Trump Files Ludicrous Lawsuit Against the Washington Post for Defaming His Truth Social Scam

The only business activity that Donald Trump has ever demonstrated any commitment to is baseless and bitter litigation against other enterprises that he is unable to compete with honestly, or simply refuses to deal with fairly. His lawsuits are not much more than personal attacks on anyone he can’t bully into submission.

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Donald Trump

Among the targets of Trump’s pathological litigiousness are media outlets that he believes have blasphemed him or failed to appreciate his divine infallibility. More often than not, his efforts have led to legal humiliation as the cases are dismissed or dropped or lost outright. Which is the likely outcome of his latest loopy lawsuit.

The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, has just announced that it is suing the Washington Post for $3.7 billion dollars for defamation, a figure far in excess of what Trump’s anti-social media firm is actually worth.

Trump has no basis for this suit. For one thing, he is constantly claiming that his Pravda Social is a massive success, greatly eclipsing Twitter. Also, it’s hard to defame a business that began as a fraud and went downhill from there. Nevertheless, according to reports

“The lawsuit, filed by Trump Media & Technology Group Corp (TMTG) in Florida’s Sarasota County, claims that a 13 May article that alleged the company may have committed securities fraud was false and defamatory, and posed an ‘existential threat.’

“The article titled ‘Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump’s Truth Social’ alleged that the company had concealed key details about a proposed merger from the Securities and Exchange Commission and shareholders, citing internal documents provided by a whistleblower.”

Right off the bat, Trump’s lawsuit is invalid. He cannot claim defamation if the Post reported that TMTG, which is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), “may have committed securities fraud.” That’s an accurate presentation of facts. Furthermore, the Post is merely reporting what is happening as sourced to a whistleblower from within TMTG.

Among other things, the SEC is probing TMTG and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), the shell company that TMTG is using to get a place on the stock exchange, for possible insider trading and stock fraud. Trump’s operation is also the subject of a Grand Jury investigation in New York. What’s more, it was recently revealed that Truth Social may have violated money laundering statutes in connection with the acceptance of $8 million in Russian funds connected to Vladimir Putin.

The litany of lawsuits by Trump & Co. have not only named the Washington Post, but also the New York Times, CNN, and others. He has even sued the board of the Pulitzer Prize committee to demand that they revoke awards given to the Post and the Times for their accurate reporting on his unsavory associations with Russia and Putin’s assistance during his presidential campaigns. For a primer on Trump’s legal maneuvers, see the following…

Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Faces Legal and Financial Turmoil Amid Disclosures of Russian Funding
The report notes that the sources of the funding include the off-shore Paxum Bank, based in the Caribbean island nation, Dominica. It is notorious for “providing banking services for the pornography and sex worker industries, which makes it higher risk of engaging in money laundering and other illicit financing.”

Trump Sues the Pulitzer Prize Board for Honoring Accurate Stories of His Russian Collusion
The Pulitzer Board had an independent review conducted after receiving a demand from Trump to rescind the awards. That review found that “no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.”

After Goofy Lawsuit Against CNN, Trump Threatens More Suits, Including the January 6th Committee
The crux of Trump’s complaint is that CNN’s use of labels describing him as a “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist,” and comparable to Hitler are defamatory. Apparently his lawyers have not advised him that the truth is a solid defense against allegations of defamation.

Trump Attorney Announces Laughable Lawsuit Against CNN for Accurately Calling Trump a Liar
Lindsey Halligan, one of a string of Trump’s incompetent attorneys, appeared this week on recently convicted Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ podcast to announce a threat to sue CNN. The complaint is typically preposterous and offers more opportunity for comedy than for anything of any legal importance.

LOCK HIM UP: Trump’s TRUTH Social Scam is Being Criminally Investigated By a Federal Grand Jury
Digital World Acquisition Corp., revealed in a securities filing Monday that it became aware on June 16 that each member of its board of directors received subpoenas from a federal grand jury in New York.

Trump’s Lawsuit Against His Niece Mary and the NY Times is a Confession that She’s Telling the Truth
Trump announced his latest legal misadventure wherein he is suing his niece, Mary Trump, and the New York Times for, as stated in the filing, “tortiously breaching and/or interfering with his contractual rights and otherwise maliciously conspiring against him.” Because paranoid delusions are another of his known psychoses.

So this latest lawsuit stunt is just another in the series of Trump’s ridiculous and malicious legal misadventures. There is no plausible path for success in these suits. But since Trump is spending the money that he has conned from his cult followers, what does he care about it? He’ll just whine that courts are all rigged after he loses again.

