Hannity Insanity: Trump ‘Is the Most Sound-Minded Person to Ever Occupy the White House’

The question of Donald Trump’s fitness to serve as president has been a frequent topic of discussion in recent weeks. Dozens of psychiatric professionals are among those who have weighed in on the subject, declaring that Trump has severe mental deficiencies that pose grave risks for the nation. But Sean Hannity of Fox News, without any training in the subject, disagrees.

Donald Trump Sean Hannity

Speculation about Trump’s declining mental state is not a new concern. News Corpse addressed it two years ago with an analysis of his advancing senile dementia. And with every new day our obviously disturbed President provides new examples of why he must be removed from office. On Wednesday an op-ed was published in the New York Times by a “senior official” in the Trump administration that affirms much of the concerns expressed by others for the past two years.

Enter Sean Hannity. On his Wednesday evening episode of Trump-Fluffers on Parade, Hannity hosted one of his favorite fluffing guests, “doctor” Gina Loudon. She and Hannity jumped right into a defense of Trump’s self-made image as a “stable genius” with an awkward segue from the New York Times story. Hannity began by charging that the op-ed’s author is a “crazy, anonymous, gutless, cowardly,” person. And, fatigued from heaving so many insulting adjectives, he threw the question to Loudon (video below):

Hannity: There is a madness to this and your background and your book discusses this derangement. What do we call it?”
Loudon: We’ve got Trump Derangement Syndrome, Sean. That’s what most people have called it to this point. But my book actually uses science, and real data, and true psychological theory to explain why it is quite possible that this president is the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House.
Hannity: Literally, liberals heads are gonna explode at what you just said.
Loudon: That’s the fun part of the madness. Watching them go crazy over the fact that he’s really pretty unphased by them. And I believe that. And I know him.
Hannity: And that’s what drives them nuts.

This is an Olympian feat of delusional, propagandizing hogwash. Loudon isn’t satisfied with merely claiming that Trump is of sound mind. Nope, she has to embellish it with the flaming absurdity that it’s the soundest mind ever. And what’s more, she has scientific evidence of it. How she can prove by scientific methodology that Trump, or anyone, has a mind that is more sound than any other, has yet to be revealed. She should release her “research” immediately, so that we can all have a good laugh. As for being “unphased,” his own hair-raising Twitter feed contradicts that bullcrap.

Hannity then went on to say that the media are “like drug addicts” who wake up every day and, if they don’t get their fix, their “hate for the day,” they “break out into sweats.” Sounds more like he is describing himself and/or his Dear Leader. Trump is the one who begins every day with rabid tweetstorms in all caps. The media is just reacting to the manic outbursts of the Commander-in-Tweet. Meanwhile, Loudon criticizes Bob Woodward’s book and praises her own, because he doesn’t know the President and she does. Which is really an endorsement of Woodward’s book because he isn’t going to be biased by a personal association, but she will be.

The gargantuan, Kool-Aid infused, suck up to Trump’s allegedly sound mind has to ignore two years of off-the-rails idiocy. Is it sound to kiss up to foreign dictators while lambasting long-time allies? Is it sound to continually take credit for the achievements of your predecessor and to lie about your own innumerable failures? Is it sound to brag about how effectively you are destroying the environment and sabotaging healthcare? Is it sound to praise neo-Nazis and to abduct children from their parents and warehouse them in cages? According to Hannity and Loudon (and the rest of Fox News), the answer is a resounding “Dah!”

This tendency to lavish effusive praise on Trump is a hallmark of his own hyperbolic rhetoric. He can’t say anything, particularly about himself, without making it the bestest of all time. Conversely, any criticism he has of someone else is automatically the worst in the history of the world. There is probably a psychiatric term for this condition, and we can just add to the list of the mental infirmities that Trump is suffering from. Unfortunately for America, it’s a long list.

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7 thoughts on “Hannity Insanity: Trump ‘Is the Most Sound-Minded Person to Ever Occupy the White House’

  1. Almost everyoneknows Hannity is just a suck-up sycophant…

  2. I haven’t heard Sean say much about his personal lawyer and friend, Michael Cohen who pleaded guilty of a federal crime with a co-conspirator. Have I missed anything?

  3. Then, Seanny yet again proved himself the lying kissbutt he is:

    Hannity: ….if you’re going to talk about the separation of family issues, let’s talk about under Obama and George W. Bush because it happened under them too. Then when it was brought to the attention of the president, the president fixed the problem, something nobody else before him did. You could say, “Thank you President Trump.”


    I posted in response, “Seanny? I could thank Your Beloved God for finally bringing back the sun after four days of June gloom (hey, I’m in West LA – the weather NEVER makes sense here). BUT I WON’T! BECAUSE HE DIDN’T BRING BACK THE SUN, AND HE DIDN’T END FAMILY SEPARATION EITHER!

    And no, Seanny, it did NOT happen “under Obama and George W. Bush.” Not in the indiscriminate way Your Beloved God is doing it now. Your God started it, Your God is doing nothing to finish it.

    And now, you’re willing to attack Your Beloved Dumya to protect Your Beloved God?!! Like I’ve always said, no credibility at all.

    I am now waiting for him to badmouth the Sainted Ronnie to protect His Beloved God. Shouldn’t take long….

  4. What a missed opportunity by the democrats and the suppopsedly sane media. Instead they jump into the I did not sdo it syndrome of the trumperters spending time screaming about treason and the news media spend more time on printing and following articles about the hunt for the culprit.

    WHY THE HELL ISN’T the media covering all the points made by the NYT article and let Trump and his wacko sidekick Giuliani just play out their stupid PR games while the so-called ADULT media investigate all the charges against them by this mysterious writer of the outstanding bombshelll of an article condemning Trump as the incompetent he is.

  5. It’s just hysterical; that White Trash can look at Trump’s behavior and tweets and conclude this guy is mentally and emotionally fit to run any enterprise at all; like a 7-11; never mind be a Head of State. Trump is unfit to be a French Fry cook; without burning himself, the fries, and the entire Wendy’s down to the ground.

  6. Trump is doing exactly what I voted for him lo do: destroy the Republican Party as currently constituted.

    Trump can be looked at as the first Post Modern President: where post modernists understand that there are no rules, and anything goes…

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