Trump v Biden: Their Reactions to Special Counsels Reveals Who’s Innocent and Who’s Scared

Poor crybaby Trump. The self-described “most fabulous whiner” of Mar-All-Ego is starting off the new year pretty much the same way he ended the last year: Complaining petulantly that he is a victim of the hordes of enemies that are conspiring to destroy him and his aspirations of messianic sovereignty over the American motherland.

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Trump Fear

The reports that President Biden was found to be in possession of a handful of classified documents have set off the alarms spinning atop the tinfoil fedoras perched on the pinheads of Republican rage-a-holics and right-wing propagandists. Of course, the same alarmists ignore the discovery of hundreds of such documents hoarded – and lied about – by Donald Trump at his Palm Beach resort/home. And never mind that the facts associated with these stories expose just how dissimilar the circumstances are.

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What truly reveals the divergent realities of the Trump and Biden camps is their reactions to having become the subjects of special counsels. To the surprise of no one, Trump flicked the psycho switch as he unleashed his ferocious animosity toward special counsel Jack Smith. His distemper tantrum departed from anything resembling sanity. For instance, he posted on his pitifully floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that…

“The Special ‘Prosecutor’ assigned to the ‘get Trump case,’ Jack Smith(?), is a Trump Hating THUG whose wife is a serial and open Trump Hater.”

[NOTE: Trump doesn’t think that Smith is a prosecutor, or that his name is Smith]

And that

“Fire a man who may very well turn out to be a criminal, Jack Smith. His conflicts, unfairness, and mental state of derangement make him totally unfit for the job of ‘getting Trump.’ Go after Biden and the Biden Crime Family instead. Like Bill Barr, the U.S. Attorneys in Delaware and Illinois are weak, ineffective, and afraid to do what must be done. The Election was RIGGED, and we are now losing our Country. We can’t let that happen. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

[NOTE: Trump appears to be seeking a special counsel who is better “fit” to investigate him. Also, he is maligning Bill Barr and the U.S. Attorneys in Delaware and Illinois (David C. Weiss and John R. Lausch Jr) as weak and ineffective. He appointed all three of them]

And that

“Merrick Garland has to immediately end Special Counsel investigation into anything related to me because I did everything right, and appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden who hates Biden as much as Jack Smith hates me.”

[NOTE: Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to probe the Biden matter, was also appointed by Trump to be the U.S. Attorney of Maryland]

In Trump’s delirium he is being pursued by an “unfair,” “deranged,’ “criminal,’ “THUG,” whose whole family hates him. Clearly Trump is scared witless, and is suffering from a toxic mixture of paranoia and guilt. Despite his psychotic inability to admit it – even to himself – he knows what he did and what the consequences are.

For comparison, observe how Biden responded to the news that AG Garland had named a special counsel to investigate his documents “scandal.”

“People know I take classified documents, classified material seriously. I also said we are cooperating fully and completely with the Justice Department’s review. […] As was done in the case of the Biden Penn Center, the Department of Justice was immediately notified and the lawyers arranged for the Department of Justice to take possession of the documents.”

The reactions by Trump and Biden reflect the stark differences between the two. Biden is calm and respectful of the law. Trump is rattled and contemptuous of the law and even those he appointed to administer it.

For good measure, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) predictably weighed in on his side. Fox host Mark Levin ranted that…

“Garland wanted to keep this thing hidden. He wanted to sweep it under the rug until it got hot. The Republicans were calling hearings. They were gonna call witnesses. And then Garland, reluctantly, today appoints a special counsel. And who does he appoint? He appoints the right hand man to FBI director Christopher Wray. That’s hardly the same kind of special counsel that Donald Trump is facing. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.”

So Levin is asserting that Garland appointed a special counsel for Biden because he wanted to “keep this thing hidden”? That’s a strange way to pursue that goal. Levin also baselessly claims that Garland “reluctantly,” appointed the special counsel. And Levin closes by complaining that the special counsel must be biased against Trump because he once worked for FBI director Christopher Wray. Once again, Mr. Hur was appointed by Trump, and so was Mr. Wray.

The confidence and tranquility of Biden, as contrasted by the fear and hostility exhibited by Trump, the Republican Party, Fox News, and the rest of the right-wing wacko-chamber, tells you all you need to know about the players in this melodrama. And just to seal the deal, Trump also posted a comment that may be the truest thing he ever said…

“Importantly, I have single-handedly shown the American Public how Crooked and Corrupt our Government is.”

It’s uncomfortably impossible to argue with Trump about that.