UPDATE: Trump elaborates on his whining with a another post saying “So Dominion gets almost a Billion Dollars and I, after years of Fake News, Hoaxes, Scams, and Investigations, am entitled to NOTHING? Is that really the way it’s supposed to work? I don’t think so!”

Actually, that is precisely the way it works. Dominion proved their case in court. Trump has failed repeatedly, because he has no evidence and no case.

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Unemployed Racist Tucker Carlson is Talking to Trump About Hosting 2024 GOP Candidate Forums

Ever since Fox News announced that it had fired their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson (see this retrospective), speculation has erupted over what Carlson would do next to advance his brazenly bigoted, pro-Putin, crackpot conspiracy theories, and neo-fascist agenda.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump

It’s only been a week and half since Fox pink-slipped Carlson, and in the interim even more evidence of his heinousness have been revealed. They include complimentary descriptions of “how white men fight” with regard to “Trump guys” brutally beating an “Antifa kid,” his seething anger over being deposed by lawyers for the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit, and even some swipes at Fox News.

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On Thursday morning the Washington Post published a report that shed some light on Carlson’s next moves. And it is simultaneously shocking and predictable. The Post wrote that Carlson…

“…has aspirations of moving into a larger role that doesn’t limit him to a single medium, according to people familiar with his thinking. And he is willing to walk away from some of the millions that Fox is contractually obligated to pay him, if that would give him the flexibility to have a prominent voice in the 2024 election cycle.” […]

“Carlson wants to moderate his own GOP candidate forum, outside of the usual strictures of the Republican National Committee debate system. The idea, which he has discussed with Donald Trump, the front-runner for the party nomination, would test his vaunted sway over conservative politics. And it would take a jab at his former employer.”

Indeed, trust fund baby Carlson has plenty of family money, so he can forego some his Fox compensation in order to satiate his craving for relevance and attention. He seeks to wield the clout he’s accumulated from his media perch and convert it into political power. To that end, he has already discussed his king-maker forums with wannabe monarch, Donald Trump, and according to WaPo’s sources, Trump “has told Carlson he’s interested”

This is intriguing on multiple levels. First of all, it is generous on Trump’s part to work with Carlson who recently said that Trump is a “demonic force” and that he “hates him passionately.” That, however, didn’t stop Carlson from conducting a fluff-ball interview of Trump where none of that – or anything else negative – was mentioned.

What’s more, the notion of Carlson being given free reign to produce candidate forums following the disclosures of his abhorrent racism is unfathomably grotesque. That any Republican candidate could consider participating in his events is evidence that they all share his hateful prejudices. We already know that Trump does.

This news of Carlson’s aspirations of being a media mogul and a debate host comes on the heels of CNN announcing their own “town hall” featuring Trump, who is currently being investigated for numerous crimes, from rape, to financial and tax fraud, to sedition, to espionage. It is wholly irresponsible for CNN to gift a criminal like Trump valuable air time for him to rant unchallenged about his fantastical delusions and totalitarian dreams.

SEE ALSO: Questions that CNN Should – But Probably Won’t – Ask Trump During His Town Hall Charade

In the meantime, Trump has already indicated his intention to skip the GOP debates sponsored by his own Republican Party. “I see that everybody is talking about the Republican debates,” Trump said, “but nobody got my approval.” Really? Trump believes that his approval is required for Republicans to hold candidate debates. He is objecting to the first debate being run by Fox News because he is convinced that they are part of the radical, Marxist, Democratic, deep state, that is out to destroy him.

So Trump won’t debate on Fox News because it’s too liberal. Although he will appear on Fox programs hosted by Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. And he regards CNN as “fake news” that nobody watches. But he will show up for a Trump town hall moderated by Kaitlan Collins a former correspondent for Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller.

And if this is getting all too bizarre and convoluted for you, rest assured that you’re not alone. It’s by design, as Trump and his right-wing cohorts conspire to confound and confuse everyone in their cult community to keep them glassy-eyed and obedient.

UPDATE: Carlson is also threatening Fox News and talking to Elon Musk about his future endeavors.

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Trump’s 2023 New Year’s Wish: Hopefully American Newspapers Will Go Out of Business

As 2022 winds to close, Donald Trump finds himself in an accelerating downward spiral of legal, political, and personal distress. His mood is decidedly dour and consumed by hate. And true to form, he is handling it like a colicky infant who thinks his whining and tantrums will deliver relief from the misery that is plaguing him from all sides.

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Donald Trump, Newspapers, Baby, Hate

Trump’s 2022 tribulations are bound to torment him well into 2023. They include disclosure of the financial fiascos revealed in his tax returns that were just released after years of fearful defiance; the criminal charges stemming from his incitement of the January 6th insurrection and his theft and hoarding of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago hotel/home; the ongoing probes by Special Counsel Jack Smith and the Department of Justice; and his plummeting political prospects of returning to the White House in 2024.

