Donald Trump Is A Punk-Slash-Ignoramous Who Fears Bernie Sanders And Debates

Billionaire crybaby Donald Trump is once again showing severe signs of his true character (or lack thereof). It has been obvious since he began his delusional campaign for the Republican nomination for president that he was an egomaniac obsessed with whining and hurling childish insults at anyone who hurt his tender feelings. Every day he embarrasses himself further with demonstrations of ignorance and conceit. And yesterday was a treasure trove of typical Trumpian nonsense.

Donald Trump

First up, Trump appeared at a rally in Virginia where he revealed just how scared he is of Bernie Sanders, and how little he knows about, well anything. He launched into a rabid tirade aimed at Sanders’ description of himself as a Democratic socialist, a term that Trump couldn’t define if his life depended on it.

Trump: “This socialist-slash-communist – OK? Nobody wants to say it. […] Nobody’s heard the term communist, but you know what, I call him a socialist-slash-communist. OK? Cause that’s what he is.

No, that’s actually not what he is. But I can form trite couplets that are far more descriptive of Trump and more accurate. For instance, Trump is a wuss-slash-narcissist, or an idiot-slash-racist, or a dad-slash-pervert, or a fatcat-slash-fascist. He seems so proud of himself for daring to call Sanders something only a total fool would think is applicable. He is, therefore, proud of his ignorance, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Trump has no idea what a communist is, but he’s pretty sure that he could build a wall to keep them from taking our jobs, raping our daughters, and sapping and impurifying all of our precious bodily fluids (h/t Dr. Strangelove).

Trump’s Sanders-phobia continued with an Instagram video wherein Trump offered the asinine and racist comparison of #BlackLivesMatter to ISIS. The video ended with a graphic reading “Bernie can’t even defend his microphone, how will he defend the country?” Trump seems to think that a confrontation with peaceful protesters advocating justice at a political rally is the same as the military battle against international terrorists. If that’s an indication of how he would respond to dissent in America, everyone should be terrified of him having any power greater than a tollbooth attendant.

Finally, Trump has been throwing another of his patented tantrums over the proposed terms of a GOP debate. He’s complaining that CNBC is stretching the debate to three hours so they can make more money. Even if that’s true, since when does a right-wing Republican object to businesses exercising their rights in a free market? He said that a three hour debate would be unfair to viewers. Does he think that just because he has to stand there the whole time that everyone watching at home is prohibited from changing the channel or walking the dog any time they want? A longer debate gives people more information, even if they view it in parts over the next few days.

Viewers are not burdened by the running time of the debate, but apparently Trump is. Clearly he doesn’t have either the energy to stand for three hours, or the intelligence to answer questions. With ten candidates on the stage three hours only provides about fifteen minutes of questions each (minus commercials and opening and closing statements). That’s not really very much time for deciding on who should become the leader of the free world. Cutting the debate to two hours leaves about nine minutes each. Trump is also insisting that opening and closing statements be part of the format because then he can deliver prepared politispeak rather than having to show that he understands any real issues.

Bonus whining: Trump has resumed his Twitter war with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. In a fevered blast of tweets he called her a liar and said that he “can’t stand to watch her” and her “two really dumb puppets,” Chris Stirewalt and Marc Thiessen. I wonder if Fox CEO Roger Ailes will take this latest assault on his network and staff laying down. He has previously shown that he is more than willing to be Trump’s bitch.

Trump’s petulant hissy fitting is at once pathetic and entertaining. It illustrates the worst aspects of the inherited wealthy elitists who presume themselves to be entitled to special privileges and unwavering attention. This video shows exactly the mindset that Trump has had his whole life:

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is A Punk-Slash-Ignoramous Who Fears Bernie Sanders And Debates

  1. The Donald pretends to be unaware that there’s such a thing as Democratic Socialism, despite the fact that it’s a very big thing in Europe and most other free & prosperous nations. I’m pretty sure Trump has visited many of these countries, but perhaps he can’t see beyond his impenetrable Ego Force Field and doesn’t perceive that other forms of government do exist. Acting like there’s no difference between Bernie and, say, Stalin or Mao is a standard rhetorical maneuver designed to impress RWNJs and other low-info rubes. Or maybe Trump really is that stupid… with billionaire bigots it’s hard to tell.

