Fox News Military ‘Expert’ Blames Egypt Terror Attack On – Wait For It – President Obama

The best indicator of a total collapse of mental stability is when an argument makes so little sense it is both painful and laughable. It’s an affirmation of craziness that is impossible to dismiss. And the crazy at Fox News just keeps getting laid on thicker with every passing day. For example, today we have a doozy courtesy of Fox News contributor Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer.

Fox News Alert

Shaffer is a well established wingnut who jumps at every opportunity to bash liberals and Democrats. That, of course, is how he got hired by Fox News to provide military commentaries. But following the awful terrorist attack in Egypt, Shaffer crossed a line of decency that has become far too common for Fox News. In his strained attempt to explain the tragedy he said this (video below):

“The things we’re seeing right now, Jesse, are the result of the complete failure of leadership by the Obama White House and by the Obama Congress.”

That’s right. Somehow, after leaving office ten months ago, President Obama is still to blame for a terrorist attack that occurred in another country that is 6,000 miles away. And the Congress, that has been under GOP control for seven years in the House and three years in the Senate, is still the “Obama Congress.” According to Shaffer it’s because of a lack of aid to help Egypt fight terrorism. Never mind that it was Obama who actually restored aid that was previously cut off by the Republican congress.

What’s more, Donald Trump has been bragging incessantly about how he has personally reformed the military which, he says, is now winning every battle and defeating ISIS. He even gave thanks – to himself – this Thanksgiving for the alleged improvements. It’s difficult to figure out how Trump could have defeated ISIS while it is still conducting terrorist operations and killing hundreds of innocent people. It’s a cognitive dysfunction that can only exist in his diseased mind.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Military ‘Expert’ Blames Egypt Terror Attack On – Wait For It – President Obama

  1. What Obama Congress? Obama had a very slim majority in Congress and then it all evaporated real fast. In addition, the Republicans in the House of Representative filibuster everything that Obama had send to them.

  2. BLAH BLAH BLAH Bought Mouth Piece Has Not a Clue about Egypt . And TRUMPS ASSWIPE . There were No Attacks under the Obama Administration But They Happen Because of Trump Policies and Of Course He Blames Obama for his Failings. He finds this Retarded Retired Lt AIR FORCE POS REPUBLICAN How much he got paid no one knows but he did . TRUMP IS SCUM This ASSHOLE is a TRAITORIST Scum Siding With This Filthy SCUMBAG Hey Dickhead Remember 5 Deferments COWARD From Service Your one Dumb MF

    • What a waste of taxpayers’ money that was spent on this military officer’s education. Your taxpayer’s dollars not at work.

  3. Traitor trump and his band of psychotic sycophants need to stay on their meds. The lies they tell each time their mouths open are ridiculous And they can’t read or fact check. Guess their daddies paid so much to keep them in school and out of the military they didn’t have to read. Or even show up.

  4. But of course, Obama is to blame for the ISIL attack on the Egyptian mosque. If he had the foresight and intuition to build a Wall on our Southern border and block Muslims from entering the U.S., Egypt would have been immune to attacks. Trump’s brilliance keeps dimming the sheen on all-things-Obama. Shame on me for thinking Obama is one of our greatest presidents and simply a superior human being to Donald J. Trump.

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