Hair Trump Declares that ‘Something Has to Be Done’ About CNN Exercising Free Speech

The hostility that Donald Trump has shown for the media has been a constant dating back to his first days on the campaign trail. It only escalated as time went by and his insults became anti-constitutional assertions that the media is “the enemy of the people.” Add to that his overt threats, incitements to violence, and banning of reporters he doesn’t like, and you have the very model of a modern media oppressor.

Donald Trump, CNN

On Monday morning Trump reached another new low in his assaults on the free press. In a pair tweets the President attacked his favorite nemesis, CNN for having a “powerful voice” that is “portraying the United States in an unfair and and false way.” He tweeted that:

Make no mistake, this is a full frontal attack on the First Amendment of the Constitution. Trump has no business commenting on the ratings of a news network that covers his corrupt and criminal administration independently and accurately (FYI: CNN is enjoying some of their highest ratings in the network’s history). Especially considering that he has already tried to ban their White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, from the presidential press corps, but lost when a federal court issued a temporary restraining order to prohibit his flagrant discrimination.

However, even worse is Trump’s proposal that the United States start its own “Worldwide Network” to disseminate what can only be presumed to be Trump-fluffing propaganda. The notion that the U.S. should launch a network to compete with commercial news outlets around the world is a frightening expansion of government interfering with the press. It is the sort of state-run tripe that totalitarian regimes like that of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kin Jong Un engage in. And note that Trump admits that his intention Is to produce only positive propaganda that portrays him as “GREAT!”

The U.S. already has government media services that distribute approved content around the world via the United States Agency for Global Media (formerly that Broadcasting Board of Governors). That agency runs the Voice of American, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, Office of Cuba Broadcasting, and other government managed broadcast operations.

But what Trump is proposing is something far more ambitious and dishonest. He wants a network that competes with commercial news enterprises like CNN, SKY News, the BBC, Al Jazeera, and more. He wants a network that will always praise him, defend him, and malign his critics. He wants constant adulation and coverage that portrays him as the returning Messiah. He wants cult worship.

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Well, Fox News is already doing that. But setting that aside, presidential hero-worship is not the role of a government that was founded on the principles of freedom of the press. It is neither honest nor ethical. And there is no agency under federal law that could house such a media mutation. But it does display the aspirations of a wannabe dictator who is obsessed with controlling all of the media that covers him and his regime. And it is no surprise that Trump is openly advocating for something so contrary to American values. But this pathetic pandering to himself and his over-inflated ego will never fly in the U.S. Maybe Vladimir has some network space for it.


4 thoughts on “Hair Trump Declares that ‘Something Has to Be Done’ About CNN Exercising Free Speech

  1. QTrump continues to think he is a king, not a public servant…

  2. This seems to be more evidence that Trump is mentally unravelling. Thankfully we now have a democratic majority that can hold him in check but this whole unfortunate experience shows that the office of the president in America still holds too much autocratic power. Executive orders, pardons and hiring and firing of powerful government positions shouldn’t be in the hands of such a one person. Especially one that is a racist narcissist.

    • I would like very much to agree with your sentiments. However, based upon what is becoming another “turf” war and ego-centric politicians willing to fight amongst themselves for power, makes me seriously concerned that they will be consumed by these intra party battles and leave the field wide open for the Reopublicans, yes, trumpites so take over again in 2020.

      Politicians have become more concerned about themselves than with the roles for which we have selected them to fill. Damn the people, satisfying my ego is more important than the voters who gobble up everything I tell them..

  3. His synapses are NOT firing properly and apparently there is almost no connection between his head and his mouth.

    2020 is vital for America to bring back some semblance of propriety , order, and a “working” administration not a bunch of snake oil sales people.

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