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Fox News Hack’s Deranged Defense of Trump’s Insurrection and Coup Plot Backfires Bigly

For more than a year and an half, Fox News has been propping up Donald Trump and his “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. All of their Trump-fluffing hosts, contributors, and guests, have participated in the deceit that has driven the nation apart and led to the deadly insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

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Donald Trump, Fox News, Lies

Among the most pernicious of Trump’s accessories to sedition is weekend host, Mark Levin. He’s allegedly a lawyer once served as chief of staff to Edwin Meese, Ronald Reagan’s disgraced Attorney General. On the latest episode of his lie-cast, Levin lashed out at the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. The premise of this harangue centered on his contention that there was no insurrection at all. Never mind all the video of hundreds of StormTrumpers assaulting Congress as they tried to carry out their constitutional duties to certify the election. But distorting legal arguments is nothing new for Levin.

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Levin’s argument rested on his twisted definition of the word “insurrection.” He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about or, more likely, is deliberately mangling the language to disinform his dimwitted viewers (video below). He began…

“If Donald Trump were seriously interested in an insurrection, he would have issued a video, and his video wouldn’t have said what it said. His video would have been a call to arms, right? To leading an insurrection.

He would have called everybody who could hear his voice to come to the Capitol armed, armed, to take over the Capitol building. He would have called out the United States military, whether they would respond or not, to come to the Capitol building, encircle it, arrest the Vice President, and arrest other officials, members of Congress. That’s an insurrection. He would have declared martial law. That’s an insurrection. He didn’t do any of those things. As a matter fact, He didn’t do any of the things people told him he might want to do in order to, quote/unquote, ‘hold onto the presidency.'”

First of all, Trump actually did issue a “call to arms,” when he told his cult followers that they had to “fight like hell,” or they “wouldn’t have a country anymore.” He then told his Deplorable Army – who, according to the aide to his own chief of staff, he knew were armed – to march to the Capitol, even promising that he would be marching with them. And while he didn’t order the arrest of Mike Pence, he did agree that he deserved to be hanged.

Levin also implied that the reason Trump “didn’t do any of those things” that would keep him in power was because that wasn’t his intention. To the contrary, Trump did try to orchestrate a coup, but the people he needed for it to succeed refused to go along with it. So far Levin’s argument is a total bust. But he was just getting started. He continued with a question that was surprisingly fitting, although not for any reason he might have been thinking:

“What am I talking about? He didn’t send out the military to get voting machines, as some have suggested. He didn’t send out the Department of Homeland Security to get drop boxes, as some have suggested. He didn’t fire the Attorney General or the acting Attorney General, as some have suggested. He didn’t appoint a special counsel, as some have suggested. He didn’t do any of it.”

Here is where Levin’s loopy lecture went completely off the rails. Virtually everything he said was a lie. Also, he is not describing an insurrection here. He is describing a coup. Of course, Trump is guilty of attempting both. In this case, however, Trump actually did seek to “send out the military to get voting machines.” He did try to have federal agencies “get drop boxes.” He did plan to “fire the Attorney General or the acting Attorney General,” and replace him with a corrupt crony. He did want his crackpot lawyer, Sydney Powell, to be “appoint[ed] special counsel” He did all of that.

What’s more, Levin left out entirely that Trump also pressured state election officials in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc., to “find votes” for him. And he sought to replace legitimate electors with Trump supporters. And for more than three hours Trump failed to take any action to halt the insurrection that was in progress on Capitol Hill. Instead, he was watching it on Fox News and cheering them on.

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Trump’s treachery is well documented. And Levin’s tirade did nothing but affirm his anti-democratic criminality. In fact, the points raised by Levin make a strong case for indicting Trump and his crime syndicate. Even the newspapers owned by Fox News magnate, Rupert Murdoch, are saying that Trump is “unworthy” to serve as president again.

Fox News itself has yet to be so explicit in their criticism. But anchor Bret Baier did comment on how the House Committee’s work is playing out, saying that “Laying out all these 187 minutes makes him look horrific.” However, Baier is a little late. Most Americans had noticed the horror of Donald Trump a long time ago.

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Fox News Legal ‘Expert’ Thinks that ‘Trial of Your Peers’ Means a Jury of All Trump Toadies

The Trump-fluffers at Fox News are clearly starting to worry about the fate of their Dear Leader Donald Trump. They are beginning to shift their propaganda from malicious mockery of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection incited by Trump, to outright contempt for the American justice system.

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Fox News, Constitution

There is no clearer sign that Fox News is worried about Trump’s legal peril than their frantic criticism of the courts that will hear his cases. They appear to be accepting the likelihood that Trump will be indicted and that he will have to face a judge and jury to account for his multitude of crimes that run the gamut from financial fraud to sedition.

