favorable. That compares to Donald Trump at 36% and Jeb Bush at 34%. What’s more, Clinton’s unfavorable rating is lower than her most likely opponents. She pulled 53% while Trump and Bush were higher at 59% and 56% respectively.

Clinton has had the honor of being ranked as the most admired woman in the world nineteen times in Gallup’s annual survey. She received that honor the last thirteen years in a row. It is not particularly surprising that in an election year where seventeen Republican candidates are bashing her relentlessly her public image might suffer. Add to that the effect of the smear job that Fox engages in every day and it would be a miracle if her numbers didn’t decline a bit.

Notwithstanding those assaults, Clinton is still faring better than her GOP rivals who have had very little mud thrown at them. She is still beating them in head-to-head match-ups. And her support in the Democratic Party is unwavering.

What Fox News is trying to do is project their open disgust for her in the hopes that it will harm her electoral prospects next year. That’s also why they keep promoting Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. They obviously hate them just as much as they hate her, but for the time being they are happy to use them as wedges to create chaos for the Democrats.

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If Clinton’s 53% unfavorable rating can be characterized as “whopping” by Fox News, then what would they call Trump’s 59% or Bush’s 56%? Of course the answer is that they wouldn’t call it anything at all because they wouldn’t devote a segment of a primetime program to their “favorability problems.” In the Fox world everyone loves Republicans and they always will win every election. At least that’s how they present it to their dimwitted audience who are later shocked when they lose.


5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Fox News Problem

  1. Well, pretty optimistic about a candidate who is in way over her head in legal trouble and will not survive. And isn’t this article doing exactly what it’s bashing Fox for doing? As for Hillary’s email ‘scandal’ she will not slip out of this. What she has done is huge. Anyone who knows anything about classified govt material knows this nothing to laugh at and it’s not going away. Edward Snowden ring a bell. Hillary was Secretary of State. Her emails would have contained classified material every day. The amount of information that she gave away to our enemies is mind boggeling. And Benghazi? She, in all probability, gave the terrorists all the info regarding the weapons being ran through Libya to Syrian rebels and the status of our Embassy and personnel. They would have had all they needed for a successful attack. That would make Hillary directly responsible for Benghazi and the torture, rape, burning and murder of Ambassador Stevens and the murders of our three other men. That alone should put her in prison for a very long, long time. Add to it all the other info she gave away and she’s done. This is not a scandal, this is the end for Hillary, and time for her supporters to face reality, denial is no longer feasible.

    • Thanks for that update from Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory Land.

    • No, this article is not doing what it’s bashing FOX for doing.

  2. Shannon Bream was filling in for Chris Wallace on “FOX News Sunday” today. 3 notable things occurred which reveals FOX News’ Republican hand.

    First off, Shannon made a tremendous gaff. Getting too comfortable sucking up to guest Mike Huckabee, Shannon reassured GOP TV’s favorite demagogue: ‘talking as one conservative to another.’ Oh my. “Fair and balanced” flew out the window on that one and went splat. ;^)

    Another curious moment was Shannon’s pro-Biden spin. Keep in mind FOX News since Obama became president has run almost nothing about Joe Biden except data-mining gaffs to embarrass and smear the guy. So I was momentarily startled to see Shannon softball a draft Biden 2016 supporter like he was a Republican candidate. Obviously, FOX News sees Biden as another quiver for their bow to kill off Hillary. The moment she’s gone expect Joe to return to perpetual Gaff-O-Matic status at FOX.

    Finally, clearly unbiased Shannon ‘One Conservative To Another’ Bream tried here best to beat down a Hillary spokesperson regarding Emailgate. This has been a FOX News obsession so passionate it’s knocked “Benghazi” out of their lexicon – something I thought impossible not too long ago. Certainly, Shannon isn’t going to accept anything Hillary has to say and she ignored most of what the spokesperson said spinning the topic with her all-con… I mean all-star panel of parrots. But the bad news for FOX News is their data-mined baloney may be a case of GOP TV letting their propaganda peak too soon because if the Clinton campaign message starts clear the thick fog of smoke FOX News is blowing regarding Emailgate, they’re going to see that partisan propaganda balloon deflate rapidly.

    Of course, if Hillary were a Republican you’d see Ailes renting billboards across the nation promoting everything the Clinton spokesperson said and smearing the msm for daring to do otherwise. As it stands, FOX News is – surprise, surprise – ignoring any fact not fitting their Republican for President 2016 narrative. ;^)

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