The Heinous Political Opportunism Of Fox News On The Orlando Massacre

The sad reality of having to cover yet another incident of mass gun violence in America is made all the worse by the revolting political opportunism of the knee-jerk hate mongers at Fox News. In the early hours of Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida, a gunman entered a nightclub with an AR-15 and other weapons and murdered fifty innocent people, wounding more than fifty others. It’s a tragedy that calls for the uniting of all Americans against the insanity that produces these maniacs.

Fox News

However, instead of seeking the unity and solace that the nation so desperately needs at times like this, Fox News ventured off into a flagrantly biased political diatribe against President Obama (video below). Fox and Friends co-host Tucker Carlson was interviewing an author and alleged expert on terrorism when he asked the following question:

“Doesn’t the politicization of all of this, the relentless lying by the administration about the Islamic terror threat we face make it harder for people to want to step forward and say what they see?”

Carlson’s question is so rife with hypocrisy and hatred it is difficult to know where to begin. First of all, it is Carlson who is responsible for “the politicization of all of this.” Most of the people in positions of authority are withholding comments until more facts are known. The only statement from the administration was an acknowledgement of the horror of terrorism, committment to its defeat, and expressions of condolences. Carlson’s question is itself political in nature and aimed at maligning the president he hates.

Secondly, there is absolutely no evidence of “lying by the administration about the Islamic terror threat we face.” That’s a scurrilous fabrication straight from the warped mind of an anti-Obama bigot. The Obama administration has forthrightly addressed the terrorist threat and has done more to combat it than any other president in history. Under his direction the American military has killed or captured hundreds of terrorist leaders and operatives, including Osama Bin Laden, a task that President Bush was unable to achieve for seven years.

For the host of an alleged “news” network to make such reprehensible comments, only hours after the slaughter, while the victims and their families are still grief-stricken, is not unusual for Fox News. They have engaged in similar politicization of tragedies as disperse as Benghazi, Paris, Aurora, Newtown, and San Bernardino. It didn’t make any difference if the crimes were related to terrorism or not. They were always somehow the fault of President Obama.

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Fox News is brazenly catering to the hatred of their audience. This is all to common for Fox as documented in The Collected Hate Speech of the Fox News Community. All it takes is brief glance at the comments on Fox’s website to see that the political obsessions and biases expressed by Fox anchors is mirrored by their viewers. These are just a few of the vile outbursts on their Orlando article:


Watch Tucker Carlson and his nauseating friends on Fox News:


23 thoughts on “The Heinous Political Opportunism Of Fox News On The Orlando Massacre

  1. Reactions by FOX News and Tucker Carlson, a non-journalist popular with Ailes/Murdoch, arouse in me my own hate-filled anger at them. My pathetic dream, induced by these treasonous “news” people is that of a left-leaning, progressive terrorist, someone to the left of Hillary, Barack, Joe, Nancy, et al, breaks into the FOX studio with a water pistol filled with ammonia and fires randomly at all of them, inflicting great carnage—well, blurred vision perhaps and a bit of stinging eyes–while screaming “Atheists be praised!” Of course, I wake up still irate. (As a youth, a good neighborhood friend of mine who had a paper route, would carry such a water pistol to shoot at the occasional dog chasing him. He assured me it worked. Well, FOX has plenty of those two-legged mutts in its employ.

    • If Mark doesn’t delete this hate filled comment…oh, never mind, he won’t.

      • Ah well, Trumpians will be Trumpians I guess.

        • I’m not voting for Trump or Clinton. You have embarrassed yourself again.

    • Trump Congratulates himself and blames Muslims while Hillary and several other left-wingers blame the gun instead of the assailant. Another illustration of why I’m not voting for either of them.

  2. Fox News needs to blame the NRA, the Bush, Jr. Administration and itself. Firstly, the NRA needs to be blamed for going around the country trying to weaken or get rid of all gun control legislation through various think tanks like ALEC. Secondly, the Bush Administration needs to be blamed since they let the Bin Laden family was allowed on a plane flight home shortly after 9/11 and also the fact that they got us in Iraq when there was no connection between the terrorists and Sadaam Hussein. You can also blame Reagan for helping to create Bin Linden in the first place because of the Cold War.

