Frantic Gaslighting: Trump Accuses Lester Holt of ‘Fudging’ Interview Where He Incriminated Himself

Thursday morning most of the media was focused on the first public memorial service for the late Sen. John McCain. So as the nation was united in paying tribute to McCain, Donald Trump naturally took to his Twitter throne and fired off a series of frighteningly incoherent outbursts at what he regards as “the enemy of the people.” It’s his way of continuing to show contempt for a man that had the audacity to challenge him.

Donald Trump

The substance of Thursdays’ tweetstorm was typically centered on his aversion to, and fear of, the free press and the Constitution. He began by taking a swipe at a perennial foe, CNN. Trump lashed out at the network’s boss, Jeff Zucker, and called on AT&T to fire him. Think about that. The president of the United States is issuing orders to a private company in order to control their executive management. That’s pretty much the definition of fascism.

But Trump didn’t stop there. The next tweet in the tantrum was aimed at NBC and their news anchor, Lester Holt. What Trump said was obviously pulled from the recesses of a deeply disturbed mind. It was based on nothing resembling reality, but it did serve to advance his mission to Make America Stupid Again:

This is a perfect example of Trump disseminating utter bullcrap to his pathetic and glassy-eyed cult followers who will believe anything Dear Leader disgorges. The interview with Holt was not “fudged” in any way, and Trump offers no evidence to support his charge. The entire interview is posted online for all to see. Trump’s sole purpose in hurling this lie is to mitigate the fact that he incriminated himself in that interview. Trump told Holt that he fired FBI director James Comey because of the Russia investigation.

So Trump literally confessed to obstruction of justice on national television. Now he’s trying to back out of it by saying the interview was doctored. But everyone knows that he’s making that up out of pure desperation. And by doing so he only makes things worse by being so transparently dishonest and by bringing attention back to his guilt. Even Fox News was taken aback by Trump’s glaringly false allegation.

Trump continued his Twitter tirade with a more generalized attack on what he called the “totally dishonest” media. He said that “Truth doesn’t matter to them,” and that “they only have their hatred & agenda.” This is coming from the man who has been documented as telling more than 4,200 lies since his poorly attended inauguration (which he lied about). And he’s also the man whose whole presidency has been marinated in hate and bigotry. He can’t go a single day without tossing around vicious and infantile insults at anyone he perceives as insufficiently worshipful.

Finally (for the time being), Trump circled back around to CNN to reiterate some completely fake allegations about a recent story concerning his troubles with his personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, had told CNN that Cohen might tell special counsel Robert Mueller that the President knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians before it occurred. Davis later backpedaled and said that he could not actually confirm that. Note that he did not say it wasn’t true, only that he was no longer comfortable with the comment. That’s probably because it could put his client in legal jeopardy because it contradicted what Cohen told Congress.

Subsequently, Trump, Fox News, and other rightist media began accusing CNN of flubbing the story. But they actually got it right. It was Davis who admits that he made a statement that he would no longer stand by. That isn’t CNN’s fault, especially since they also had other sources corroborating their reporting. They continue stand by the story.

The fact that Trump would take this time, as the nation is still mourning the passing of John McCain, to trot out his self-serving delusions, is indicative of his utter lack of character and class. He simply isn’t able to allow anyone else to have the spotlight for a day or two. But the ludicrous charge that Lester Holt tampered with the video of his interview shows that Trump will propound any lie, no matter how outrageous and unfounded, to deceive the nation. And that sort of dishonesty has been the hallmark of his tenure so far in the White House.

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3 thoughts on “Frantic Gaslighting: Trump Accuses Lester Holt of ‘Fudging’ Interview Where He Incriminated Himself

  1. Poor little Donnie! While the country is watching Sen. John McCain motorcade travel to the local Baptist church, a trip that took roughly 45 minutes—nothing but hearse and motorcycle escorts–and then the service–and then the trip to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport–the WH Creature is being ignored, a blessing for all of us who enjoy cable news like MSNBC. Methinks his tweets were attention-getting behavior that is typical of 5-year-olds who missed their naps. And we well have more of Sen. McCain’s interment and our farewells tomorrow and Saturday. And Donnie,
    maybe if you hit a hole-in-one on your golf course you’re not likely to take the media away from the interment at Annapolis. You see, John McCain’s stay at the Hanoi Hilton–not one of Conrad’s—made him the hero he became because of his capture and his endurance of pain and suffering and then his further service to the nation in the Congress–the House and then decades in the Senate. Well, Donnie, I know it’s tough for you when you’ve never served anywhere except 19 months in the WH, the result of an election that was, as you feared and often ranted about, “rigged” in your favor by an adversarial government, your BFF Putin and his cabal. But that alone is not what will keep you and your record from ever competing with that of McCain. His character and morality cannot be bought or lied about or coerced with promises of advancement and loyalty earned. It’s who the man is; and America now knows who you are. Maybe Stone Mountain in Georgia will replace Jefferson Davis’ mug with yours but it won’t be something to be proud of.

  2. I wonder just how low this fake president has to fall before the grown-ups take charge and send him someplace for psych eval. Pence will probably be worse, in a way, b/c he has all his marbles in place and will be able to call on his fellow fake christians to take over everydamnthing before the citizens get their trousers on. 45 has started that process, but some people uncontaminated with the fakeJesusinfection are still in place. One can hope they could manage to keep things going until they recruit patriots to keep our gov working instead of letting in more manipulators and grafters than are in place already.

  3. Remember, I didn’t say what I said, I didn’t do what I did, reality isn’t real and there are alway alternative facts.

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