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Mark Levin is a weekend Fox News host who was once an attorney. He served as chief of staff to disgraced Reagan Attorney General, Edwin Meese. His Fox program is a weekly hour of lies and hate in the service of Trumpism. And this weeks episode was a perfect example of just how low this shameless sycophant will go. In a segment devoted to absolving Trump of any wrongdoing, Levin unleashed a bizarre mangling of legal analysis, saying that…

“If you have a trial and the jury is made up of individuals out of a pool of overwhelmingly partisan Democrats who voted for the opposition – who either voted for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden – and you have a former president or his surrogates facing that jury, how in the hell are they gonna get a fair trial?

“This whole thing is rigged. It’s a disgrace. From this Committee, to the U.S. Attorney, to the Attorney General of the United States, to the so-called Justice process in Washington, D.C. Why don’t they hold it, if they’re gonna hold it anywhere else, in Utah, or Idaho, or some place like that? No, that would never happen.”

It’s hard to imagine that this cretin ever practiced law. He has no idea what the concept of a “jury of your peers” means. Apparently Levin believes that a defendant should be allowed to select his jurors based on their affinity for the defendant. That’s why the only place he thinks Trump could get a fair trial is in a place like Idaho. That’s not how it works. A jury of peers, in this context, means members of the community where the crime took place. It doesn’t mean a group of those who voted for you.

It isn’t a coincidence that Levin, in his criticism of the justice system, is parroting the language that Trump uses. He asserts, without evidence, that it is “rigged” and a “disgrace.” You could easily mistake his complaints for any random Trump rant about the 2020 presidential election that he lost. And despite Levin’s whining about this trumped up travesty of justice, you know that he would be outraged if a Democrat insisted that a trial be moved to a precinct of lefties in a staunchly blue state.

Levin followed up that perversion of legal principles with an interview of the Chair of the House Republican Conference, Elise Stefanik. Her grasp of the law was no better than Levin’s In the suck-up interview, Stefanik recklessly accused President Biden and his family of being criminals, despite not having a shred of evidence to back up that charge:

“You have the entire Joe Biden family profiting personally off of Joe Biden’s position when he was a sitting vice-president. That is unacceptable in America and imagine if the Republicans ever did that? Democrats would be investigating every aspect of that. And yet in this case they look the other way on all these shameful, shameless, and illegal controversies of Hunter Biden.”

Once again, neither Stefanik, nor any other Republican shill, can produce any proof of any crime by the Bidens. They just relentlessly repeat the allegation in the hope that it sticks and tarnishes their reputations. And the gall of her invitation to “imagine if the Republicans ever did that,” is mind-boggling, considering all of the documented financial improprieties of Trump, Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka. They were actually prohibited by law from running any charities in New York after being found to have robbed their phony foundation to line their own pockets.

Stefanik went on to disparage the January 6th Committee, which she called (of course) a “witch hunt.” And she complained that Republicans had no ability to appoint members to the Committee, which is a blatant lie. They chose not to appoint any members so that they could later pretend that the Committee was partisan.

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There is an unmistakable stench of defeat in how Fox News and the Republican Party are reconfiguring their strategy to account for the likelihood of Trump indictments. They know that he’s guilty and they are scrambling to find a way to spin it. But the only thing that they are succeeding in doing is to make Trump look more guilty, and themselves more ignorant and desperate.

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Trump Plagiarized His Plugs for Books By Bootlicking Fox News Flunkies

The Creature from Mar-a-Lago (Mar-All-Ego?) continues to demonstrate the extent of the damage to his fragile and emotionally crippled psyche. Donald Trump’s malignant narcissism has always posed a threat to America and the world as he sought to exalt himself and assault his critics with pitifully impotent insults. With each new day’s outbursts, Trump reveals the depth of his mental rot.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Fake

On Wednesday Trump’s spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, posted a couple tweets on behalf of Trump to offer praise for books that he surely hasn’t read. Harrington has to tweet for Trump because his reckless and relentless lies about COVID-19 and election fraud got him banished from much of social media. Twitter imposed their ban on January 8th, two days after Trump’s deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill, saying that “we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

However, this new pair of tweets expose Trump as both a self-absorbed egomaniac and a flaming plagiarist. His intention was to boost book sales for Fox News Trump-fluffers Jesse Watters and Mark Levin. However, his spiel of approval for these works of wingnut fiction were cut pasted from the publisher’s description of the books.

For the Jesse Watters book, Trump wrote in his proxy tweet that…

“Interspersed are his thoughtful suggestions for overcoming left-wing radicalism, maintaining American democracy, moving beyond aging hippies (like his long-suffering, loving parents), saving the world from social justice warriors and the deep state—all while smirking his way through life in only the nicest way.”

