Pro-Trump Fox News Guest Inadvertently Affirms that Trump has Been a Racist All His Life

Ordinarily Donald Trump’s nauseating scandals are quickly pushed out of the ever-shortening news cycle by even worse scandals. It’s a tactic that Trump has studiously employed from the start of his scandal-riddled administration. But the recent ruckus created by his brazenly racist comments about four Democratic congresswomen of color has had real staying power. Mostly because of Trump’s foolishness and flip-flopping.

Donald Trump

The righteous criticism that Trump has received for telling American citizens to “go back” where they came from continues to be a top story. After he tweeted his insults, he presided over one of his cult rallies where the audience chanted “Send he back.” The next day Trump tried to disown those chants by lying about how they started and what his response was. The day after that he tried to disavow his disavowal. Probably because he didn’t want to be seen as disparaging his followers. After all, a recent poll shows that the more racist Trump is, the more Republicans love him.

Throughout this controversy, Trump has been defended by his Republican confederates and the StormTrumping pundits on Fox News. And on Friday he got a testimonial that may not be all that complimentary. Radical Christianist Mike Huckabee (father of former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders) was interviewed by Fox’s Heather Childers when the subject of Trump’s racism was broached. Huckabee’s perverse defense was that…

“If Donald Trump had been a racist all these years, don’t you think it would have come out somewhere in the life that he’s lived which has been about as public as any elected official has ever lived. And the fact is, a person doesn’t just suddenly become a racist at the age of 72, having not been one up until that point.”

That’s exactly right. And what a surprising morsel of insight from such a noxious Trump-fluffing shill. It would be extremely unlikely for a 72 year old like Trump to turn into a flaming bigot overnight. There would have to have been some evidence of it earlier. So what Huckabee is saying is that if Trump was not a racist before, than he isn’t one now. Well, let’s take a look at Trump’s very public life to see for ourselves:

  • He had a strict “no colored people” policy in his apartment buildings.
  • He advocated the death penalty for the Central Park 5, even after they had been found innocent.
  • He told business associates that he didn’t want any black accountants.
  • He was an avid Birther (believing that Obama was not an American).
  • He refused to renounce KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.
  • He said there “fine people on both sides” of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.
  • He imposed a ban on Muslim immigrants.
  • He said that a Latino judge could not be neutral.
  • He called black athletes “sons of bitches.”
  • He labeled Haiti and Africa as “shithole countries.”

That isn’t even a comprehensive list. There are many other examples of Trump’s flagrant bigotry. He has indeed lived a life of personal and professional bias against black and brown people. And the history of that life is confirmation of Huckabee’s assertion Trump did not suddenly become a racist. He has been one for decades. And he follows in the footsteps of his father who attended Klan rallies in New York. This surely was not Huckabee’s point, but it tells the real story of Donald Trump’s long-festering racism.

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2 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Fox News Guest Inadvertently Affirms that Trump has Been a Racist All His Life

  1. Being President is not an entry level job. After three years the Dotard45 still has little knowledge of OUR Constitution. He entered the race with no experience for running and serving in a public office. If he had run for a significant political office and served in a public office before, a lot of his bigotry, his homophobia, his womanizing, his lying, his cheating, his finances, etc., would have come out before. I am surprised (and not surprised) that his repuglican opponents did not pick up on these tidbits when he had to face them in the primaries.

  2. Maybe the reason all the “Family Values Republicans” did choose him as their finest representation of exactly how they feel, is because they love Russia more than America. It explains why the NRA/Republican Organization willingly took $50 Million from Vladimir Putin. The NRA turned around and gave $30 Million to Donald J. Trump (R) since a Republican Supreme Court passed “Citizens United” that gave permission to take Foreign Government money to control United States Elections. Mitch McConnell (R) also took Millions and Millions of rubles from the NRA. If Americans keep voting for this idiot in our United States’s White House, since they believe the other lie of “how great the economy is” they are not paying attention at all. Cost of living is up, food prices are climbing, and now their water, air, and land is becoming more polluted due to the Family Values Republicans choice. He promise a raise in the minimum wage to help the working Americans, yet it’s over two years, and that lie continues. He is the responsibility of Republicans. He is the very “be best” of all of them, and that is scary shit man!

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