    • I don’t think Trump could define any of the terms he’s throwing around. That said, I also don’t think he cares. He is doing it because he is a rude S.O.B. who only thinks in terms of dumbshit insults. He couldn’t make a coherent rebuttal to an argument if he tried.

      • Heh-heh, I’m probably over-thinking it. This is The Donald after all 😉

  2. I wonder if we can consider Sanders the polar opposite of Donald Trump, though I am not sure who we would be insulting by that definition. Of course, anything Sanders says, the FoxPods will reinterpret in their own inimitable style to be as close as possible to what they think of as a communist ideal. Which (a) is a poor definition of what Sanders is selling and (b) demonstrates once and for all that neither Fox nor Trump has any idea whatsoever what Sanders really stands for.

  3. Slightly off topic, but demonstrating that the FoxPods are once again back to defending The Dumbald against all evil caused every time Trump opens his mouth.

    Jeb Bush: Trump ‘pathetic’ for blaming W. for 9/11

    And in defending a creature unworthy of the defense, every argument the FoxPods make is the exact opposite of what they accuse Obama.

    For example, we have this salient wisdom from Ari Fleischer:

    “When Donald Trump implies that since 9/11 took place on Bush’s watch he is partially responsible for it, he’s starting to sound like a truther. After all, does Donald Trump also think since Pearl Harbor happened on FDR’s watch that FDR is responsible?”

    You would have, Ari. Just the way you are convinced that Obama is responsible for BENGHAZI! Which has absolutely nothing to do with your defense of Trump.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    • Since you brought it up – Isn’t that exactly the kind of rationale that is used on this specific site when the issue is economic? Mark typically attributes all positive economic data that is reported during the Barack Obama term to him personally, as if he is directly responsible for all good that happens while in office. Now if that is ok, how do you avoid the line of thinking noted? That is how biased nuts use any information that can help them defend their own version of great leaders or attack those they don’t like. So using this line of thinking (also regularly applied by Mark) – Barack Obama can be held responsible for Benghazi – couldn’t he? Maybe someone is using your own (and maybe not yours specifically – Mark definitely) propagandist thinking against you. I generally don’t follow that logic, but since Mark uses it, pointing it out is fun to do. However, that is how it is with leadership – right or wrong – people take and/or assign credit for all the good, but never the bad.

      • Again, the same double standard. You refuse to accept the point here.

        The argument is always the same: Barack Obama is responsible for everything that happens in his presidency, good or bad, but it’s treason to claim that Bush is responsible for everything that happens during his presidency, good or bad — it’s not Bush’s fault that so many people died during 9/11 or his b/s war in Iraq. But, Benghazi is still all Obama’s fault no matter what, despite the clear findings in every investigation that there was nothing Obama could have done to have prevented it. Bush was warned nine ways from Sunday that something like 9/11 was possible — and he simply ignored it.

        And then it all falls back to the old setup: if anything good happens during the Obama administration, well, that’s just carry-on from the Bush administration, but everything bad that happens during the Obama administration is all Obama’s scandal. But how dare you apply the exact same standard to the Bush administration – because nothing bad ever happened during the Bush administration [FoxPod logic].

        Honestly, I am so tired of the double standard here, and here you are, yet again, arguing that that is fair.

        • I don’t think I argue FOR a double standard – I point them out, but I avoid participating in them. I think you’re tired of having someone point it out to you. Exactly how many times have I given ANY president (right or left) credit for much? not often if at all. So directing your frustration at me is useless. Mark is a strong proponent of double standards when specifically applied to left wing politicians – he does it all the time on this site (his site) and I point it out. You seem to care what these media types think more than I do – so maybe you should avoid them – they also apply that double standard you despise so much.

      • In a word, steve, no. Flip the script fail.

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