FLASHBACK: Jon Stewart Hysterically Mocked How Fox News Covered Obama’s First 100 Days

It’s the second full day of Donald Trump’s presidency. So how about we take a walk down memory lane to the second full day of Barack Obama’s presidency. Unlike Trump’s historically low approval ratings, Obama entered the office with enormous support. And he’s leaving on a seven year high. Jon Stewart had some observations on how Fox News covered what they saw as the end of western civilization.

Jon Stewart Daily Show

In this clip from the Daily Show, Stewart compiles some of the observations of Fox’s personalities, as well as other right-wing pundits. He assembles a montage of horror that includes Gretchen Carlson asking “Is he really president?” And then there’s Bill O’Reilly objecting Obama’s assertion that we don’t have to “compromise our values” to protect ourselves. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and others chime in as well, with wishes for Obama’s (and by extension America’s) failure. Stewart leads off saying…

“It is the second full day of the Obama presidency. Day number two. It’s obviously gonna take some time until we get a real clear sense of the direction that this administration is gonna go in. Typically the first 100 days is the significant figure. But Fox News, also only two days into the new administration, has a different question. ‘100 days – Will we make it that long?'”

Nothing much changed on Fox News for Obama’s second inauguration in 2012. The Folks at Fox were clearly depressed and labeled it “the saddest day of the year.” Let’s all remember that as Fox News leads the chorus of Donald Trump sycophants who denigrate the protesters who remain committed to the progressive, inclusive values that really do make America great.

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4 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: Jon Stewart Hysterically Mocked How Fox News Covered Obama’s First 100 Days

  1. Consider the source. Fox ‘news?’ Is biased, corrupt non-news. Hannity etal cannot be called newsmen by any stretch of one’s imagination. They lie, lie, tell false stories, lie, make up ‘facts’ and lie more.

    • You left out fabricate, invent, and bullshit.

  2. But now they claim they have grown up and it is wrong not to give a new president the benefit of the doubt.
    And we all know that conservatives are driven solely by reason and policy. *choke*

  3. I miss Jon Stewart..he helped us laugh when we felt outraged by the R wing extremists..in political office, in the media, in the public domain…The Truth was, is bitter..he sweetened it.
    What have the R Wing nuts accomplished, besides constant verbal assault of Pres. Obama & his, Our First Lady Michelle??…way too much..the power of propaganda..if you tell a lie often enough, somebody’s bound to believe it..the Extreme Right manipulated the American People, violating a sacred trust…and we are left with an oligarchy… grabbing power, and more money than they need…God help the USA,..and ‘mend thine every flaw’.

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