That was lifted word for word from the publisher’s description as seen here on Amazon.

For the Mark Levin book, Trump wrote in his proxy tweet that…

“In American Marxism, Levin explains how the core elements of Marxist ideology are now pervasive in American society and culture—from our schools, the press, and corporations, to Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the Biden presidency—and how it is often cloaked in deceptive labels like “progressivism,” “democratic socialism,” “social activism,” and more.”

That was also lifted word for word from the publisher’s description as seen here on Amazon.

Nowhere in the tweets were there any quotes or other indications of attribution to another source. Trump was deliberately taking full credit for the endorsements, despite the fact that any independent observer could tell that they were obviously not written by someone with Trump’s third-grade language skills. This was just another example of Trump’s shameless dishonesty.

It should also not go without notice that Harrington’s posting of these statements by Trump are violations of Twitter’s terms of service that prohibit attempts to circumvent a suspension. (more on that here). She has posted Trump’s pseudo-tweets 42 times in just the past two weeks. Harrington’s account should be reported and suspended for her repeated breach of Twitter rules.

Many of the Trump/Harrington posts contain the same lies that got Trump suspended, and worse, led directly to a violent and deadly assault in Washington, D.C., on January 6th. Now Trump is, with the assistance of Twitter and Harrington, inciting more violence that has a strong likelihood of resulting in serious harm or death. It must stop immediately.

NOTE: Twitter suspended the News Corpse account after 11 years without giving a reason. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from my website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Also, Be sure to visit and follow News Corpse on Instagram. Thanks for your support.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.

Trump Bashes Fox News Even While Cowering in His Fox News Bunker

The madness that consumes Donald Trump continues to manifest in bizarre and troubling ways. He’s making public demands that his Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr, indict and prosecute Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. He’s holding coronavirus Super Spreader affairs at the White House, which he has already turned into a COVID-19 “Hot Zone.” And he insists that he’s way ahead of Biden in the “real” polls that are published in the crevices of his decaying grey matter.

Donald Trump, Fox News

If that isn’t enough, Trump is also attacking his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News). This isn’t a new behavioral glitch. Trump has frequently lashed out at Fox News when he didn’t think that they were sufficiently adoring. It’s his way of “working the refs” to ensure constant adulation. But in the past couple of days it has reached a crescendo. For instance, during a marathon radio gabfest with Rush Limbaugh on Friday, Trump whined that…

“It’s a problem. Fox is a problem. […] When Roger Ailes ran Fox, I mean, Roger had a very strong point of view. It’s totally gone. And I think it’s influenced by Paul Ryan. […] They’re going the way of CNN, and they’re going the way of MSNBC, and it’s a shame. I mean, it’s a shame. When I watch it, I look at the people they hire. I mean, I could tell you some of the anchors, they’re so bad.”

First of all, Trump’s fond remembrance of the late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is touching because they share so much in common. Particularly the fact that they are both serial sexual predators. But Trump’s complaint about Paul Ryan, the former GOP House Speaker who now has a seat on the Fox board of directors, reveals that Trump has no idea what a board of directors does. They are part time business advisors who have zero input into programming.

In addition to Trump’s comments on Limbaugh’s radio program, he made similar comments on the radio show of Fox News host Mark Levin. He was attempting to make a point about the differences between his 2016 campaign and the current one:

“One of the biggest differences is Fox. Fox is a whole different ballgame than it used to be. Fox was great. Fox was great. Fox is no longer great.”

Among the reasons that Trump has arrived at this conclusion are the polls that Fox News has recently published. The most recent one shows him trailing Biden by ten points. But trump has been upset with Fox’s pollsters for quite a while. And you can be sure he was driven to new lows by the one that found that a majority of voters say that he doesn’t have the “mental soundness” to serve.

What makes all of this even more peculiar is that while Trump has been amping up his attacks on Fox News, he has also been spending more time there. In the past four days Trump has done interviews on Fox with Maria Bartiromo, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson (with Marc Seigel), and Mark Levin. And he has another “interview” with Bartiromo on Sunday. He apparently has no idea that he’s only reaching people that are already voting for him. It’s all for his ego and the lack of any notion of how he can rescue his floundering campaign.

