In the Wake of Terror in Barcelona, Trump Repeats 6 Month Old Pants on Fire Lie

Thursday afternoon the world was stunned by another terrorist attack on innocent civilians. This one took place on a popular street in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Authorities are still investigating the circumstances and possible suspects. At this time there appear to be twelve fatalities and dozens more injured.

Donald Trump

Compounding this tragedy is the callousness of America’s pathologically dishonest president, Donald Trump. Shortly after the news broke, Trump rushed to the situation room – scratch that – to his cell phone to comment on Twitter:

This tweet was posted without the slightest bit of irony in recognition of the events of the past week. It took him only a couple of hours to publicly declare this unfolding incident a terror attack. Contrast that with the two days it took for him to condemn the white supremacist perpetrators of terrorism in Charlottesville. Does he care more about the victims in Spain than does about those in the United States? Or do white terrorists get a pass from Trump? And what about his insistence that “Before I make a statement, I need the facts. So I don’t want to rush into a statement.” That was his excuse for not speaking out sooner about the murder of Heather Heyer. But today facts seem to have gone out of favor in this White House.

To make matters worse, Trump’s cell phone fingers were still twitchy. Only forty-five minutes later he posted another tweet:

Trump is offering good advice by encouraging people to study. He ought to take that advice himself. Because the incident he’s alluding to never happened. It concerns a hoax that General Pershing had dissuaded Muslim opponents in the Philippines by executing them and burying their bodies with dead pigs. This is a lie that Trump has told before. In fact, in February of 2016 he was awarded one of his many “Pants-on-Fire” ratings from PolitiFact. At that time PolitiFact consulted actual historians and concluded that the incident Trump describe never took place:

“Of the eight historians we checked with, all were at least skeptical that what Trump said actually happened, and some expressed disbelief even more forcefully than that. The only evidence of something approximating what Trump said stems from one letter documenting a different scenario written by a veteran more than a half century after the fact.

“Perhaps more important, the historians took issue with Trump’s suggestion that the tactic — if it was even used at all — actually worked to end tensions, noting that unrest persisted for years. In all, Trump’s claim is ridiculous, so we rate it Pants on Fire.”

This is typical of Trump’s deliberate perversion of the truth to suit his own propaganda needs. He seems to have no shame in repeating falsehoods that have been unambiguously debunked by experts. The only thing he cares about is the promotion of his own interests. He is very likely only exploiting the tragedy in Spain to distract from the mess he created here at home. And if keeping his glassy-eyed disciples neck deep in lies is the result, that’s their tough luck. Remember, he loves the poorly educated, and this is one reason why.

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2 thoughts on “In the Wake of Terror in Barcelona, Trump Repeats 6 Month Old Pants on Fire Lie

  1. Traitor trump has less real knowledge than a plant. He just spouts whatever come into his er mind. Traitor trump is the most dangerous man to be in the Oval Office.

  2. As pointed out in this article, as Trump was bashing U.S. media in stating unlike you as “fake news”, he was using the excuse that he liked to wait until all the details were in before stating that the Charlottesville incident was a domestic white supremacist terrorist act. He wnet on and on in this rant. We all knew that was fodder, for in the past on numerous occasions, he immediately went out to proclaim global attacks as “Islamic terrorist acts” long before all the facts came in.

    Nevertheless, even though it’s obvious to any reasonably minded person that he does this, the idiot repeats his actions later with the Barcelona incident in immediately responding that it was an Islamic terrorist act. That most assuredly negated his avowed U.S. media fake news rant. But on top of that, he adds licorice to its flavor by utilizing an internet made-up rightwing conspiracy theory that General Pershing commanded the use of bullets be dipped in pig’s blood to discourage Muslim fighters from fighting.

    There is another top on that, in that during his campaign speeches he went with the 25 years of Muslims refraining from fighting in the bogus story line to stretching it out to 35 years in his tweet.

    There is so much ironic lying in this burnt orange of a man’s skin tone from calling out the media as fake news while frothing forth his own fake news, stating that he waits for facts to roll in before expressing what it is when it comes to white nationalist terrorism to immediately reacting when it is a fringe Islamic terrorist act to spreading a false Pershing story to even embellishing it by stretching it out from 25 to 35 years.

    Most Republicans now refuse to defend or condemn him publicly, except for a few in stating he possibly could be unstable. That’s nonsense, for that’s only a desperate searching excuse in voting for him. The man-baby is not unstable; for that is who he is…Trump is and has always been only for Trump…

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