The Unbearable Idiocy Of Donald Trump: “All I Know Is What’s On The Internet”

And so it continues. Donald Trump’s oafish plodding toward the goal of finally finishing off the Republican Party rolls on like a political demolition derby, purposefully crashing into the other participants with a strategy of being the last broken down heap of garbage capable of some faintly observable forward motion.

Donald Trump

Spending Sunday on the tube with Donald has been a comic opera starring a furious clown with a painted on scowl who tries pathetically to convince others that he is a guiltless martyr. He was asked several time as he made the rounds of morning news gabfests whether he would accept any responsibility for the violence and acrimony that has become the hallmark of his (and only his) public appearances. His answer every time was an emphatic “No!” But even worse, he seems to have lost all connection to reality as he repeatedly spews easily debunked falsehoods. At this point you have to wonder if he is capable of ever telling the truth (see the Trump Bullshitopedia).

Let’s begin with Trump’s interview on Fox News where he was asked about the hostile environment at his Ku Trump Klan rallies. After absolving himself of any blame he insisted that “Nobody’s ever been hurt” at his anger-mismanagement affairs. That, of course, conflicts with the reality that has been recorded on video of protesters being punched and kicked, and even journalists that have been assaulted, one of whom was choke-slammed to the ground, and another from the conservative Breitbart News website, who was manhandled by Trump’s campaign manager. Trump similarly claimed that no one was hurt on CNN, whose Jake Tapper let him ramble on incoherently for most of the insipid segment.

Then, on Meet the Press, anchor Chuck Todd pressed Trump to acknowledge that a video that he posted on Twitter, associating a protester with ISIS, was a hoax. Trump squirmed uncomfortably while seeking a plausible denial, finally settling for this lame disavowal: “All I know is what’s on the Internet.”

Really? That’s how Trump wants to characterize his scope of knowledge about his own communications, as well as his foreign policy expertise? I’m not sure if that is an improvement from the last time he commented on foreign policy saying that he gets his information “from the shows” on Sunday morning. So far as I can tell, he must be referring to Dora the Explorer or Scooby Doo. Also, Trump has used the Internet excuse previously after he was caught re-tweeting comments from white supremacists. So not only is he an idiot, he is also incapable of learning.

The further adventures of Trump on Twitter include a ludicrous swipe at John Kasich, about whom he said “Because Gov. Kasich cannot run in the state of Pennsylvania-he cannot win the nomination- & should not be allowed to compete in Ohio on Tue.” Trump is dishonestly referencing a challenge to Kasich’s ballot qualification that has been filed by a student in PA. However, there has not been a ruling in the case and Kasich’s attorney has argued for dismissal because the challenge was filed after the deadline. In any case, that would not preclude Kasich from running in any other state.

Trump also tweeted a threat to Bernie Sanders saying that “Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!” First of all, Sanders was telling the truth and Trump has no evidence to prove otherwise. More to the point, Trump is issuing a blatant threat to do what precisely what he falsely accused Sanders of doing. And Trump’s supporters, unlike Sanders’, are known to be violent. In effect, Trump is saying “That’s a nice rally you’re having over there. Sure would be a shame if anything happened to it.”

Finally, Chuck Todd sought to hold Trump accountable for inciting violence at his rallies by revisiting Trump’s promise to pay the legal fees of anyone who attacked the protesters (video below). As noted here on News Corpse, that was a blatant solicitation to commit a crime. Trump replied that “I’ve instructed my team to look into it.” If Trump eventually decides to keep his promise to the assailant, then he is effectively conceding that his offer was intended to indemnify him for a violent act. If he breaks his word, then not only does he demonstrate his lack of character, but it doesn’t change anything with regard to his intent to solicit violence.

It remains a mystery to me that there is anyone who could, with good conscience, support this proudly ignorant, violence advocating, racist, misogynistic, wannabe dictator. The only explanation is that his followers are just as warped as he is and share his repugnant views and lack of discernible intellect. And that presents a problem for the nation, even after Trump flames out. His supporters will still be part of the electorate and eligible to shape its future by their votes. That makes his glassy-eyed disciples even more dangerous than he is.

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6 thoughts on “The Unbearable Idiocy Of Donald Trump: “All I Know Is What’s On The Internet”

  1. I think you said it yourself, Mark. I think the only explanation for Trump’s support IS that his followers are just as warped as he is and share his repugnant views and lack of discernible intellect. In fact, I think you couldn’t have said it better.

    • His followers are the problem.

      Trump is the consequence.

  2. Thanks to decades of rhetoric (and the strange popularity of such types on television), there are people who think that bullying behavior is the same as leadership behavior. They’ve been taught that saying a thing makes it so, and that thoughtful reactions are weakness. Add in legitimate concerns about jobs, security, and crime, season with xenophobia and anger, and you get voters who think that a thin-skinned narcissist is the best person for the job of POTUS.

  3. Are female followers of Donald Trump “strumpets”?

    • Nope, they’re ignorant, racist, toothless , hillbilly morons just like the males.

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