Now Can We Declare Trump Insane And Remove Him From Office? (Tweetstorm On Wiretaps)

The reasons to impeach Donald Trump, or otherwise remove him from office, continue to mount. His conflicts of interest, financial corruption, sexual predatory behavior, associations with mobsters, and on and on. And this is the guy that the media swoons over for his allegedly newfound “presidential” demeanor? The most troubling of his growing collection of scandals is the unsavory relationship he and his administration have with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump

However, on Saturday morning Trump revealed another reason to remove him from the presidency. He is STRAIGHT UP BONKERS! Note this latest torrent of deranged tweets:

As usual, Trump provided no evidence that these paranoid accusations have any truth to them. They appear to be a wild excursion into a hallucinatory nightmare that only he can experience. His determination to find villains plotting his demise is taking over his already hampered mental state. Professionals in the psychiatric field have warned of his “malignant narcissism” and other dangerous lapses of cognitive ability. Since his election, legislators from both sides of the aisle have drafted bills to mandate a White House psychiatrist.

Trump’s descent into ever deeper madness seems to be reaching a pinnacle. These tweets cover a lot of maniacal territory. For instance, he is accusing Obama of something that a president has no power to do. Only a law enforcement entity such as the FBI can request surveillance warrants. And in these circumstances even they would need permission from the FISA court to proceed. This isn’t new information either, as Trump insinuated.

His reference to McCarthyism demonstrates that he has no idea what that is. Obama did not make any baseless allegations of treasonous affiliations. Trump didn’t even assert that. To him McCarthyism is just an epithet to toss around recklessly to malign his perceived enemies. The Watergate reference is a bit more on track, except that in that affair Nixon tapped his own phones.

While Trump offered no support for his bizarre claims, the Guardian speculates that he got his info from ultra-rightist radio host, Mark Levin. On his Thursday night show Levin talked about the alleged steps Obama took to undermine Trump’s campaign. That unsubstantiated lunacy was later picked up by Breitbart News, the wingnut hack factory formerly run by Trump’s chief White House strategist, Stephen Bannon.

This is reminiscent of Trump’s frequent use of unverified lunacies from right-wing media that show up on his Twitter feed within minutes of them airing on Fox News. The President resides in a hermetically sealed bubble of far-right conspiracy theories and fake news. He regurgitates what he see and reads from dubious sources as fact and doesn’t even bother to cite those sources. Bloomberg News recently documented the extent to which Trump relies on Fox News, and vice versa.

The most puzzling part of this is trying to come up with a motivation for making these accusations now. Generally Trump’s intentions are easily discerned as distractions from some other abhorrent activity on his part. However, all this does is to remind people of his nefarious connections to Russia. Congressman Ted Lieu noted this in a candid and colorful tweet on the subject:

All of this points to a deteriorating mental state on the part of our President. This is the man who controls the nuclear codes. Yet he is easily influenced by the likes of Mark Levin, Alex Jones, and his own top aide, Bannon. The circumstances developing in the White House are exactly why the nation ratified the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. Section four of the Amendment provides guidance in the event that “the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

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If there were ever a situation in which that argument could be made, it is now. And it isn’t just because of these recent tweets. Trump’s entire history in public life is symptomatic of psychological disorder. His pathological lying, his relentless egotism, his multiple marriages and public affairs, his faulty, and often imaginary, recollections, and his childish outbursts and insults, all suggest deep emotional abnormality. It’s long past time that he be evaluated and directed to somewhere that he get the help he obviously needs. And in the process, protect the country from further harm.


9 thoughts on “Now Can We Declare Trump Insane And Remove Him From Office? (Tweetstorm On Wiretaps)

  1. Trump is unhinged, but that is not a new thing.
    I actually fear Pence as president more than Trump.

  2. Good luck with your impeachment delusions, NewsCrapp.

    • … really, Marcos? “NewsCrapp”? Ooooh… ain’t you the clever little git! Although I might have to agree that impeachment could be a delusion, whereas indictment for treason would be a much-hoped for actuality. Trump is a clear and present danger to the Democratic Republic of America. He needs to go… by whatever means necessary. “Paging Amendment 25 to The Constitution…”

  3. Have been saying that trump is mentally unbalanced since 2015. He becomes more unstable daily. Trump is a clear and present danger not only to the United States, but to the world.

  4. This has become so bizarre on so many levels it is mind numbing.
    There is just no defending this fool in a three dimensional universe …. Or any other for that matter.

  5. So Trump gets removed from office, what happens to the rest of his hokey pokey people??
    They were brought into the Whitehouse by an unbalanced Trump!!

    • We get rid of one sleazebag at a time. Eventually we’ll get to them all.

  6. Trump seems to insinuate that the alleged wiretaps are responsible for us finding out of his and his cabinets russian shenanigans. If so, he just admitted to wrongdoing. He doesn’t seem to mind being an idiot in public.

    The silver lining in all this is it makes it harder for republicans to push their agenda while trump takes all the oxygen out of the room.

  7. They aren’t and never will listen to WE THE PEOPLE, so kick the doors in and arrest and jail ALL Republican’ts, including dictator Trumpet and theologian Pence and KKK member McConnell and fascist Ryan, no matter what by all means necessary! Gotta be done this week 03.07.17 and no later in order to save this nation, this earth, Democracy. Why wait any longer?!

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