Tweet-aholic Trump Pours Out His Frantic Fear Of Vote Recount (Millions Voted Illegally?)

As the Trump team continues to stitch together their administration, efforts to certify the election results are also progressing. In an unprecedented display of support, Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised over six million dollars for recounts. That’s enough for Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and Michigan will require only a million more.

Donald Trump

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is aghast at the potential challenge to his Electoral College victory. And consistent with his juvenile temperament, he is once again taking to Twitter to whine about the burdens of democracy. Terrified of being exposed as a loser, crybaby Trump is lashing out at Hillary Clinton for doing exactly what he planned on doing himself. The tweet-storm began Saturday afternoon and continued through Sunday afternoon. He began with this:

Trump’s characterization of the recount as a scam is not supported by any evidence. It’s just him swinging wildly. And who knows what he means by “impossible recounts.” This is surely possible and even routine. As for “badly defeated” Dems, maybe his handlers haven’t told him that Clinton got over two million more votes than he did. And if they were demoralized, raising six million dollars is a funny way of showing it. Next up was this:

An important distinction here is that Clinton, unlike Trump, never said that she wouldn’t accept the results of the election. She isn’t even saying that the recount is aimed at changing the result as called on election night. Both Clinton and Stein are saying that this is being done to insure election integrity. In the face of mounting evidence that nefarious players (i.e. Russia) may have interfered with voting, it is imperative that a review be done to preserve confidence in the system. Why is Trump afraid of that?

The next few tweets were merely his recounting of Clinton’s election night comments:

Trump is chastising Clinton for wanting nothing more than to have certainty that the election was conducted fairly. He refers to her remarks about “respecting the results,” which is, and has always been, her position. However, that was not his position. He said repeatedly during the campaign that the election was rigged. And he stated that as fact despite having no proof of it. Therefore, he wasn’t prepared to accept the results – unless he won.

Clinton is still prepared to accept the results, but wants to put to rest the discrepancies that have been uncovered. If the results show that she is the actual winner, all the better. But if they don’t, she isn’t contesting the election. That’s the difference between her ethical review and Trump’s deranged, baseless accusations. But he still isn’t through:

This is just plain delusional. Trump’s Electoral College margin of victory was a mere 36 votes. That would easily be exceeded by the the three states that are being recounted. Plus, there is zero evidence of even a single person voting illegally, much less millions. The discrepancies being reviewed in the recount are for other irregularities, not fraudulent voters. And if Trump really believes there were millions of illegal votes, that actually makes a recount even more important. He should donate to Stein’s effort.

These tweets make no sense whatsoever. What three or four states is he referring to? Surely not the most populace states (California, New York, Illinois) where Clinton obliterated him. And, of course, there is no way to affirm his boastful speculation.

Late Addition: Idiot Trump makes another case FOR a recount. Even though he still provides no evidence:

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Another benefit of a recount is that we will have a more accurate record of the vote totals. That would be useful in the fight to eliminate the Electoral College. It is an anachronism that only serves to distort democracy. When the candidate that received over two million more votes is not the one sworn in as president, there is a serious problem. It affirms the fundamental unfairness of the system. And that may be why Trump is so scared of an accurate recount. He is relying on that unfairness to secure his victory, whether deserved or not.


8 thoughts on “Tweet-aholic Trump Pours Out His Frantic Fear Of Vote Recount (Millions Voted Illegally?)

  1. I suspect his greater fear is that the recounts may reveal Russian tampering and that would indict his pandering praise of Czar Vladimir. The electoral college, should it find fraud, is not obligated to vote for Hillary; its members may simply vote for someone other than Trump. The college can invalidate the election as it stands in favor of a more authentic tally of American voters.

  2. Stop tweeting and concentrate on what your going to do as president you dope!!!!

  3. Trump, Clinton, Stein – all of them look like absolute morons because of this recount circus. They won’t find anything.
    Furthermore, trying to pressure the electoral voters into violating the upcoming electoral vote is a disgrace. Some of these electors have told reporters they are getting hate mail and even death threats. Again, it’s a disgrace. The electors should – and will – vote for the candidate that won their respective states. Period. End of discussion.

    • Clinton and Stein are actually not trying to change the result. Clinton’s campaign has in fact stated that the recount is UNLIKELY to change the results.

      As for pressuring electors? This isn’t what the recount is for either. Indeed the electors SHOULD be pressured to reconsider…..solely on the basis of Trump’s behaviour no death threats necessary.

    • You might want to rethink your answer. The Electoral College is meant to the vote the people’s WILL. And in this case, with over 2 MILLION votes, Mrs. Clinton has beaten the heck out of low-life moron GOPNominee. There is a part of the Rules and Procedures of the Electoral College to TAKE AWAY votes from a person if it can be proven the person will have his own will ahead of the people’s. He is OUR Vladmir Putin.

  4. Right on, Delu! That is telling him…Scottie boy

  5. Donald Trump, the chickenshit draft dodger, is not qualified mentally or ethically to be president. Trump Steaks anyone????

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