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On this New Year’s Eve Trump is fixated on the media that he despises for daring to report what he actually does and says. He is an avowed opponent of of the First Amendment. His assaults on the free press were a hallmark of his presidency, and they have continued uninterrupted in the months since his defeat for reelection.

Consequently, no one will be surprised by the yammering on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, where he posted a link to an article in the Washington Post about the hard times that American newspapers are facing. He said that

“Many of these newspapers are going out of business because they only know how to report Fake News. Hopefully the Amazon Washington Post and the Failing New York Times will soon be among the group! Nobody will continue to sustain such losses, especially for a product undeserving of our once great Nation.”

Trump is veritably giddy that American businesses are hurting. So much for “America First.” And it’s ironic that he’s citing the Washington Post, that he thinks is “fake news,” as his source. Apparently when he sees a headline that he likes – in this case Newspapers are disappearing where democracy needs them most – WaPo becomes a reputable news enterprise. However, It’s unlikely that Trump read beyond the headline, because this article laments the failures of small, conservative newspapers that mostly serve rural communities that are largely populated by Republicans.

Trump did once say once that he “loves the poorly educated,” so his aversion to the availability of news would be consistent with achieving that state of ignorance for his cult followers. Trump went on to post more attacks on the media, digging into his kindergarten bag of insults to say that…

“The Failing New York Times is Fake and Corrupt News. Their motto should be, ALL THE FAKE NEWS THAT’S UNFIT TO PRINT. They are the Enemy of the People!”

It’s nauseating how Trump is so eager to trash American businesses and so full of hope for hardship for American workers. But it’s no less than what is expected from him after establishing himself as the nation’s most anti-American politician. It’s notable, though, that Trump also took a swipe at his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News), whining that…

“Wow!!! So while Trump Hating CNN & MSNBC (MSDNC!) RATINGS are both at record lows, numbers that they have never seen before (‘they’re toast’), Fox News Ratings are also way down because they never say ‘Trump’ or TRUTH, never talk about the Rigged Presidential Election, and is a Fake Polling Network. Our giant MAGA base, much bigger than anyone knows, does not like watching Fox play their games. Their Ratings will continue to sink. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

For the record, Trump has predicted the demise of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and most other news organizations, for years. And as usual, his predictions have failed to comport with reality. For someone who worked on television for fourteen years, he is profoundly ignorant of how it operates. Ratings are down for virtually everything on TV due to increased competition, such as that from streaming services and the return of patrons to movie theaters.

However, Trump’s animosity toward Fox News is particularly curious considering it’s the home of devout Trump-fluffers like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. But he is known for disparaging anyone who is less than totally worshipful, so even his toadies at Fox News are targets of his wrath. Which is endlessly entertaining for the rest of America.

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Trump Threatens to Sue Pulitzers Over ‘Russia Hoax’ and for Not Giving Awards to Sean Hannity

On Saturday Donald Trump and His Traveling Salvation Show made another stop to put on yet another performance of his tediously repetitive Moldy Oldies Extravaganza. This time he visited Robstown, Texas, to dispense his familiar fallacies about non-existent election fraud (aka the “Big Lie”), his supremacy over every other mortal, complaints about Democrats plotting to destroy America, and myriad whining about what a pathetic victim he is.

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Donald Trump

Featured in this outing, as always, was Trump’s unending outrage over having been caught colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. For some reason Trump can’t address the subject without repeating the name of his foreign partner three times (“Russia, Russia, Russia”), as if he were attempting to summon his demon master, Vladimir Putin, in the manner popularized by Beetlejuice.

In the midst of his surly sermonizing, Trump took a short detour to whine about the New York Times and the Washington Post receiving Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting on Trump’s unsavory associations with Russia (video below). This isn’t the first time he’s focused his fixation on this subject. In fact, he has been ranting about it for more than a year.

SEE (October 3, 2021): Trump Whines to Pulitzer Board that Awards for Russian Collusion Stories Should Be Rescinded

During his harangue, Trump announced that he would be filing a lawsuit against the Pulitzer board within the next two weeks. Which is precisely same amount time that he promises everything from healthcare plans to border walls to infrastructure bills. he yammered that…

“They gave out the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Russia hoax. For reporting on Russia, Russia, Russia. So you have reporters from the Washington Post and the New York times get Pulitzer Prizes, and they reported the exact wrong thing. So within the next two weeks, we’re suing the Pulitzer organization to have those prizes taken back. We’ll be doing that over the next two weeks. I think it’s a very good lawsuit, but we’ll see.”