The many hours Trump is devoting to Fox News is severely cutting into his golf and Twitter time. It also indicates that he has nothing else of importance to do. But most of all it shows that his whining about how disloyal Fox has been to him is just a charade. He knows that Fox News is his official State TV network and is vital to his nefarious schemes for the future. And he knows that Fox won’t punish him for his fake hostility toward them. They have a parasitic relationship wherein they are both addicted to each other. And while that may satisfy their immediate cravings for attention, it won’t keep Trump from circling the electoral drain.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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Trump Reveals to Fox News His Plan to Get the Supreme Court to Declare Him President

This year appears to have a rather sadistic bent as it relentlessly piles on melodramas and anxieties. It’s not bad enough that we are suffering through a deadly pandemic that is being dreadfully mismanaged by Donald Trump. We are also having to deal with an economy in recession and civil unrest triggered by systemic racism. And all in an especially contentious election year.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Adding to those national migraines is the tragic passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Not only has America lost an iconic figure who has made innumerable contributions to civil liberties and equal justice, but it thrusts the nation into a bitterly partisan battle to replace her. Republicans are shamelessly contradicting their previous insistence that the president shouldn’t nominate a Justice during an election year. Apparently that principle only applies to Democratic presidents. The GOP is perfectly OK with nominations by an impeached president who still has multiple criminal and civil indictments hanging over his head.

Making matters worse is Trump himself (as usual), who was “interviewed” twice in two days by Fox News. In a sit-down with Fox’s Mark Levin on Sunday night Trump whined that Fox News wasn’t sufficiently worshipful, and that they catered too much to Democrats. Are we sure that Trump even knows what channel he’s watching?

On Monday Trump visited the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. This is apparently his new regular gig that he leaked last week. It was there that he unleashed some wild speculations and disturbing revelations. When the subject to Ginsburg’s replacement came up, Trump led off with a thoroughly disgraceful allegation maligning the integrity of Ginsburg and her family:

Ainsley Earhardt: Then you have Ruth Bader Ginsburg who told her granddaughter on her death bed, allegedly, that her dying wish was to have the next president choose her successor. How do you think all this plays out?
Trump: I don’t know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff and Schumer and Pelosi. I would be more inclined to the second. Okay, it came out of the wind. It sounds so beautiful. But that sounds like a Schumer deal or maybe a Pelosi or Shifty Schiff. So that came out of the wind. Let’s see. I mean maybe she did and maybe she didn’t.”

Trump’s assertion is entirely without foundation – or decency. He is of such weak character that he can’t help politicizing this tragedy by invoking the names of his favorite foils in Congress. Rep. Schiff replied on Twitter, telling Trump that “This is low. Even for you.” But how difficult would it be to believe that Ginsburg had such feelings. She said so many times before. Unfortunately, Trump has an insatiable need to drag everything down to his loathsome level, even if it means desecrating the memory of a universally respected and honorable American. Even if it means despicably disparaging Ginsburg’s last wishes as a Democratic hoax.

Perhaps Trump can’t believe that Ginsburg would make what he curiously concedes is a “beautiful” statement (that “came out of the wind,” whatever that means) because it so far outside anything he is capable of. But he went on to expose his true agenda that reeks of the totalitarian aspirations for which he is well known:

“The bottom line is that we won the election. We have an obligation to do what’s right and act as quickly as possible. We should act quickly because we’re gonna have, probably, election things involved here, you know, because of the fake ballots they’ll be sending out. A terrible situation.”

Oh My! Our infamously inarticulate president is recognizing the threat of “election things” involved here. Never mind that those “things” are manufactured lies about mail-in voting that Trump has been telling for months without ever bothering to provide a scrap of evidence.

More importantly, Trump is confessing that his obsession with confirming a new Supreme Court Justice is rooted in his determination to steal the election. He is anticipating a legal battle for which he wants to make sure that he has a majority on the Court to rule in his favor and, if necessary, declare him the winner. This is the sort of court manipulation that is more common under dictators who pack their courts with subservients and sycophants.

What’s more, this is not an aberration or careless misstatement. Trump made similar remarks on Saturday at his latest cult rally and Super Spreader event in North Carolina. Worried about the prospect of there not being a declared winner on election night, Trump expressed his nefarious desire to put the decision in the hands of a court system that he has packed with allies:

“Now we’re counting on the federal court system to make it so that we can actually have an evening where we know who wins. Not where the votes are going to be counted a week later or two weeks later.”

This is Trump’s way of disenfranchising citizens who vote by mail. If their ballots are postmarked on or before election day, but the ballot processing and counting is not completed until some time after, Trump wants all of those votes to be invalidated. He is literally calling for the suppression of voter’s rights. And since more Democrats vote by mail, it’s easy to see why Trump is pursuing this. It is just the logical progression of his yearning for unchecked tyrannical power. And it must be vigorously challenged if America is to remain a free democratic republic.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Trump’s Inner Mob Boss Emerges with Alarming New Threats to Politicians and the Press

One of the most prominent and disturbing elements of Donald Trump’s character (or lack thereof) is his tendency to embrace the language and behavior of mafia dons. He regards himself as an infallible and unchallengeable force who demands total obedience and blind loyalty. This weekend Trump displayed that mob boss fixation on several occasions.

