Fox News PANICS Over New Voter Fraud Plot They TOTALLY Made Up

Seeking to prop up Donald Trump’s frantic and baseless cries of a “rigged” election, Fox News has their fiction writers working overtime. This morning on Fox & Friends the “Curvy Couch” potatoes invited Betsy McCaughey to expound on a new theory. McCaughey is best known for having coined the term “death panels” which Sarah Palin made famous. It became PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year for 2009.

Fox News

McCaughey’s latest fiction is the charge that perennial wingnut boogieman, George Soros, is clandestinely maneuvering to steal the election from Trump. The plot alleges that voting machines manufactured by a company he controls are being used across the country. Fox host Steve Doocy lays out the conspiracy in a typically hysterical fashion (video below):

Doocy: “Donald Trump has made the rigged system a centerpiece in his campaign. And now there are new concerns after a report showing that 16 U.S. states, 16 of them, have used voting machines tied to leftist billionaire George Soros in the past […] tied directly to George Soros and his personal quest for open borders.”

McCaughey: “That’s right. This really bears investigating. Because Smartmatic, this UK company, one of the top guns there, Lord Mallach-Brown, is very involved with George Soros’ left-wing globalist enterprises, many of which are trying to tilt elections in Europe and in the United States.”

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? And it would be except for the fact that none of it is true. Soros has no financial involvement with Smartmatic whatsoever, and never has. The actual owner sits on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundation along with dozens of other board members. That hardly equates to a direct connection to the voting machine manufacturer. But that didn’t stop distraught Trump supporters from launching a petition on the White House website demanding that Congress “meet in emergency session about removing George Soros owned voting machines.” At the time of this writing it had 89,000 signatures, on its way to a goal of 100,000.

However, that’s not even the most ridiculous part of this lame attempt at scandal mongering. The Smartmatic machines in question are not being used in the United States at all. Not a single one will be used in any state in the 2016 election. So Fox News, and nearly 90,000 crackpot conservatives, are incensed and determined to rid America of something that doesn’t exist.

Not satisfied with making unhinged allegations about voting, Mcaughey continued her rant to assert that mentally ill and homeless people are being paid to cause violence at Trump events. She doesn’t bother to provide any proof of that, and Doocy doesn’t ask for any. She further claims that:

“There is already an airtight case against Soros trying to tilt this election, steal this election, using his money. He’s very close to Hillary Clinton. He is pouring millions of dollars into third party organizations like the Super PAC, Priorities USA.”

To be clear, McCaughey is now criticizing the Super PACs that were set loose by the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision. Welcome to the progressive movement, Betsy. Liberals have been fighting that decision for years. But don’t expect her to have the same sense of outrage over the Koch brothers or the many other financiers of right-wing PACs. For the record, Soros’ own son started a Super Pac to end Super PACs.

What we can expect is for Fox News to get ever more absurd with far-fetched fairy tales in the few remaining days of this campaign. They are desperate and morose and ready to fling themselves off of rooftops. So maybe they can be forgiven for exhibiting signs of acute dementia.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News PANICS Over New Voter Fraud Plot They TOTALLY Made Up

  1. what is funny is that you hard leftists REALLY BELIEVE that all of the billionare business men,Trump included ,got that way by being totally honest with the consumers they were trying to get rich from,so now that there are some allegations that are more than likely false coming about,you leftists are standing on the pedestal and yelling at the top of your lungs how could these lies be happening,HOW OUTRAGEOUS!!!!…………………….lets look at hard reality for a second,the corruption that has plagued American politics and politicians for many,many years is starting to come to light,The Clintons,along with Bill and all of their billionare friends,have blatently got their hand caught in the cookie jar more than once and can only come up with……………….WASNT ME, DID NOTHIN WRONG!!!!!!!!!PLEASE understand,the two people fighting for power in the oval office are BOTH TERRIBLE,but what has to happen to reverse the calamity that has been caused by thirty years of terrible,terrible leadership,is to shake up the whole political spectrum.Nobody wants to face the facts about what is REALLY the problem in AMERICA!!!!

    • Funny how this longtime Trumpian randy is trying to accuse the left of something that Trumpians have always been guilty of in a classic Trumpian projection and rant worthy of Donald himself.

      Tell me, Trumpian randy, how is it that the left are the ones believing that billionaires are all honest and such when they are the ones who have always been opposing measures like Citizen’s United that would allow these billionairs to pump as much money as they want into political elections without accountability or oversight?

      Tell me also, Trumpian randy, that it is the left that are in support of billionaires and believe that they are honest when it has always been Trumpians who introduced measures like Citizen’s United, tax cuts for the rich, evonomic policies which aid the rich and gouge the poor. When it has always been Trumpians who have tried to shame the poor on behalf of the rich, introduced laws (like labor laws) that benefit the rich, pushed an economic model that makes no sense but which gives the rich more money (supply side economics).

      Tell me oh Trumpian randy, how is it that Trumpians like McCaughey have spoken up for the rich and for things like Citizens United until and unless such people or measures are against them, how are they not hypocrites with no moral grounding.

      I will expect no coherent reply, but if a response does come it will most likely be in a style that Donald Trump himself always uses (the same style randy is already using in his first post) that attempts to deflect the question and insult the questioner.

      By their words and actions shall you know the Trumpians. Now let’s sit back and see if Trumpian randy, who has always denied his ties to Donald Trump, will channel the spirit of this same man that he has denied.

  2. I thought Diebold — a RETRUMPLICKIN supporter — controlled all the voting machines in the country. You know, the company that slipped in a code in which if you type a series of buttons, the machine would automatically enter the straight ReTrumpLickin ticket no matter who you actually voted for?

    I am SO glad we have paper ballots here in California. As I said before, we may be crazy here, but we’re not THAT crazy.

    Actually, we are, really, but The Dumbald is STILL not going to win this state…

  3. Delu, I sure feel sorry for you and the others who have your sad outlook of life, my condolences. Even if you can’t understand that I have no use for trump, because I talk negatively about the corruption in the political spectrum , the only thing you can come up with, is my blind admiration for Donald Trump, who I have no use for, being Trumpian!!, gimme a break. I look at the reality from both sides, and since you are blind to realities… , my condolences!!

  4. “Nobody wants to face the facts about what is REALLY the problem in AMERICA!!!!”

    You mean all the stupid, ignorant white trash?

    • Thats okay Godslayer,I think you explain where YOUR REAL HATRED IS !!!!

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