Apparently dotard Trump has forgotten his previous threats to sue the Pulitzers over this. Including this threat just three months ago. He has also forgotten – or failed to understand – the response by the Pulitzer board, who detailed their exhaustive process for reviewing and validating their awards. The board explicitly addressed Trump’s complaint, then dismissed it because two separate reviews found that…

“…no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.“

For the record, there is abundant evidence of the Trump campaign’s numerous unsavory connections to Russia. Much of it is catalogued in the book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, by Michael Isikoff and David Corn.

What’s more, the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that Trump and his campaign “welcomed and encouraged” Russian interference, and that there was sufficient evidence to indict Trump. Even Putin admitted, with Trump standing next to him, that he wanted Trump to win and had helped him do so.

However, Trump added a new wrinkle to his whining this time. He was not only incensed that the Pulitzer board gave awards to the Times and the Post, he was also furious that his friends at Fox News weren’t honored instead:

“Think of it. They got the Pulitzer Prize for wrong reporting. But other people should have gotten the Pulitzer Prize because, frankly, they got it right for years. And they don’t do Pulitzer Prizes for guys like Sean Hannity, but they should, by a different name. And Tucker Carlson, and Jeanine Pirro, and Laura [Ingraham], and so many different people. But they don’t get anything.”

So Trump thinks that people like Hannity and Carlson and Ingraham should get awards (by a different name?) for their ass-kissing lies and propaganda. And he is determined to right this imaginary wrong by suing the Pulitzer board:

“Remember this… By allowing these people that got Russia, Russia, Russia wrong, they’re actually libeling me because they’re saying they got it right and it turned out to be a hoax. And everybody now has admitted that it was hoax. Even the Times, and even the Washington Post, they said it’s a hoax. So if it’s a hoax then let them give the Pulitzer Prizes back, or take them back. They shouldn’t be allowed to keep them.”

Reality check: Neither the Times nor the Post ever “admitted” that their reporting on Trump and Russia was a hoax. In fact, investigations by U.S. intelligence agencies, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and even the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee, found that Russia had an extensive program aimed at disseminating disinformation intended to benefit Trump and to harm Hillary Clinton. And the Trump campaign was well aware of Russia’s efforts, and encouraged and exploited them.

So we’ll see in two weeks if Trump finally gets around to carrying out this old threat to sue the Pulitzers. But if it’s anything like his past lawsuits, he’s just going to wind up humiliating himself even more.

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Fox News Totally Ignores Story About Ginni Thomas Texting QAnon Nuttery to Mark Meadows

The Fruitcake Faction of Donald Trump’s Republican Party (which is most of it these days) continues to venture ever further over the edge of sanity. On Thursday the Washington Post and CBS News released a series of text messages exchanged between Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Trump’s then-Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. The content of these messages is profoundly disturbing and evidence of severe mental rot.

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Fox News, QAnon Logo

Ginni Thomas has long been an ultra-conservative activist. But these text messages make it clear that she has crawled much farther out on the QAnon limb than previously thought. This is critically important because her husband is a sitting justice on the Supreme Court and in a position to rule on election related matters.

Despite the obvious risk of undue political influence and bias, Fox News has not mentioned any of it in their reporting on Friday. They did manage to report on a hysterically bogus lawsuit filed by Trump against Hillary Clinton and some forty-plus others. And they are still beating the Hunter Biden story that is wholly bereft of any factual basis. And they have plenty of time to malign President Biden while he is overseas in support of Ukraine against Trump’s BFF Vladimir Putin. But covering the wife of a Supreme Court Justice who is up to her eyebrows in seditionist coup plotting is too much to ask of Fox News.

So for the record, what follows are the some of text messages that Thomas and Meadows wrote one another:

Thomas: Help This Great President stand firm, Mark!!!…You are the leader, with him, who is standing for America’s constitutional governance at the precipice. The majority knows Biden and the Left is attempting the greatest Heist of our History.

Meadows: This is a fight of good versus evil. Evil always looks like the victor until the King of Kings triumphs. Do not grow weary in well doing. The fight continues. I have staked my career on it. Well at least my time in DC on it.”

Thomas: Thank you!! Needed that! This plus a conversation with my best friend just now… I will try to keep holding on. America is worth it!

Thomas: Watermarked ballots in over 12 states have been part of a huge Trump & military white hat sting operation in 12 key battleground states.

Thomas: Biden crime family & ballot fraud co-conspirators (elected officials, bureaucrats, social media censorship mongers, fake stream media reporters, etc) are being arrested & detained for ballot fraud right now & over coming days, & will be living in barges off GITMO to face military tribunals for sedition.

Thomas: Do not concede. It takes time for the army who is gathering for his back.