Donald Trump

The recording of him telling Lev Parnas to “take out” U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich was chilling to hear. Trump gave orders to Parnas, a shady figure with ties to Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian politicos, to “Get rid of her! Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. OK? Do it.”

Trump’s apologists in Congress and on Fox News dismiss this as being within the President’s power to fire an ambassador. That’s true, but then either he fires her or he instructs his Secretary of State to do so. Parnas has no government role or authority to terminate the employment of an American diplomat. So what did Trump mean and why would he assign this mission to such a fringe player who is currently under felony indictment?

Similarly, Trump threatened the whistleblower who reported Trump’s extortion of Ukrainian President Zelensky, as well as the whistleblower’s White House source[s]. Trump alleged that they could be considered spies and warned “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now.” That’s an overt death threat aimed at someone who legally protected from such retaliation.

On Sunday morning Trump also aimed a threat at House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, saying that he “is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, and probably a very sick man. He has not paid the price, yet…” Here Trump is baselessly alleging that Schiff is both “corrupt” and “sick,” two traits that are more recognizable in Trump himself. And what “price” does Trump have in mind that he’s implying Schiff will soon be paying?

This is typical behavior from Trump. And it manifested again in another Sunday tweet wherein he implied his interest in sabotaging National Public Radio (NPR) by eliminating their federal funding. This attack was triggered by an NPR reporter’s interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Mary Louise Kelly asked Pompeo a couple of perfectly fair questions about Ukraine that he wanted to avoid. He became angry and erupted in a profanity laced outburst which she reported.

This led to Fox News host Mark Levin tweeting his disapproval of Kelly and asking “Why does NPR still exist,” and “Why are we paying for this big-government, Democrat Party propaganda operation?” Trump replied that it was “A very good question,” setting the stage for potential budget cuts to the public radio broadcaster.

First of all, NPR is not a “big-government, Democrat Party propaganda operation.” In fact, it receives very little federal funding. According to its latest financial report, just one percent of its annual operating budget consists of public monies. By far, most of its funding comes from corporate sponsorships, dues paid by member stations, and listener donations. The greater harm would come to radio stations that air NPR programming, most of which serve rural communities in what Trump would call his base.

What’s more, it’s simply ignorant to accuse NPR of being politically slanted to the left. If anything the opposite is true. After all, the board of its governing agency, the U.S. Global Media Agency (USGMA), is headed by Kenneth Weinstein, a Trump appointee. Also on the board … Mike Pompeo. That’s right. The Secretary of State is an ex officio member of the board of directors of the USGMA. And this is what Trump and Levin believe is a “Democrat Party propaganda operation.” It must be another department within the “Deep State” that is staffed by Trump loyalists.

Trump’s foul and menacing behavior is notable not only for its similarity to that of a mob boss. It represents an imminent danger to innocent people in politics and the press. Past episodes of this rhetoric has resulted in actual bomb threats and other attempted violence. And the scary part is that that is precisely what Trump wants. He is a bully who believes that he can get his way through threats and intimidation. It actually fits the legal definition of terrorism.

If he isn’t stopped he will only get worse. That’s why his impeachment is so urgent. Even if he were to be defeated at the ballot box in November, that would give him 77 days to exact revenge on those he deemed to have betrayed him. That’s a risk that American can’t afford.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.

REALLY? Trump Complains About ‘TV Lawyers’ While Clinging to His Own TV Lawyers

No one is ever going to mistake Donald Trump for someone who can construct coherent analyses of current events. He has enough trouble pronouncing words with more than two syllables. Any sentence he utters risks contradicting itself before he reaches the period. And that’s not even considering the sheer volume of lies that flow from his infantile rhetoric and hostile bombast.

Donald Trump TV Set

Far too often Trump manages to express himself in ways that generate exasperated groans from people who remember when presidents were intelligent and articulate. And Wednesday was one of those days. Following the congressional hearings on his impeachment, Trump held a press conference with President Erdogan of Turkey. Naturally, there would be questions about the hearings, so you might assume that he would be prepared. Instead, Trump demonstrated that his thoughts on this critical and historic subject have the depth of an abandoned bird bath (video below).

The first question went to the friendliest of Trump-fluffers, a reporter from the rightist propaganda outfit, One America News Network (OANN). Her profoundly probing question inquired as to how Trump felt about how the hearings went. Gee, can anyone guess his answer?

