Donald Trump Calls 60% of Americans ‘Fools’ Because They Don’t Support His Idiotic Vanity Wall

When the President of the United States is notorious for being willfully ignorant and dismissive of factual data, even when it is provided by the experts in his own administration, he ought not to be calling other people names and disparaging their intellect. But that is a behavioral flaw that is all too common with Donald Trump, whose preference for his own counsel (whatever that means) prevails over that of professionals with decades of experience.

Donald Trump

Trump recently told an interviewer from CBS that he “doesn’t have to agree” with Intelligence team. That’s technically true, but it is not generally considered a good idea for someone who knows nothing about national security to ignore the advice of those who have spent a lifetime studying it. Trump also stated that he has “no confidence” in those same Intelligence experts – who he appointed to their posts – apparently preferring the guidance of his shadow cabinet on Fox News and mentors like Vladimir Putin.

Despite this cognitive breakdown, Trump still manages to cast insults at anyone who isn’t sufficiently deferential to his point of view and ego. And his targets include the American people who he is supposed to be serving as their representative. This betrayal of the people’s will is best exemplified by Trump’s position on building a useless wall along the southern border. Most people knowledgeable about immigration agree that a wall is an ineffective solution to the problems cited by Trump and other Republicans. What’s more, a new poll by Gallup shows that most Americans (60%) “oppose significant new construction on border walls.”

This opposition to what has become Trump’s signature fetish is not new. The Gallup poll confirms the results of nearly every other poll done on this subject. The desires of the American people are well known and firmly held. But that hasn’t stopped Trump and his cohorts in the GOP and on Fox News from trying to force their unwise and unpopular plan on a nation that unambiguously rejects it. And what do the citizens of the country get for expressing themselves?

So Trump regards at least sixty percent of the American people as “fools.” Never mind that they agree with the experts while Trump is basing his opinion on partisans associated with flagrantly racist interest groups. This disrespect for the citizens of this country is emblematic of a malignant narcissist who wishes he could be a dictator. Trump forced the nation into its longest ever government shutdown over a policy that the majority of voters oppose. And he is threatening to do it again, or to violate the Constitution with a phony national emergency declaration. And all to advance a proposal for a wall that has been nothing but a scam from the start.

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Calls 60% of Americans ‘Fools’ Because They Don’t Support His Idiotic Vanity Wall

  1. I posted this at MMFA back in July 2018, and it is sad that it is STILL relevant so many months later.

    And once again, it comes to this truism:

    The Lord God Trumpovah will say anything, and his worshipers will continue to defend him. Trump will say something totally outrageous, and his worshipers will believe him. Trump will commit TREASON, and his worshipers will accept, bullshit, explain, and show how everything Trump does is wonderful, fantastic, and proves how great a president he truly is.

    And when Trump DENIES he said ANY OF THIS, his worshipers will defend him and proclaim that the “fake news” made up EVERYTHING, despite copious evidence of the existence of the original statement.

    And then Trump will proclaim that it was actually HILLARY (or OBAMA) who committed the evil acts and made these evil statements, and his worshipers will defend him and proclaim that, of course, it MUST be HILLARY (or OBAMA) who did this, and the “fake news” are just protecting them.

    That is NOT the action of a president. That is the action of an appeaser, a traitor, and the greatest quisling of all time.

    So, worshipers of Your Lord God and Emperor. There is only one question we again must ask:


    What will it take for you to realize what you got in your hatred of Hillary and Obama: a TRAITOR willing to do or say ANYTHING, and a State-supported media that condemns any other media that does not march lockstep alongside the brownshirts and nazis who just sold our country out for 30 pieces of silver (sorry, make that rubles).

    One man saw the horrors of the past (true, alleged, or invented) and said “Only I can fix this. I will make our country great again. And I will destroy all those whom I say caused OUR problems. You MUST trust me, for I am right. You MUST follow me, for I am perfect. You MUST accept what I say because I am better than you.”

    2016 America? No, 1930s Germany. And the man was Adolph Hitler. Who ALSO had his worshipful sycophants ready to claim that everything their Beloved Leader said and did was wonderful and fantastic, and proves how great a leader he truly was. And, oh yeah, destroy all the minorities whom HE said was at fault.

    For Hitler, it was Jews and Gypsies (aka The Other). For Trump, it is Muslims and Mexicans (aka The Other).


    And we continue to ask this question, but we will never get an answer. The sycophants and Trump Worshipers will continue to blame The Other, and never understand what Their Most Beloved God is actually doing to this country. Germany practically had to be bombed into oblivion before the Germans truly understood what Hitler was doing.

    Will that have to happen here?

    • Your point is clear about worshipping the Drumpf. The thing that stunned me was seeing him get a standing ovation on Christmas Day, 2016 in a church in Florida. The church was supposed to be celebrating Christ’s Day of Birth in Christ’s Home, and instead they did choose to gave him praise and ignore the First Four Commandments. False ‘gods’, ignoring the reason for being in God’s Home, and worshipping a “golden plated calf”, and taking God’s name in vain. The same as in 1930s Germany.

    • It’s a cult. They are lost.

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