Thomas: Mark, I wanted to text you and tell you for days you are in my prayers!! Help This Great President stand firm” and invoking “the greatest Heist of our History. Listen to Rush. Mark Steyn, Bongino, Cleta.

Meadows: I will stand firm. We will fight until there is no fight left. Our country is too precious to give up on. Thanks for all you do.

Thomas: House and Senate guys are pathetic too… only 4 GOP House members seen out in street rallies with grassroots… Gohmert, Jordan, Gosar, and Roy.

Thomas: Sounds like Sidney [Powell] and her team are getting inundated with evidence of fraud. Make a plan. Release the Kraken and save us from the left taking America down.

Thomas: We are living through what feels like the end of America. […] Amazing times. The end of Liberty.

None of that is considered to be newsworthy by Fox “News.” They just don’t think their dimwitted audience of Trump cultists need to know that the wife of a Supreme Court justice was discussing overthrowing American democracy with Trump’s Chief of Staff. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. That’s just how they keep their viewers mired in ignorance and eager to sign on to whatever idiocy Trump is disgorging.

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Tucker Carlson Throws a Paranoid Fit Over the WaPo Exposé on the January 6th Insurrection

Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, has been slipping deeper into a psychotic swamp of conspiracy crackpottery in recent weeks. He has affirmed his total indoctrination into the cult of Donald Trump by subscribing to the lies that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen,” that immigrants are plotting to take over America, and that the COVID pandemic was a hoax.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson

Most recently Carlson has gotten on board with Trump’s disinformation about the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. He even produced a crock documentary advancing the ludicrous theory that the storming of the Capitol was a “false flag”operation orchestrated by the “Deep State.” Carlson released a trailer for his “Patriot Purge” propaganda this week (or as CNN’s Jim Acosta calls it, “Proud Boy Porn”) that is rife with blatant lies and purposefully incendiary rhetoric intended to incite further violence.

However, on Monday Carlson demonstrated that he is also suffering from an acute case of narcissistic paranoia. He appeared on Fox and Friends to promote his crockumentary with fellow Fox wingnut, Brian Kilmeade. Carlson began with an inadvertently truthful statement that “The intentional creation of a dishonest explanation for that day began within hours.” Indeed, that’s precisely what Carlson and the rest of his Fox News comrades did. Then, getting to the meat of his lunacy, he declared that “There was no evidence it was an organized insurrection, an attempt to overcome the U.S. government.”

Never mind that the organized assault on the government was all televised live. And forget that on January 6th Trump was still president in charge of the Justice Department and the FBI that Carlson says is guilty of infiltrating the ranks of his own rioting supporters. And for additional confirmation that it was the result of a carefully planned coup attempt, the Washington Post published an in depth investigation into what happened on January 6th, and the clandestine activities of Trump and his co-conspirators that led up to it.

In response to the Washington Post article, Carlson expressed his utterly delusional belief that it was a reaction to the trailer for his video fictionalization of the Capitol riots. In this abridged transcript of his exchange with Kilemeade (full video below) he asserted that…

Carlson: Several months ago, we sent a group of reporters out to really forensically dig into this. What happened? What are the facts of that day? […] The Washington Post put 75 reporters – 75 reporters – on a rebuttal piece to our documentary, which they hadn’t seen.” […]

Kilmeade: Tucker, as you point out too, the FBI will infiltrate groups whether it’s the mob or Al Qaeda and they’ll try to be one of them and unwind the plot before it takes place. Do you think maybe, perhaps, and maybe you don’t want to give away your series, you find indications that the FBI was actually pushing for this invasion?
Carlson: There were people working for the FBI in the crowd that day. We said that months ago on our nighttime show, hysteria ensued, it turns out to be true. […] The Washington Post spent 75 reporters time rebutting a trailer tells you they don’t want you to know what actually happened. They’re hysterical

Carlson did accuse the FBI of “orchestrating” the violence against Congress months ago. It was just as crazy and unfounded then, as it is now. But he goes even further down the rabid hole with his bizarre claim that the Washington Post’s article was a rebuttal to his pro-domestic terrorism video. The truth is that The Post was working on their story for months before Carlson even contemplated his project. How Carlson can suggest with his confused and constipated smirk that The Post had him in mind when researching and writing their elaborate exposé is laughable. It’s evidence of how profoundly disturbed, self-obsessed, and racked with irrational fear of persecution Carlson is. Does that remind you of anyone?

Speaking of Donald Trump, he had his own reaction to The Post’s article, which they would only publish a portion of, saying that it was…

“…a lengthy written response that included a series of unrelated, inflammatory claims that The Post is not publishing in full. […] He disputed The Post’s investigation as ‘fake news’ and falsely cast people who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 as ‘agitators not associated with President Trump.’ The statement repeated Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was rigged.”

