Really? Fox News Thinks Rachel Maddow Is Too Biased To Moderate A Debate

Howard Kurtz, host of MediaBuzz on Fox News, wrote a column today that might have consumed the world’s supply of chutzpah. In the column Kurtz took MSNBC to task for having the audacity to let their biggest star, Rachel Maddow, co-moderate a Democratic debate. Of course, that’s something that Fox has done itself with their hot property, Megyn Kelly, but never mind that. Kurtz is very upset.

Megyn Kelly

The headline of the article asked this pressing question: “Why did MSNBC put Rachel Maddow on the debate stage?” The question was apparently so easy to answer that Kurtz managed to handle it all by himself.

Kurtz: Rachel Maddow did a pretty good job in questioning Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at MSNBC’s Democratic debate last night. (…) She is smart and passionate, a Rhodes scholar with a deep knowledge of the issues. She did not roll over for Clinton during a recent interview on her prime-time show.

Well, with a track record like that she should never be allowed anywhere near a candidate debate. The last thing Fox would want is a smart, knowledgeable, fair person to facilitate a political discussion. That certainly isn’t the way they do it. Fox has taken great pains to make sure that all of their presenters are cut from the same moldy conservative cloth. And yet, Kurtz can still pose this scenario as if it weren’t utterly oblivious to reality:

“Imagine the reaction on the left if the Fox News moderators at a debate were Bret Baier and Sean Hannity, an unabashed conservative. The criticism of Fox for fielding such a team would have been intense.”

Of course, the truth is that Fox’s moderators are unabashed conservatives, which I’ll get to in a moment. But first it is important to note that Kurtz couldn’t simply praise for Maddow without qualifying it by insisting that, despite her evident skills “she shouldn’t have been on that stage as a moderator,” and that “she should not have been put in that position,” because “she is an unabashedly liberal commentator who rips the Republicans every night on her program.”

If that is their criteria for choosing debate moderators then Fox has some explaining to do. Their own debate moderators have included relentless liberal bashers like Megyn Kelly, one of the most stridently partisan purveyors of propaganda on the Republican PR channel (aka Fox News). She spreads more lies about Benghazi than any of her Fox colleagues (and that’s saying something). She was caught leading a discussion that was based on a series of “Fox Facts” that were cribbed directly from a Republican National Committee press release. She made a point of informing her viewers that it was a fact that both Jesus and Santa Claus were white.

Media Matters did a survey a couple of years back that showed that Kelly “has hosted conservatives (56%) significantly more often than progressives (18%) and has surpassed even Fox’s Hannity in its divide between guests on the left and right.” That’s the same Hannity that Kurtz used in his imaginary scenario about unabashed conservatives. And in March she will host her third debate on Fox News.

Also moderating for Fox was Neil Cavuto, the Glenn Beck of business news. His first question in the debate he moderated asked the candidates which of their economic plans God would endorse. He has made it his mission to castigate low-income Americans as sponges and leeches who are actually living the good life at the expense of the one-percent. He is a committed climate-change denier. And he frequently has segments about alleged government waste that usually turns out to be completely bogus (like this on about the famous shrimp on a treadmill).

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With blatantly biased moderators like this on Fox, Kurtz has the gall to complain about Maddow, even as he admits that she has all the qualifications for a moderator and that she acquitted herself well. What more does he want? His complaint obviously doesn’t have anything to do with Maddow’s ability to perform with proficiency and fairness, so the only thing left to explain why he would devote a column to this whining is his own bias and partisanship. Or perhaps he was ordered to do it by his boss, Roger Ailes, as a slap at Megyn Kelly’s time period competition. Expect to see more of this Maddow bashing on his Sunday morning program.


10 thoughts on “Really? Fox News Thinks Rachel Maddow Is Too Biased To Moderate A Debate

  1. Just another episode of the hypocrisy that is fox. I was actually expecting something like this but was surprised they made Kurtz do it.

    I also saw that Gretchen Carlson was flabbergasted by the decision to have a progressive moderate a debate between professed progressive candidates. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!!!!

  2. The irony is Kelly and Kurtz claimed on her show Maddow is not a journalist and thus should not be a presidential debate moderator implying Kelly is a journalist or Hugh Hewitt.

  3. Nobody mentions the baby elephant in the room: Chuck Todd.

  4. As a fan of Keith Olberman’s show on MSNBC, I recall when one of his guests was a young woman, Rachel Maddow. Impressive, knowledgeable, articulate, poised. And not long after–I think she was a guest of his on several occasions–she substituted for him one evening and was simply outstanding. I wrote to the network praising her and suggesting she be given her own show. And in time she was.

    I suspect Howard Kurtz is uncomfortable around women who are so much smarter than he is. But he would disappoint FOX viewers unless he decried her liberal views even though he would defend Megyn Kelly’s and FOX’s raft of no one but arch conservatives. If Bill O’Reilly were to be pitted against Rachel, he would be advised to wear the conical dunce cap with answers supplied by his ear piece from someone off-camera. But I use him only as he is the most ignorant of trolls on FOX . Some have left like Glenn Beck

    • Bill O’Reilly would destroy Rachel Maddow in a debate.

      • Not happening, Scott. You see, Rachel Maddow utilizes something I believe is known as “The Truth.” This is something that Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t know if it came up from behind, bit him in the ass, and turned him over and started screaming, “M-F’er, get me some iced tea!”

        And anyway, Bill O’Reilly couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag because the first thing that comes out of his mouth during what he calls a “debate” is to shout out how great his ratings are next to his opponent. That is his only argument, and it fails miserably every time he tries it. Sure, it is probably true, but when your audience comprises the dumbest people in the universe, how trustworthy is that?

  5. I guess I will have to amend my criticism of Republicans having no ability to feel empathy to add that they apparently are incapable of introspection.

  6. More lies from Mark about Megyn Kelly. Typical.

    • Another unsupported opinion from Scott. Typical.

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