Glenn Beck Pimps Chamber Of Commerce – Screws Tea Party

Fox News has lately been escalating their support for rightist, GOP candidates and causes. They have Sean Hannity and Dick Morris traveling around the country to stump for Republicans. They have Karl Rove raising tens of millions for GOP advertising. They even have prospective presidential candidates like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee on their payroll.

And now they have Glenn Beck pitching for the uber-rightist U.S. Chamber of Commerce (CoC). The same CoC that received $1 million from Beck’s boss Rupert Murdoch. The same CoC that is spending over $75 million in support of Republicans running for Congress.

On his radio program today, Beck announced that he was donating $10,000 to the CoC and urged his listeners to donate as well. He declared that he “would like to have this the largest day of fundraising for the Chamber of Commerce ever.” In his pitch he misinformed his audience saying that the US CoC was made up of the struggling local businesses that are downtown. That’s false. The US CoC is not affiliated with municipal CoCs around the country.

Beck’s pitch was largely based on the opposition to the CoC expressed by the administration. And if the administration is against it, well by golly, he’s fer it. However, the administration’s position is not really anti-CoC. It is against the solicitation of unlimited funds, some of which come from foreign entities, without disclosure. But Beck apparently is in favor of secret foreign enterprises influencing our domestic elections. He fervently expressed his affinity by saying that “They are us.”

Unless “us” are giant multinational corporations, I don’t think we are really them. What’s interesting about this appeal is that the CoC was a vocal supporter of some of the initiatives that Beck believes are destroying the country. The CoC backed the passage of the TARP legislation:

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobbied for the creation of the TARP program and continues to support efforts to improve the program to ensure its success.”

And in urging the Congress to pass the Stimulus Bill, the CoC said…

“The global economy is in uncharted and dangerous waters and inaction from Washington is not an option. No package of this size can be perfect but we need a bill that will unlock capital markets, free up credit, and create momentum in the economy.”

TARP and the Stimulus Bill have been castigated by Beck as socialism and Nazism and harbingers of a future of government domination and slavery. They have been the backbone of his delusional tirades against an administration that he is convinced is purposefully trying to bring the nation to ruin. They have been roundly rejected by the Tea Party crowd as evidence of government and business corruption. Yet Beck is now shelling out $10K (a pittance for him) to one of the biggest backers of these policies, and urging his congregants to cough up their hard-earned money as well. Why?

Because Beck is, and always has been, a shill for Republicans and the conservative agenda. He regularly uses his program to advance the campaigns of GOP candidates and never misses an opportunity to impugn a Democrat. His behavior is perfectly aligned with that of his employer, Fox News.

This solicitation on behalf of an organization of big business lobbyists is a slap in the face to his Tea Party followers. If they had the ability to conduct their own analysis they would be horrified at his dishonesty and manipulation. Good thing for him that most of them can’t think for themselves and will follow his advice like the blind and obedient disciples they are. Let’s just hope that the rest of the American populace is paying better attention and has more common sense.


9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Pimps Chamber Of Commerce – Screws Tea Party

  1. He is a shill for the right. As you are a tool for the left! You dope!

  2. Mark,

    Obviously you have no idea who Glenn Beck is. My guess is you’ve never watched his show.

    [Admin: This comment was edited for length and relevancy. We do not permit massive treatises that are completely off-topic]

    I think we all know how well the Stimulus Plan worked. It failed miserably. Look at the unemployment numbers. And, know that these are what Obama wants you to see they are not necessarily factual.

    It is not Glenn Beck who slanders and labels his fellow countrymen. Mr. Beck is a historian, a teacher, a follower of our Constitution and a man of Faith, Hope and Charity. When he speaks of socialism he is well informed. When he shares his opinion he backs it up with video, the written word from the “source” and a variety of well known albeit famous people. Obama states “We’ve got to Stop the name calling.” yet he is first to sling mud at those who do not agree with him. And, if you want to read true vile untruths and manipulation, I suggest you re-read your article. Most Sincerely, Donna Miller

    • Why do people who disagree with my opinion about Glenn Beck always think I don’t watch him? That is a patently ignorant assertion considering I post so much actual video of Beck and make reference to content on his shows that I could only know by having watched them. It’s such a lame response.

      More likely you didn’t read my article. If you did how can you make the statement about the stimulus plan not working and still support Beck? Let me repeat it for you: Beck just gave $10K to the Chamber of Commerce who was one of the biggest backers of the Stimulus Bill. If you don’t like that bill shouldn’t you be pissed at Beck?

      And if you don’t think Beck slanders his fellow countrymen, you haven’t been on the receiving end of his vicious and false name-calling aimed at progressives and Democrats. He calls them a “cancer” He claims they are aligned with Hitler and Stalin. He actually believes that they are deliberately trying to destroy America. No one has done more to divide Americans than Glenn Beck.

      The notion that Beck is a well-informed historian and teacher is laughable. He completely distorts history and demonstrates his ignorance of the Constitution on a daily basis. And his videos are garbage that have been edited to mislead.

      I don’t expect anything I’ve said here to sway your opinion as you have clearly swallowed his shtick in its entirety. It’s really too bad that people buy into this BS, even when it is 180 degrees from their own beliefs, as in the case with the CoC.

  3. Mark,

    I don’t think Glenn Beck is a shill for the Republicans. I think Glenn Beck is a shill for himself. As for Donna’s assertion that he is a “historian”, that’s beyond laughable. And what does “follower of the Constitution” even mean? The Constitution is a wonderful document and the basis for our nation’s basic rights and laws, but it was also written by imperfect people. Let’s not forget that it used to be “constitutional” to deny basic rights to citizens based on race and/or sex.

    • Beck regards the Constitution as the divine word of God and its authors as heavenly-inspired saints. It is as immutable as the Bible.

      btw: Beck can be both a shill for himself and the GOP.

  4. Glenn Beck has never improved from radio jock, just gets paid more,

  5. Glenn Beck is not a person woth talking to or listening to

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