So Trump couldn’t control his Liar’s Tourette’s Syndrome and The Post justifiably condensed it. But Trump did manage to express his tediously familiar, anti-constitutional view that “there is no greater threat to America than leftist journalists and the Fake News.” Because he can’t open his mouth without that canard coming out. And he confirmed that he and Carlson are both suffering from the same sort of neuroses. Apparently it’s going around in Trump World.

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Trump Whines to Pulitzer Board that Awards for Russian Collusion Stories Should Be Rescinded

The former Crybaby-in-Chief, Donald Trump, is resuming his role as, in his own words, the most fabulous whiner, with a new letter that he sent to the board of the Pulitzer organization at Columbia University.

Donald Trump

Trump had his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban), post a tweet that contained the contents of the letter. It was obviously composed by someone whose communications skills exceeded Trump’s third-grade level vocabulary. But that doesn’t mean that it made any sense or wasn’t riddled with lies. The letter began with an impotent demand by Trump:

“I call on the Pulitzer Prize Board to immediately rescind the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting awarded to the staffs of The New York Times and The Washington Post, which was based on false reporting of a non-existent link between the Kremlin and the Trump Campaign. As has been widely publicized, the coverage was no more than a politically motivated farce which attempted to spin a false narrative that my campaign supposedly colluded with Russia despite a complete lack of evidence underpinning this allegation. […] Specifically, the prize was awarded for a series of articles centered around the now-debunked Russia collusion conspiracy theory.”

Needless to say, the articles published by the New York Times and the Washington Post were not based on false reporting. They were well documented and carefully sourced. It is Trump’s assertions that were “a politically motivated farce” and an “attempt to spin a false narrative.” There is abundant evidence of the Trump campaign’s numerous unsavory connections to Russia. Much of it is catalogued in the book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, by Michael Isikoff and David Corn.

Trump is trying to relitigate this old issue because of a recent indictment handed down by special counsel, John Durham, who was appointed by Trump’s flunky Attorney General, Bill Barr. However, Durham’s case has nothing to do with the charges of collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign. The indictment only claims that a lawyer who had ties to Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI in a separate matter, and even that charge is so weak that it will likely fail if it is ever brought to court. That, however, didn’t stop Trump from writing in his letter that…

“It has since been confirmed that the allegations were false and I have been exonerated of these charges. Most recently, John Durham’s indictment of former cybersecurity attorney and Hillary Clinton Campaign attorney, Michael Sussman, serves as a damning repudiation of the media’s obsession with the collusion story.”

None of that is true. It has not been confirmed that the allegations against him were false. Nor has he ever been exonerated. In fact, Special Counsel Robert Mueller explicitly wrote in his final report that it was not an exoneration of Trump. And there is no “damning repudiation” in Durham’s indictment. It doesn’t even allege that anything Sussman did wasn’t truthful, only that he allegedly failed to disclose that his law firm represented Clinton. And even that is disputed. Trump’s letter closed saying that…

“Ultimately, my hope is that the recipients of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, The New York Times and The Washington Post, will voluntarily surrender this award in light of recent revelations. However, should they fail to do so, I would expect that you will take the necessary steps to rectify the situation, including stripping the recipients of their prize and retracting the false statements which remain on the Pulitzer website. Without holding the recipients to such a high standard of accountability, the integrity of the Pulitzer Prize namesake stands to be wholly compromised.”

There is no one who is less credible than Donald Trump in maligning the integrity of the Pulitzers, or anyone else. He is famously notorious for having told more than 30,000 lies during his single term occupying the White House. (See Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth: The President’s Falsehoods, Misleading Claims and Flat-Out Lies by The Washington Post Fact Checker Staff). And if Trump is planning on holding his breath until the Pulitzer Board strips the awards from the Times and the Post, he had better have a ventilator and a nurse nearby to resuscitate him when it doesn’t happen.

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UH-OH: Trump Mauls His Slobbering Lapdog Lindsey Graham in a Barking ‘Big Lie’ Blowup

The stench of desperation is wafting through Mar-a-Lago as Donald Trump slides deeper into the sewer of his own lies and psychoses. Even as the news breaks that he knew early on that there were no significant irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, he is continuing to disgorge increasingly bizarre and repeatedly debunked claims of fraud.

Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham

On Thursday morning Trump released another statement via his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). Like most of his Twitter tantrums (twantrums?), this one was drenched with malice toward whoever he presently deemed worthy of his persecution and punishment. But this time the punishee was among his most loyal and shameless sycophants, Lindsey Graham.

