Sarah Palin Ditches Her Husband In ICU To Stump For Donald Trump

The media has been chock-full of stories this morning about a snow machine (snowmobile for non-Alaskans) accident involving Sarah Palin’s husband Todd. Mr. Palin was said to be seriously injured and in intensive care. The reports further said that Palin had canceled her scheduled appearances with Donald Trump in Florida in order to fly to Alaska and be with her husband and family at this difficult time. However, Fox News just showed Palin on stage at the Trump event in Tampa.

Donald Trump Sarah Palin

Apparently Palin’s desire to be with her loved one during a crisis was more important than being with her husband – so she stayed in Florida with Trump. Palin’s attachment to the GOP’s favorite fascist is a romance that has will surely endure through time.

This isn’t even the first time that she has decided that loyalty to Trump took priority over loyalty to her family. In January Palin’s son Track was arrested for beating up his girlfriend and brandishing an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle while drunk. As he languished in an Alaskan jail, the “Mama” Grizzly chose to continue her Trumpapalooza tour in Iowa and Oklahoma rather than going back home to care for her allegedly PTSD-stricken, domestic abusing, alcoholic offspring. She even spoke about the incident at the Trump rally long enough to blame President Obama for her son’s abhorrent behavior. What I wrote at the time is still relevant with regard to her forsaking her injured husband:

“This sleazebag, with a son who is a divorced domestic abuser, a daughter with two out-of-wedlock kids from different fathers, a defender of the deviant Duggar family, a supporter of the racist Duck Dynasty Klan, and close friend of pedophile and advocate of presidential assassination Ted Nugent, presumes to lecture others on family values. And she campaigns for a racist, wannabe fascist tyrant who mocks the disabled even though she is the mother of a special needs child.”

The question is: Why would Palin remain in Florida for even an hour when her husband is clinging to life in a faraway hospital (other than the fact that she is just a repulsive cretin)? Well, her entire public career has made it clear that she is only concerned about herself and how she can advance her interests. So it is safe to assume that she has an angle in this affair with Trump. She is either exploiting it to rescue her faded financial prospects, or she has succeeded in convincing herself that she has shot at being his vice-president. With regard to the latter, they do share some common ground that could be featured in marketing a Trump/Palin ticket:

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Donald Trump Sarah Palin

Update: At the rally, Trump needled Palin with a little joke about her hospitalized husband. Her reaction is off-camera, but you have to wonder if she thought it was funny or horribly insensitive.


7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Ditches Her Husband In ICU To Stump For Donald Trump

  1. The funny thing is that no Alaska paper is even reporting on this snowmobile accident. And how did Bristol manage her baby, two young boys, and a drunken brother while her father was somewhere under a snowmobile? The whole thing smells, like everything Palin. Meanwhile, Track’s court date scheduled for today was magically moved to April.

  2. Your posts are getting more disgusting and vile each day. Maybe you should use your poor education for something not so ugly.

    • You’re a real constant with your ad hominems as well.

  3. I already had a poor opinion of Sarah Palin prior to this story, especially when she blamed President Obama for her son’s attack on a woman, but I’d say her reputation is starting to dig a hole possibly through the center of the world straight to the other side.

  4. This isn’t the first time Palin has ditched someone. She ditched her while state when she decided she no longer wanted to be governor

  5. Was it that she was trying to get flights and had a long layover in Tampa or did she delay the trip home to be with Trump for campaign reasons?

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