On Orders from Sean Hannity (His Fox News Boss) Trump Will Sign Border Bill, Declare Emergency

After the unmitigated disaster of the Trump Shutdown last month, Donald Trump is taking steps to avoid another embarrassing loss to his nemesis, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Under Pelosi’s guidance, the bipartisan committee in Congress tasked with drafting a new funding bill has arrived at a consensus that does not include any money for Trump’s idiotic vanity wall. So the President is responding in the most ignorant and undemocratic way possible.

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The Constitution of the United States makes clear that the Congress is responsible for all spending allocations by the federal government. Ordinarly, the president would be bound by the decisions of the Congress that is made up of the people’s representatives. But Donald Trump is in no way ordinary. It appears to be his intention to ignore – and even insult – the people (who polls show are overwhelmingly opposed to the wall) and do an unconstitutional end run around Congress to get funding for his precious wall.

Of course, Trump didn’t come to this decision on his own. That would require reading a bill that is over 1,000 pages and being able to grasp what it means. Instead, Trump is merely following orders from his superiors at Fox News who are accustomed to telling him what to do, and having him obey. It was only one day ago that Sean Hannity delivered his command to Trump in the form of commentary on his program. Hannity’s segment was built around this premise: “How Trump can take Congress’ garbage deal, and stick the wall down their throats.” That’s a particularly fascist tone to take with regard to presidential powers (something they are familiar with). What Hannity actually proposed was this:

“Step one: The president signs the deal, and uses the $1.375 billion as a downpayment for the wall. Step two: President Trump has identified some $900 million for additional construction that is already available for the administration’s discretion. That would bring the pot to about $2.3 billion. Step three: This needs to happen simultaneously, and it has the president declaring a national emergency. This is the time.”

So how did the White House respond to the bill that Congress is about to send him?

Gee. That’s exactly what Hannity told him to do. And this isn’t the first time. In fact, the Trump Shutdown was largely the result of Hannity’s insistence that Trump not agree to any deal that didn’t include wall funding. This time, however, they knew that a shutdown would only make matters worse for Trump, so they decided to try to turn the presidency into a dictatorship. But that’s isn’t going to work out any better them.

The emergency declaration will surely be challenged in court, where Trump will likely fail because there isn’t any emergency. And Trump’s own words and actions are the proof of that. He has repeatedly claimed that his administration has reduced illegal border crossings. He said that he already stopped two “caravans” of refugees at the border without any wall. And he has been putting off any executive actions on this for months. All of this affirms that no emergency condition exists.

Trump is engaging in pure theatricality in order to get his way, not to secure the nation, but to be able to say that he fulfilled a dumb campaign promise (that included Mexico paying for the wall, but now that’s been forgotten). No court in the nation will rule that Trump saving face over a campaign promise constitutes a national emergency. So Trump will lose in the end. But in the meantime he will have degraded democracy and divided the country even more than he already has. And that’s the Trump legacy that will endure long after he’s gone.

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One thought on “On Orders from Sean Hannity (His Fox News Boss) Trump Will Sign Border Bill, Declare Emergency

  1. I posted this on Media Matters the other day. It will always amaze me how closed-minded the Trump Worshipers are when protecting Their Beloved God. Of course, if any other president — Democratic OR Republican — declared a “national emergency” on as flimsy a basis as Their Beloved God has, their cries for impeachment would be deafening. Hypocrisy will always be the sole principle of the Fucks Pods.

    Seanny? I’m not going to scream at you about the stupidity of declaring a national emergency for no reason whatsoever. What I’m going to say to you is very straightforward. You, see, by declaring a national emergency, Your Beloved God and Most Imbecilic Buttbuddy, will be endowed with extraordinary power — almost dictatorial power. He will have the power to do everything and anything he wants.

    And his first move will very likely be to disable all news media that will not worship him utterly and wholly. And you want to know something, Seanny? That WILL include Fucks Spews sooner or later because Your Beloved God will not want to be beholden to a propaganda fester Ministry of Truth, even if it’s his own. That will also include Twitter if someone tweets something critical of Hair Dictator, or if it doesn’t ban someone he demands it ban.

    Your Beloved God’s next move will be to order the arrest for anyone he doesn’t happen to like that half-second. And you know something else, Seanny? That WILL one day include YOU because he doesn’t like the idea of someone else making decisions that he thinks HE should make. Or perhaps you might accidentally say something that goes against what he said just that minute (even if he agreed with you five minutes earlier). So, how would YOU like to be arrested just because you happen to say something he doesn’t like? Or he got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning? Or maybe his hair hadn’t gotten back from the cleaners?

    And, you see, you will NEVER really know when he doesn’t like something you say. Sure, he’ll tweet, but, you see, if he dismantles Twitter because people use it to criticize Hair Dictator, how will you ever know?

    And then he’ll dismantle the government because NO ONE can be permitted to interfere with Your Beloved God and Most Moronic Majesty. That’s what will happen, Seanny. Given dictatorial powers, a dictator will use them.

    Do you REALLY want to give a bigoted five year old tantrum throwing child unlimited power to do ANYTHING he wants?

    Long Live Big Bother, Seanny.

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