Fox News ‘Judge’ Pirro: If I Were in Charge the President Would Be Playing Golf Right Now

Never let it be said that Fox News doesn’t have its priorities in the right place. They know their mission is to advance the interests of Donald Trump and his perversion of Republican Party politics. They dutifully pursue that mission with enthusiasm for the propaganda they espouse throughout their broadcast day.

Donald Trump, Jeanine Pirro

One of the most devoted disciples of Fox’s Trump Cult is “Judge” Jeanine Pirro. Her spittle-inflected ravings are a unique spectacle on cable news. Even Sean Hannity’s fawning adoration of Dear Leader doesn’t reach the passionate infatuation expressed by Pirro on every episode of her relentless Trump-fluffing program. After all, she recently declared that Trump had “fulfilled the biblical prophecy of the gods.” And on Friday morning she proved why she is viewed as the Fox “personality” who has the most direct line to Trump’s brain.

Pirro was interviewed Friday on Trump’s favorite Fox News program, Fox and Friends (video below). The segment began with a discussion of whether Trump should sit for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. Co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Pirro what she would do if she were in charge. “If I were in charge,” she began, “the President would be playing golf right now. There is no way the President should appear before Bob Mueller.”

OK then. Not only is Pirro against Trump talking to Mueller, she apparently isn’t keen on him doing any presidential work either. She wants Trump to be doing what he does more than anything else: visiting his luxury resorts and playing golf. That’s something he has already done more than 100 times since taking office. And to tell the truth, most Americans would also probably prefer that Trump camp out at Mar-A-Lago rather than do more damage to the nation. But Pirro wasn’t finished giving her view of Trump’s responsibility to the people. But her reasons for having the President avoid a sit-down with Mueller are sorely lacking in reason:

“Think about it. If a sitting president cannot be indicted, and this president were to be questioned, it would only be for the purpose of an indictment. The legislative branch is not gonna be in a position – which is what Mueller would like – to get the testimony of the President so that they can then use it to impeach him. That’s the problem.”

What’s the problem? Pirro isn’t making sense. First of all, there is no law prohibiting the indictment of a sitting President. It’s a rule within the Justice Department that can be changed at any time and has never been tested in court. Trump’s TV lawyer Rudy Giuliani has tried miserably to make the same argument. More to the point, Pirro says that Mueller only wants Trump’s testimony so that Congress can impeach him. Which implies that Trump has something to say that would warrant impeachment. Yes, Jeanine, that is a problem. And it’s also a problem when a president is afraid to talk with a law enforcement investigator. Is there any better indicator of guilt?

Pirro’s opposition to impeachment, however, is limited to its use against Trump. Later in this interview she insisted that Justice Department investigators, including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, should be impeached. Never mind that she offered no justification other than her rabid hostility to anyone who is even tangentially critical of her White House boyfriend. The whole strategy of the White House and its PR division (aka Fox News) is to demean the nation’s institutions of law in order to convince their base that there is massive conspiracy against Trump. But the truth is that it’s reality that is conspiring against the President and his frantic and irrational behavior is proof that he knows it.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News ‘Judge’ Pirro: If I Were in Charge the President Would Be Playing Golf Right Now

  1. This assertion of Giuliani’s, a once respected prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, that a sitting president can’t be indicted, is fallacious. Many involved in both Watergate and Clinton legal matters point out that impeachment is the initial step in a president’s removal. If the House votes to impeach, that result goes to the Senate which can indict and try the president. Nixon avoided that process when Republicans visited the Oval Office in late July, 1974, announcing to Nixon they had seen the evidence and he was guilty and would be impeached and indicted. Less than 3 weeks late, Nixon resigned. Clinton survived an impeachment vote by a rational Senate that couldn’t get their arms around removing from office, a highly popular, second term president, for a blowjob.

  2. Has this woman gone completely INSANE?!! Or is she just trying to out-Rudy Rudy? Amazing how these Trump worshipers are doing such a great job making matters WORSE for their Most Wonderful God and Master….

    In the words of Keith Olbermann, it’s hy-larious!

  3. She thinks Adam Schiff is not a member of the Gang of 8? (Final comment she made.)

    She said he wasn’t supposed to be there, since he isn’t one of them, but he just has such a big mouth they had to let him attend. He is on that senior grup, as the ranking member of the House Intel committee.

    That ‘judge’ is a jenius! Lol.

  4. There is a select group of people whom throughout the ages the public should never listen to or for and should they, be sure to discount about 99 and 44/100 % of what they spurt out.
    They are bought for hire malcontents whose only purpose is to discredit anyone not thinking their way.
    People like Julius Caesar when he was towards the end of his reign where he was losing his mind, Napolean when he invaded Russia, Joe McCarthy when he scared the bedoodles out of the weak minded and frightened Americans, Ku Klux Klan, Adolph Hitler , Benito Mussolini, both the English and French Prime ministers or leaders when they capitulated to Adolph Hitler’s ruse that he only wants to bring back the lands that belonged to Germany, and on and on. Included obviously are anyone on the horrific, negative spinning, vile and vulgar FOX NEWS? NETWORKS.

  5. OOPS forgot the main guy who stated when Obama was inaugurated in 2008 that he will not work with “this” President and proceeded, with the help of the warring factions of democrats who spent their time fighting amongst themselves and not doing the jobs for which they were elected.
    The American public watched in horror and bought into everything McConnell and his horde of malcontents spewed out.
    They decided to decided to give both houses over to the Republicans and as a result of the weak, cowardly, leaderless Democrats, McConnell refused to allow Obama to get a Supreme Court vote on his nominee until the new election and a new president in 2016 .
    In typical fashion the Democrats were belittled, attacked, gagged as Elizabeth Warren was with almost not even a squeak from the Dems …and the rest is our present history of destruction and more for the future .

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