    As Bush, Jr., pointed out this war on terrorism has no time period on when will it end. The Israelis have been fighting terrorism since 1948 and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel for them. The British had fought the IRA for a long time and it took about 40 years for it to come to an end. Thank to Bush, Jr., we have a war with no end. Finally, Fox News needs to blame itself for being a propaganda machine for the Republican Party and for the NRA olus leading the charge to go to war with Iraq

      • How precisely is he dishonest? Everything G (and Mark, for that matter) said is perfectly accurate, and, let’s face it, we Americans do very little until we become the targets. Then, Fox, the NRA, and the right wing noise machine all make excuses, and nothing gets accomplished. Which they promptly blame on Obama, because, why not?

        And you, fulfilling your sole purpose, just insult and don’t bother to even try to provide any decent rebuttal. You are totally useless. So, stop making your unsupported nonsense on this website and get back to Fox Nation where you can be as bigoted and nonsensical as you want and be thought of as a personal hero for your comments. We’ll just treat you as what you are: a mindless shill who just submits bulls!!t without even thinking about what actually happened, and, maybe, make some long overdue changes to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

          • You have not offered anything to refute my statements.

      • I am sure he’s not insane. You on the other hand seem to take great delight at writing fact free retorts which show nothing other than your hatred. No intelligence or forethought or empathy. What’s the point of doing that on this site other than to make you feel better? You sure as heck are’t impressing any of us or changing our opinions about anything. It’s kind of a waste, don’t you think?

        • You just defined Scott, so thank you for proving what I posted will remain accurate. Therefore, my statement is hardly “a waste.”

          • Kali, that was a reply to Scott, not you.

            • Hard to tell with the framing on the responses. Thanks. Sometimes I wish Mark would use Disqus, but he doesn’t need that heartache…

              We do note, however, that Scott has yet to provide a substantive comment in his defense. But then, to do so would be out of character for him.

        • You are lying again. I simply point out Mark’s hatred – and yours.

          • No, you are making bs comments for the sake of making bs comments. You provide no support, you never add any reasonable discourse, and you see no reason to actually contribute to the conversation.

            Your only response was simplistic: G is insane and dishonest. The former, you are not qualified to judge, and the latter is belied by his providing far more support than you have ever given from the moment you discovered this website. You added nothing except an ad hominem insult, which is your usual pattern.

            And we do not express hatred when we call out yours. We’re merely making a statement of fact.

            So, I repeat my entreaty: Go back to Fox Nation where you belong.

      • I’m insane and dishonest? Here is an article about Dick Cheney stating why the American government decided not to overthrow Hussein in the first Gulf War and then 9 years, he took charge of manipulating the CIA intelligence reports regarding Iraq WMD in order to get us into war. He must have lost his sanity between 1994 and 2003 and he hasn’t been honest about what he has done to Iraq and America.

  3. Tucker Carlson is a abhorrent and disgusting individual there can be no doubt. He is the king of assholes but I’m sure he will be given a good run for his money by his asshole counterparts on the trash network Fox. In the days to come we will see much more of this vomit coming from their mouths.

  4. I’m so glad “Fox & Friends” isn’t exploiting the Orlando tragedy politically. Like inviting their political creation Trump on to blame Obama for supporting the terrorists or lying that Obama plans to ban the Kevlar helmet that saved a policeman’s life. But wait… “Fox & Friends” did these very things so nevermind. ????

  5. Please take note that it’s now one week later, and Scott has chosen not to provide support for his “position,” or evidence for his accusation that any person who does not parrot his preconceived notions is “insane” and “dishonest.”

    Just keeping track of the timeline here. In case, you know, anyone really gives a damn…

    • I am keeping track of the timeline by clicking on the follow-up comment button.

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