GOP Approval for Trump Rises AFTER Racist Tweets – Tells You Something About the GOP

From the very first day Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, he established his credentials as the Republican Party’s foremost spokesman for white nationalism and the racist hate groups who rallied to his campaign. And trump hasn’t been shy about his gratitude for their support. This week he even told a Fox News reporter that he isn’t concerned that white nationalists are “finding common cause” with his racist remarks.

Donald Trump, MAGA

Following Trump’s brazenly bigoted Twitter rants against Democratic women of color, there has been a deafening silence from his GOP colleagues. They are either too scared to take the ethical road and condemn Trump’s racism, or they agree with it. And now there is a new Reuters poll that really tells us all we need to know about today’s Republican Nationalist Party:

“Support for U.S. President Donald Trump increased slightly among Republicans after he lashed out on Twitter over the weekend in a racially charged attack on four minority Democratic congresswomen, a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll shows. […] his net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points.”

There you have it. Trump may be an avowed white supremacist, but his public utterances affirming that are clearly a deliberate strategy to appeal the members of his party who are lapping it up. They like him even more when he’s articulating overtly racist messages. That can only serve to incite ever more repugnant hate speech from the President and his Klannish confederates.

For contrast, approval from Democrats and independents both declined in the poll. And a separate poll from USA Today confirmed these findings. It showed that overall large majorities of 59 percent of voters called Trump’s tweets “un-American.” And 68 percent said they were “offensive.” But a majority of 57 percent of Republicans said they agreed with Trump’s racist tweets.

Contrary to the disgust by most Americans for Trump’s racism, he continues to dig himself deeper into the abyss of blatant bigotry. On Wednesday morning he quote-tweeted a Fox News commentary by GOP Sen. John Kennedy, who said that “the four horsewomen of the apocalypse” are “Wack Jobs.” And somehow Trump thought that would help his argument that he isn’t a racist scumbucket. He also tweeted a poll of his own to bolster his lagging defense:

First of all, let’s not ignore that Trump is once again maligning four women of color, who were elected to represent their districts, with his obviously sarcastic thanks to “the vicious young Socialist Congresswomen.” It’s part of his reelection strategy to fire up his Deplorable base by dehumanizing his critics.

As for Rasmussen, it is a thoroughly disgraced, right-wing purveyor of deliberately slanted surveys. Nevertheless, Trump posts a similar tweet every time Rasmussen puts Trump at 50 percent. Never mind that the same poll also shows Trump with a negative “approval index” wherein his strong disapproval always exceeds his strong approval. What’s more, whenever Rasmussen hits 50 percent for Trump, it only lasts a few days before he is once again in negative territory. And this is with the most Trump-friendly pollster on the planet.

So Trump is caught in an endless loop where Rasmussen puts him at around 47 percent, then he pops to 50 and Trump squeezes out a tweet. Then he drops to the mid forties again. Then he spikes back to 50 triggering another tweet. This has happened at least fourteen times just this year. You have to wonder if this is a strategy on Rasmussen’s part to give Trump some phony survey data to brag about.

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Although, it hardly seems worthy af bragging when Trump can’t even manage to get half the nation to approve of him for more than a day or two in a notoriously pro-Trump poll (most polls have him in the low forties). And it is downright disastrous when Trump’s Republican Party support goes up after he spends several days ranting like the Klan’s Grand Wizard. But that should inform America’s voters that the problem isn’t just Trump. It’s the entire GOP. And in 2020, all of them need to be exorcised from our local and national governments.


5 thoughts on “GOP Approval for Trump Rises AFTER Racist Tweets – Tells You Something About the GOP

  1. Trump, son of a first generation German–American, should go back to where he cxame from, namely Germany…

  2. Said before, say it again: it is so incredible — and utterly terrifying — that the Trump Worshipers go around making bs excuses to protect and praise Their Beloved God that they would NEVER accept regarding any other president. The ReThugs were horrified when the Nixon tapes revealed him as an intolerant anti-Semite who couldn’t control his lower lip. Not even his few remaining sycophants could support him after that. And the ReThugs had to backtrack when their former god, the Sainted Ronnie of Simi Valley, went on about how trees cause pollution and other such nonsense.

    But Trump embarrasses himself constantly, betrays himself as an imbecilic know-nothing, and once again reveals himself for the bigoted narcissist teen rapist he is, and they just admire him more, while calling anyone who recognizes the truth traitors and worse.


  3. I repeat myself for the sake of our Nation. No one should ever forget that out of all Family Values Republicans the GOP could field in 2016 those Republicans all agreed Trumpf (R) was their ‘be best’ Family man. The same Republicans installed the First Communist 3rd lady into our White House, since she too epitomizes all Family Values Republican home wrecking women. The Trumpfs (R) are what all Republicans yearn to be, all hat no horse. Swagger, brag, lie, denegrate, commit Adultery, cheat on Taxes, claim to be very ‘religious’, while sanctioning pedophiles like Epstein. Vote Democratic, Vote Blue, help people to the Polls, Donate to our Nominee for President, ignore every ‘independent’ Billionaire, remember if you fail to Vote against Trumpf (R) you allowed him to continue. Vote out all Republicans since they may choose Trumpf (R) again, out of ignorance of facts.

  4. It’s NOT just the gop either. It’s ALL their mouthpieces as well. EVERYONE of them. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, dump and all that chaos he brings. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his racism. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, his misogyny. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, his stupidity. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that he treats others like s*it. They LOVE it, because it’s EXACTLY who they are. They APPROVE of it, welcome it, revel in it, & champion it. They finally have someone that HATES others as much as they do. They are fake a*s ‘christians’ and take joy in treating others like garbage. Take joy, in watching all others SUFFER. Delight when others fall on their a*s and NO one helps them. It’s who they ARE and HAVE been for a long, long, long time. They HATE this country, in reality, and DON’T give 2 s*its who DIES or how, as long as they DIE and are NOT here anymore.

  5. Pretty much says it all.

    “Evangelical christians” equals hate anybody not like us.

    If Jesus were walking the streets of America today, theese people would have Him crucified in a heartbeat.

    They are literally Satan”s work force…

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