Trump dished out every typical talking point that has fueled his robo-defense for the past several months. He sarcastically asked her if she was referring to “the witch hunt.” Then he said that “I haven’t watched for one minute,” despite having tweeted more than thirty times about it (although that wasn’t his his record). In true wannabe dictator form, he called it “a sham and shouldn’t be allowed.” He falsely asserted that “The Whistleblower gave a lot of incorrect information.” Nevermind that it was corroborated by Trump himself, as well as his Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney. He insisted that “All they have to do is look very, very simply at the transcript,” which explicitly affirms his guilt.

But even after all of that, Trump still had it in him to astound with his flagrant hypocrisy. Earlier that morning, Trump lashed out at Daniel Goldman, the lawyer that Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee appointed to question the witnesses. He whined that “I see they’re using lawyers that are television lawyers. They took some guys off television. I’m not surprised to see it because Schiff can’t do his own questions.”

First of all, Goldman may have been a legal analyst for a while with MSNBC, but he was also an assistant U.S. attorney in the southern district of New York for 10 years. The GOP’s lawyer (I guess they can’t do their own questions either) was Steve Castor, whose work has been limited to the Republican staff on the House Oversight Committee for the past fourteen years. More to the point, though, Trump is unleashing a bizarre complaint considering what he said in his press avail with Erdogan:

“If you read the transcript, this was analyzed by great lawyers. This was analyzed by Gregg Jarrett. It was analyzed by Mark Levin. It was analyzed by everybody. They said the call that I made with the president of Ukraine was a perfect one.”

Jarrett and Levin are both Fox News “lawyers” whose jobs are to appear on television as dedicated Trump-fluffers. They do not do any legal work at all. In other words, they are “TV lawyers.” And they are the only lawyers Trump could cite when looking for affirmation of his allegedly “perfect” telephone skills. What’s more, his personal attorneys, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow, are frequent guests on Fox News. That’s where Trump saw them and subsequently hired them. So … more TV Lawyers. And all of them either working for, or closely affiliated with, Fox News.

As an aside, another pair of Fox News lawyers, the husband and wife team of Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing, were briefly considered by Trump as additions to his personal legal team, but ultimately did not join up due to undisclosed “conflicts.” On Wednesday diGenova appeared on Fox News and made some of the most repulsive and bigoted remarks ever aired on Fox.

This is what you get when you elect a reality TV game show host with zero experience in government. Trump has no idea how to manage a large bureaucracy. And he doesn’t know any reputable attorneys other than those he sees on Fox News. The same goes for the secretaries in his Cabinet and the advisors on his White House staff. Trump is about as capable of putting together a competent team as your uncle in Alabama who watches Fox all day in his trailer park. And he’s even less aware of his own hypocrisies and ignorance.

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Desperation Time: Trump Aims Tweet Tsunami At One of His Biggest Fox News Fluffers

The walls are closing in around Donald Trump and he knows it. With the House of Representatives conducting an official impeachment inquiry, the President is exhibiting clear signs of a psychotic meltdown, the likes of which have never been seen in the Oval Office. He’s suffering from a severe case of Hysterical Impeachment Syndrome and taking on the tactics of the Nazis he admires.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Fake

On Sunday morning this display of desperation reached a boiling point as Trump unleashed a massive tweetstorm against one of his most reliable defenders. Ed Henry of Fox News has become a bona fide Trump-fluffer in his role as a Fox & Friends co-host. But that is apparently not enough to inoculate him from the gnawing animus of a cornered presidential rat. Following a segment of the Trump & Friends program, Henry was mobbed by angry StormTrumpers who were orgasming over what they thought was a takedown by Fox’s Trump attack dog, Mark Levin (video below).

In fact, Levin just spent a couple of minutes screaming at viewers about nonsense that never addressed the substance of Trump’s tribulations. He began by badgering Henry about why he hasn’t asked for the identity of the whistleblower. Of course the answer to that is obvious to those who aren’t infected by Levin’s cult worship of Trump. The whistleblower statute was designed to protect people from retribution and, in this case, violence and potential charges that Trump himself implied could lead to execution.

Levin bellowed that he wants to “know all about the whistleblower … What kind of dogs they’ve had, how many marriages they’ve had, if they had a DUI” Notice that he doesn’t want to know if the whistleblower is telling the truth or has corroborating evidence. He is only interested in irrelevant personal issues that are only useful for smear campaigns. Levin continued by mocking the need for the whistleblower’s anonymity merely because “his life might be in danger.”

Levin also ranted about why the whistleblower wasn’t being questioned by congress. For the record, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff (who’s resignation Trump has impotently demanded), has already announced that the whistleblower will be interviewed by the Committee. But Levin plowed forward making the absurd assertion that nobody has identified any laws that were broken by Trump’s extortion of the President of Ukraine. For starters, there’s extortion. And there’s campaign finance violations, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy.

