Fox News ‘Psycho’ Analyst Comes To The Defense Of Deviant Scum Rupert Murdoch

Earlier this week Rolling Stone published an article by Matt Taibbi that brilliantly chronicles the decline of Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch and how his empire is showing signs of crumbling due in part to the Frankenstein monster he created, Donald Trump. News Corpse reviewed the article here.

Keith Ablow

In response, Fox News dispatched their resident “psycho” analyst, Keith Ablow, to defend the deviant scum who runs Fox with an op-ed on the Fox News website. The headline of Ablow’s article asks “Does Matt Taibbi hate Rupert Murdoch or hate himself?” The article pretends to be concerned with Taibbi’s mental health while attempting to portray him as consumed by self-hatred.

Ablow starts off by digging up some historical and personal dirt on Taibbi that has nothing to do with his current writing career for which he has garnished widespread respect. And like any quack psychiatrist, Ablow used it against him. He then admits that he isn’t qualified to diagnose Taibbi, but damn if he doesn’t do it anyway before the paragraph is over:

“I have never evaluated Matt Taibbi and have never even met him. But it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to theorize why anyone would have such intense antipathy for men who believe deeply in individual autonomy and possibilities and would resort to grotesque jokes about them. […] He must be disconnected enough from his own real self.”

No it certainly doesn’t take a psychiatrist to do what Ablow does, which is to dispense vitriol disguised as medical advice. Ablow says that he would like to have coffee with Taibbi “not as a psychiatrist, but as a fellow man,” to help him find himself. And that magnanimous gesture is driven by his deeply held principles and his desire to save lost souls like Taibbi. Ablow writes that…

“I believe that even someone who hates greatly — starting, no doubt, with himself and then projecting that antipathy toward others — retains the possibility to heal and to realize his greatest possibilities.”

Well, that’s a relief. Because there isn’t anyone who hates greatly more than “doctor” Keith Ablow. His prior unofficial and unprofessional diagnoses have included openly hostile attacks, mostly on President Obama and other liberal or Democratic targets. For instance, he charged that President Obama was waging psychological warfare on the American people; he accused Obama of wanting Ebola to spread in America; he declared that it is time to immunize our sons and daughters against the president’s psychologically toxic rhetoric,” and that Obama “long ago severed himself from all core emotions;” And my personal favorite, Ablow actually had praise for the Unabomber’s sociological philosophy.

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With all of that hatred, Ablow surely needs someone to provide the sort of care that he thinks Taibbi needs. It is a classic case of projection wherein Ablow sees in others the things he fears most within himself. His quackery is overflowing his distraught and inadequate brain. And it’s bad enough that he would compose a ludicrous pseudo-diagnosis like this, but it’s much worse that a so-called “news” enterprise would publish it.


8 thoughts on “Fox News ‘Psycho’ Analyst Comes To The Defense Of Deviant Scum Rupert Murdoch

  1. The medical profession is not what it used to be. We now read of doctors screwing Medicaid and Medicare, falsifying records, milking the government out of more money. And the integrity? Do no harm? Gone. And this phony analyst who sold his integrity to Fox for how many shekkels? His defense of Murdoch is an ad hominem attack on Taibbi, a writer of really great stuff. Taibbi doesn’t need analysis, he knows exactly who he is. Ablow, (must be a stammerer seeking a blow job) pretends he could find what makes him tick. He should advise Murdoch that early onset dementia can not be treated. Let the old fool pass into full blown Alzheimer’s because he much he should want to forget, evil stuff, damaging lives stuff, unprofessional journalism stuff, life destroying stuff.

  2. I wonder how much money it takes for Murdoch to engender so much fake loyalty? I mean, what price are all the souls of these people, from Ablow and Krauthammer, Hasselbeck and the rest? And the real question is, why does Murdoch hate America so much that he runs a network trying to bring us down, divide us, and make some angry enough to take up arms against our leaders? Come on, Ablow, figure that one out.

  3. “Doctor” Ablow is clearly suffering from a severe mental breakdown… specifically what we in the field of Armchair Psychology call “coo coo for cocoa puffs” …and I hope he gets the help he needs. I recommend rest & meditation, followed by large doses of bourbon and medical-grade hashish… stat!

  4. Dr. Ablow is much gentler with Taibbi’s filthy writings than I would ever be. Plain and simply put, Taibbi spews nothing but hate and lies – which makes his filthy writings right at home on this website.
    I read Dr. Ablow’s column. It had much more class than Mark would ever recognize. It also exposed the fact that Taibbi once wrote a column about insects eating away the Pope’s brain and that Taibbi’s editor resigned in protest as a result.

    • Please tell us some lies that Matt Tiabbi told. Please be specific, give examples. I need you to help me with that because I was unaware that he has told any. Certainly no-one has accused him of such or written any articles stating such, so please help us out here. Be the first!

    • “Filthy writings”! Man, I can almost see you clutching those pearls.

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