Death Spiral? Trump’s Favorite Poll, Rasmussen, Has Him at 44% – Lowest in 7 Weeks

It isn’t easy being a malignant narcissist. Having such an intensely egocentric fetish with oneself carries with it numerous burdens. Chief among those is an unhealthy obsession with what everyone thinks of you. Consequently, Donald Trump is consumed with the polling on his public approval and, more notably, his disapproval.

Donald Trump

There hasn’t been very much good news for Trump with regard to his recent polling. This affront to his self image caused him to freak out and mistakenly brag that he had reached a fifty-two percent approval rating. Turns out he misread the numbers. That was actually his disapproval rating.

Many of the latest surveys place him at or near the worst showings of his presidency. For instance, last week ABC/Washington Post published their most recent poll that showed Trump at a new high in disapproval (60%). It so flustered Trump that he called it a “suppression poll” in an angry tweet that falsely maligned the pollster’s accuracy. Then he followed that up with a tweet about his favorite propagandist polling outfit, Rasmussen, that was somewhat more friendly, although it still had him underwater (48-50%). Nevertheless, his tweet praised Rasmussen as “one of the most accurate.”

Seeing as how Trump appreciates the alleged accuracy of Rasmussen’s polling, he must be taking seriously the latest in their daily tracking of the President’s approval, or lack thereof. On Wednesday Trump sunk to a seven-week low. Rasmussen is reporting his disapproval at fifty-four percent. His approval was down to forty-four percent. Interestingly, Rasmussen also has Trump’s “strong” disapproval at forty-four percent, which ties with his total approval. Ouch.

For the record, the most recent Fox News poll has Trump’s approval only one point higher than Rasmussen’s (45%). So the consensus among the State TV propaganda outlets is pretty clear.

This slippage could not be happening at a worse time for the President. The special counsel, Robert Mueller, has been tightening the screws with new indictments, convictions, and guilty pleas of close Trump associates. The release of Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear: Trump in the White House, is revealing the crisis of chaos in Trump’s “Crazytown.” His Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is getting flambe’ed at his confirmation hearings in the Senate (and his approval rating is the lowest of any Supreme Court nominee).

Finally, Trump is preparing to hit the campaign trail on behalf of floundering Republicans nationwide. You have to wonder how many of them still want him to show up. Because at this rate Trump may be hitting record lows even on Rasmussen’s poll. He’s only got six more points to go before matching the thirty-eight percent he pulled on August 2, 2017. That’s totally doable, Donnie. Keep hope alive.

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  1. I imagine he’ll still have 44% approval after he’s been committed to an asylum.

  2. If a president pardons himself, does that make him a Dictator? And if so, can he be deposed? If that, how?

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