Trump got wind of some of the excerpts from the new book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. He surely didn’t read it, but the press has been quoting some of the more scandalous passages. One of them involved an account of how Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee reacted to to Trump’s obsession with having lost the election to Joe Biden. As reported by the Washington Post…

“The book, ‘Peril,’ describes parallel efforts by the South Carolina Republican [Graham] and his conservative colleague from Utah, Sen. Mike Lee, to personally investigate the president’s claims of voter fraud as the lawmakers prepared to certify Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6.

Graham and Lee, both of whom ultimately voted to certify the results, took the claims of election fraud seriously enough to get briefed on the details, involve their senior staff and call state officials throughout the country. But privately, Graham gave the arguments a withering assessment, according to the book, saying they were suitable for ‘third grade.'”

And that was all it took to trigger Trump’s tempestuous wrath. This isn’t even an issue with Graham speaking out of turn on Fox News. It’s an account from a book that Trump hasn’t read, but would ordinarily dismiss as “fake” news. The tediously long tirade he released rebutting this was rife with seething animosity toward Graham, despite the Senator’s wretched record of Trump-fluffing fealty to the Former Guy:

“I spent virtually no time with Senators Mike Lee of Utah, or Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, talking about the 2020 Presidential Election Scam or, as it is viewed by many, the ‘Crime of the Century.’ Lindsey and Mike should be ashamed of themselves for not putting up the fight necessary to win. […]

“Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, and all of the other Republicans who were unwilling to fight for the Presidency … are letting the Democrats get away with the greatest Election Hoax in history—a total con job! […] They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Most of the rest of Trump’s harangue was dedicated to his “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. He insists that the evidence of fraud is “staggering” (a word that he also used in another tweet Monday) despite the inability of him or his legal flunkies (whose licenses are being suspended) being able to provide any of it in more than 60 court cases that they lost. Nevertheless, Trump whines…

“Look at the facts that are coming out in AZ, GA, MI, PA, WI, and other States. If this were Schumer and the Democrats, with the evidence we have of Election Fraud (especially newly revealed evidence), they would have never voted to approve Biden as President. […]

“We are losing our Country! The Democrats are vicious and fight like hell, and the Republicans do nothing about it. RINOs fight harder against Republicans than they do against Democrats. […] The evidence on determinative and wide-ranging Election Fraud is staggering. Your Republican Presidential candidate won in a landslide, but has so little backing from Republican ‘leadership.'”

Trump also complained about the Republicans being politically negligent, asking “Why don’t they have hearings [where] we would all hear the irrefutable facts!” Who wants to tell him that in Congress the minority party doesn’t control the hearings schedule? However, nothing is stopping him from holding a press conference or a MyPillow-style symposium to make the “irrefutable facts” public. He could even produce his “staggering” evidence at one of his cult rallies. So is Trump just another RINO failing to expose the Democrats who “are destroying our Country”?

Trump’s assault on Graham marks another milestone in his mental meltdown. After all, Graham is the guy who insisted that “the Republican Party can’t grow” without Trump. He also said that he wants to “harness the magic” of Trump’s “movement,” while ignoring his “dark side.” And he has pledged to go to war for the principles Chick fil-A stands for.” But even all of that isn’t worshipful enough for Trump. And his dimwitted devotees still haven’t figured that out.

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LISTEN: Trump Threatens Georgia Officials For Not Helping Him Subvert the Election

If anyone is still looking for a smoking gun to implicate Donald Trump in a criminal act, Trump himself just fired it. Shooting off his big mouth again, Trump openly pressured Georgia’s Secretary of State to alter the the election results in order to make Trump the victor. And it’s all been captured on tape.

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Donald Trump, Impeach

The Washington Post broke this story with the release of excerpts from an hour long phone call between Trump and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Trump is heard explicitly pressuring Raffensperger and even threatening to charge him with criminal acts if he doesn’t comply with Trump’s flagrantly unlawful demands:

“You know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a criminal offense. And you can’t let that happen. That’s a big risk to you and to Ryan [Germany], your lawyer. That’s a big risk.

“They are shredding ballots in my opinion, based on what I’ve heard. And they are removing machinery, and they’re moving it as fast as they can. Both of which are criminal finds. And you can’t let it happen, and you are letting it happen. You know, I’m notifying you that you’re letting it happen.”

So Trump was officially giving notice to these Georgia officials that he intends to hold them criminally liable for the fake offenses he is accusing them of. That notice was clearly meant to scare them into submission. And by his own admission, his demands to overturn the election were based entirely on “rumors” and “what I’ve heard.” He still has no actual evidence, which is why he already lost about 60 lawsuits alleging election fraud.

It’s a desperate act by a desperate man who knows that when he leaves the White House he will be the one liable for an array of criminal and civil violations of the law. It’s literally driving Trump crazy (or crazier) than he’s ever been. And it exposes him to even more legal peril than he was in prior to this bizarre incident.

