Birther Bombshell: Donald Trump Was Born In Scotland And Is Ineligible To Be President

For most of the presidency of Barack Obama a contingent of fringe dwellers have challenged his legitimacy to serve due to wholly unfounded accusations that he was not born in the United States. One of the most prominent and vocal of those critics was Donald Trump, who joined the nut cases demanding Obama’s birth certificate and then refused to concede that it was real when it was provided.

Donald Trump Birth Scotland

Trump was so obsessed with Obama’s birth status that he allegedly sent a team of investigators to Hawaii to get the goods on the phony president and proclaimed that the world “will be amazed” at what they found. Unfortunately, Trump has never disclosed the results of that investigation and has since refused to even talk about it. Amazing.

Not satisfied to stir citizenship controversies for just President Obama, Trump also raised concerns about the birth status of both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. He even threatened to sue Cruz in a tweet saying that “If @TedCruz doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen.”

This backstory makes the news that Trump’s questionable birth status could sink his own presidential ambitions even more significant. Records have been unearthed from a Scottish hospital that appear to document the birth of a baby boy to Mary Anne MacLeod, Trump’s mother, on June 14, 1946, the date of Trump’s birth. Anonymous sources from the Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway, Scotland claim to have the evidence of the birth and are preparing to make it available to the media.

Concurrent with those allegations is a story being researched for book by William MacDougal, an academic from Springfield E.S. with close ties to the MacLeod family. MacDougal conducted interviews with family members, including Mary Anne’s nephew Duncan MacLeod, who confirms that she had returned to Scotland in the Spring of 1946 after a falling out with Trump’s father Fred. It was there that she discovered that she was pregnant and later gave birth at the Western Isles facility. A Dr. Montgomery Scott was listed on the birth certificate as the attending physician. Dr. Scott’s former colleagues, however, refused to comment with one angrily dismissing reporter’s inquiries saying “I’m not the doctor, damn it.”

Upon hearing of the birth of his son, Fred Trump demanded that Mary Anne return to the United States and threatened to use his connections to revoke her citizenship status if she did not comply. Fearing that she might never again see her previous children with Fred, she bundled up little Donald and returned to the Trump family home in Brooklyn where the birth records of Donald were redrawn to indicate a New York delivery.

As this story unfolds it will be interesting to see how Trump responds to allegations that he suffers from the very same citizenship irregularities that he has directed at Obama and others. Will he submit to requests for his long form birth certificate? Will his followers continue to support him? Will there be legal complaints filed?

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Since it is only April 1st, it is still too soon to have authoritative answers to these questions. But as the election proceeds, Trump will encounter increasingly stiff criticism and demands for clarification. Although, he continues to refuse to provide the tax returns that he once promised to make public, so his obstinate nature may prevail as he stubbornly declines to cooperate and simply insults his critics and attempts to change the subject.

And speaking of bombshell announcements…


7 thoughts on “Birther Bombshell: Donald Trump Was Born In Scotland And Is Ineligible To Be President

  1. April Fool’s Day humor? Oh, if only it were so. . .

  2. Duncan MacLeod? Montgomery Scott? Uh-huh. It’s one of the more elaborate AFD pranks, I’ll give you that; most of the ones I’ve seen today have been pretty lame.

    • So you’re not curious about William MacDougal of Springfield?

      • It’s just the idea of having to refer to him as a leader of Clan MacLeod. [shudder] 🙂

        Still, it does raise the interesting image of the need to chop off his head…

  3. But I thought he was born in the Country of Moronika?!

    I read once of a celebrity (don’t recall who, but it might have been John Barrymore) who once got very tipsy at a party at which his mother was present. In a major drunken fit he turned to her and remarked loudly, “And there is my mother, who bore me!!”

    To which his mother replied, “Yes, son, and now you bore me.”


  4. I am not an eye witness to anything about the birth of Donald Trump BUT they issue of President Obama is that the was born in Topeka Ks and I AM EYEWITNESS TO THE EVENTS SURROUNDING THAT. The media had the info on the Topeka origins early on and they got shushed. Up I finally went public on line in late 2012 about the truth of my third Cousin and the murder of his real dad in 3/61 and the attempted murder of his mother pregnant with him just outside the city limits of Topeka under federal jurisdiction a J Edgar Hoover cover up with no justice to this day.. I m not in this for political reasons , but the horrific things being smeared around when such an atrocity and injustice had occurred mas been ‘unfinished justice for one of 71 years of age. President Obama’s immediate family had decided he was never to know the truth.and he said in his book that he wrote what he had been told. which was not the full truth. he has had people around him in office who did know the truth ….my Dad married the Obama’s in Topeka to give him a name in a marriage arranged by her dad Daniel Wayne Pope who stole the Id of the real Stanley Dunham to go to WWII at age 14 and why he was born at Forbes Air Force base hospital where my mother, who had gdnshp took her to have him. Dan an Marilyn aka Madelyn were in hush hush govt matters and family rumor is that Dan was sent by Pres Eisenhower to kill Stalin as first order of business. dan was in Africa in 1061 when he called by dad Rev Tracy Hardy to have him ask Stanley Ann if she would marry Obama Sr they did not live together. Linda Joy Adams

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