Trump was so aroused by the reactions to Levin’s high-volume tirade that he retweeted twenty (20!) comments by random Twitteristas praising him. They included such brilliant and dignified retorts as “Ed Henry just got his ASS handed to him by Mark Levin,” and “Levin just tore Ed Henry to shreds,” and “Levin sure put that lying shit head Ed Henry in his place,” and “Levin ripped Ed Henry a new one.” Who can argue with logic like that?

So now Ed Henry is among the Fox News untouchables who Trump’s cult followers are ordered to despise. He joins Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace. But what’s peculiar about this is that Henry is a devoted Trump-fluffer himself. Among his glassy-eyed defenses of Dear Leader, Henry has lied about seeing Trump’s non-existent border wall. He falsely claimed that “Hollywood has been threatening to blacklist” Trump supporters.
He celebrated a court ruling against Obamacare that could cause millions to suffer saying that it was “a little gift ahead of Christmas.”

When Trump has reached the point that he is attacking even his most faithful media shills on his favorite Fox News program, you know that he’s gone over the edge. It’s a state of fearful derangement that is only going to get worse as time goes by. And Trump isn’t doing himself any favors by maligning the Fox News protectorate that he needs to continue gaslighting his base. So buckle up, America. Trump is determined to make this a bumpy ride to impeachment.

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Hillary Clinton Slamdunks Fox News as ‘a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Trump and the GOP’

It’s been two years since the election of the first Dotard President of the United States. See, children? In America anyone – ANYONE – can grow up to be president. Even if you’re an ignorant, narcissistic, rage-aholic, wannabe dictator whose only experience is bankrupting casinos and hosting unreality TV shows. It’s the land of opportunity.

Fox News, Hillary Clinton

Over the past two years Donald Trump and his State TV benefactors at Fox News have been unable cure themselves of their obsession over his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. They continuously wallow in misremebrances of the campaign and the fabricated “crimes” they imagine she concocted. Part of the reason for the durability of this obsession is the fact that Clinton actually “won” the election by more than three million votes. But mainly they are just too stupid to come up with something more relevant to discuss, and they are too immersed in Hillary fetishism to let go of a subject they think is advancing their incoherent agenda.

Clinton has been a mixed bag since the campaign. but it hardly matters because she isn’t a major factor in politics going forward. She has ruled out running for office again, so her opinions are just those of a former statesperson with considerable experience who is exercising her rights like any other citizen. And in that role Clinton was interviewed by The Guardian and she unleashed some of her views about Trump and Fox News. Here are some of the highlights:

“The Republican party has collapsed in the face of Trump.”

“I believe that where we are now in the political cycle is that the press does not know how to cover these candidates who are setting themselves on fire every day, who are masters of diversion and distraction.”

[Trump] is someone who craves dominance over any situation he finds himself in. He craves adulation, flattery, all of which fit the profile of leaders we can remember from the past.

“Now [Trump] doesn’t attack Fox News, because they’re like a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump and the Republican party now. So he attacks the press and the broadcast media that raise questions about him, that don’t give him fidelity and loyalty.”

“You watch Fox News, it’s always, ‘Something terrible is about to happen’, ‘Something terrible did happen’, ‘These people are doing all these awful things’. It is totally divorced from reality, but it is superb propaganda. I don’t know the best way to puncture that. You have to hope that reality catches up with politics and entertainment at some point.”

These are not necessarily revelations. Many people have noted the psychological aberrations of Trump and the sycophantic nature of his coverage by Fox News. But it isn’t often that these views are openly expressed by former First Ladies, Secretaries of State, or Senators. and that makes them welcome and constructive. After all, with Fox’s Hillary fetish, you can be sure that they will notice these remarks. Already Fox News host Mark Levin was so rattled that he tweeted what has now been immortalized as Dumb Question #4,782:

Levin is delusional. While Clinton’s criticisms are sharp, at no time time does she say anything that can be remotely regarded as a threat. As opposed to Trump who calls the media “the enemy of the people,” revokes their White House passes, issues decrees mandating their behavior, incites violence by the cult followers at his rallies, and advocates new laws to make it easier to sue them. Trump even castigated the press as enemies just hours after some of them had received mail bombs.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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This is typical of the way that Fox News tries to muddy the waters of political discourse. They deliberately misrepresent facts and purposefully distort reality. Consequently, we need all the help we can get to enlighten the nation as to the nefarious intentions of Trump and Fox News. So even a flawed former public servant like Clinton is doing a significant service by providing an honest characterization of the anti-American agitprop of the Trump administration and their media comrades.