But that’s not the only act of desperation by Trump this weekend. On Saturday he dispatched his loyal but incompetent trade advisor, Peter Navarro, to Fox News to assert a blatantly unconstitutional “right” to delay Joe Biden’s inauguration. And Fox’s “Judge” Jeanine Pirro happily embraced the ludicrous notion.

The Trump tape (full hour and transcript here) also contained a familiar tactic used by Trump to twist the arms of his victims. He told Raffensperger that “All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.” That’s the preamble to his “quid pro quo” that culminated with the threats above.

That’s exactly the same thing he tried on President Zelensky of Ukraine, which got him impeached. And it isn’t too late to impeach him again. Even if he’s out of office when the impeachment is conducted, It’s useful to establish the illegality of his behavior and to prohibit him from holding office in the future. It is also necessary as an attempt to deter him from committing more crimes in the few weeks he is still president. Lord knows what he’s capable of at this point, and in this deranged state of mind.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Studies Prove that Watching Fox News Increases Coronavirus Fatalities

Media scholars and neutral observers almost universally agree that Fox News has been a source of flagrantly biased right-wing propaganda from the day it began broadcasting. It’s founders – an arch-conservative, foreign-born, media baron (Rupert Murdoch), and an ultra-rightist Republican campaign operative (Roger Ailes) – intended that political prejudice to be its primary mission when they launched the network.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Coronavirus

However, the presence of Fox News in a splintered media environment has had a more disastrous impact on the nation than anyone could have predicted. Amidst the spread of the deadly COVID -19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Fox News became the central point of infection to spread disinformation and deliberate lies that can now be shown to have directly contributed to the nation’s tragically high fatality rate. Along with Donald Trump’s negligence, incompetence, and purposeful malfeasance, Fox News deceived dimwitted Americans into volunteering the lives of themselves, their families, and their communities, in the service of partisan political power and the ego of a malignantly narcissistic president.

The Washington Post is reporting that – not one, not two – but three recent studies confirm the role that Fox News played in exacerbating the harm of the coronavirus. [NOTE: the first of these studies was reported here on News Corpse in April, revealing that higher rates of coronavirus deaths could be linked to watching Sean Hannity] Fox News, along with other right-wing media (i.e. Rush Limbaugh, OANN, Breitbart, etc.) distorted and/or invented narratives that downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic. They portrayed it as equivalent to the common flu and mocked health experts who advised cautionary behavior such as social distancing and wearing face masks. According to the Post:

There are many reasons our response to the pandemic tied to more than 120,000 U.S. deaths has faltered, experts say, including the lack of a cohesive federal policy, missteps on testing and tracing, and a national culture emphasizing individualism.

In recent weeks, three studies have focused on conservative media’s role in fostering confusion about the seriousness of the coronavirus. Taken together, they paint a picture of a media ecosystem that amplifies misinformation, entertains conspiracy theories and discourages audiences from taking concrete steps to protect themselves and others.

The end result, according to one of the studies, is that infection and mortality rates are higher in places where one pundit who initially downplayed the severity of the pandemic — Fox News’s Sean Hannity — reaches the largest audiences.

In other words, watching Fox News actually amplifies the mortality rate of an already deadly disease. Their viewers were deceived into believing that the virus wasn’t anything to worry about, and that they could conduct their lives as usual with no added risk. That was recklessly untrue. The Post continued pointing out the lethal mythology that Fox News disseminated:

Administering a nationally representative phone survey with 1,008 respondents, they found that people who got most of their information from mainstream print and broadcast outlets tended to have an accurate assessment of the severity of the pandemic and their risks of infection. But those who relied on conservative sources, such as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, were more likely to believe in conspiracy theories or unfounded rumors, such as the belief that taking vitamin C could prevent infection, that the Chinese government had created the virus, and that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exaggerated the pandemic’s threat “to damage the Trump presidency.”

It is no coincidence that all of those conspiracy theories match up precisely with what Trump himself has been saying. Fox News is, after all, his State TV Ministry of Disinformation. And between the two they are unambiguously responsible for deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. But even worse, they are both continuing to spew the same falsehoods that have already proven to be so deadly.

Thankfully, most of the American people do not watch Fox News and will resist the lies that are being told by Trump and his media shills. And hopefully, the majority of us will engage in responsible, cautious, and healthy behavior. Unfortunately, the deluded Foxies and Trump cultists can’t be counted on to take the simple precautions that save lives.. So it would be wise for the rest of us to socially distance from anyone who watches Fox News or attends Trump rallies. For your own sake, and that of your loved ones.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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