Trump Flunky Lewandowski Admits Lying to the Media, AKA the American People

On Tuesday the House Judiciary Committee tried to get former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to respond a few questions about his interactions with Donald Trump. It predictably descended into a chaotic spectacle of deflection, lies, and bogus claims of “privilege” in order to avoid providing honest answers to simple questions. Lewandowski demonstrated a keen ability to parrot the obnoxious rhetorical patter of Trump as he showed complete disrespect for the truth.

Corey Lewandowski

In his testimony, Lewandowski repeatedly tried to claim that he could simply refuse to answer questions because Trump asked him not to. That has no basis in the law or reason. In fact, it is brazen contempt of Congress, which members of the Committee are reviewing to determine whether or not to press charges. Lewandowski also implicated himself and Trump in a conspiracy to obstruct justice by putting pressure on then-Attorney General Jeff sessions to drop or otherwise hamstring the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

However, the most striking remarks by Lewandowski came when he was asked by the Committee’s legal counsel, Barry Berke, about comments he made on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber. Lewandowski told Melbar that he had no conversations with Mueller regarding Trump’s efforts to interfere with the investigation. But, as Berke got Lewandowski to admit, that was not true. Then, in his defense, Lewandowski said that “I have no obligation to be honest with the media.”

Let that sink in. A top associate of the President of the United States admitted before Congress, and on national TV, that he lies to the press. Of course, we all know that Trump lies shamelessly nearly every time he opens his mouth. And his official spokespersons openly admit that they employ “alternative facts” to avoid telling the truth. But this admission is particularly galling because it was said with pride as if it were a virtue.

What the American people need to remember is that lying to the media is actually lying to them. No one tells anything to the press because they want the press to know it. They talk to the press in order to relay their comments to the public. So when Lewandowski says that he has “no obligation to be honest with the media,” he really saying that has no obligation to be honest with the American people. And that is also the established doctrine of the Trump administration.

Lewandowski proved that he couldn’t care less about lying to the public when he appeared on CNN the day after his congressional hearing. Why CNN even bothered to interview someone who brags that he will lie to them is troubling in itself. But Lewandowski was, ironically, true to his word by lying flagrantly throughout what turned into a mud-slinging shoutdown by Lewandowski (video below). Among the glaring untruths were his contention that the Mueller Report concluded that there was “no collusion, no obstruction” by Trump. That was contracted by Mueller himself when he testified before Congress. Also, Lewandowski was forced to admit that he had never even read the Mueller report. He also lied about whether the report he hadn’t bothered to read contained ten documented instances of Trump obstructing justice.

The media really needs to show better judgement when booking guests. They should not be helping admitted liars gain a national platform to propagate their lies. That is a disservice to their audience and it stains the reputation of the press. People like Lewandowski, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, amd Kellyanne Conway should be confined to Fox News where their their lies are appreciated and disseminated to glassy-eyed Deplorables who consume lies like candy. And that may also apply to the biggest liar of all, Donald Trump.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Flunky Lewandowski Admits Lying to the Media, AKA the American People

  1. ‘Lewandowski repeatedly tried to claim that he could simply refuse to answer questions because Trump asked him not to. That has no basis in the law or reason.’
    Me: Ok folks — this shit has got to stop! WTF?!! That pathetic, lying criminal & waste of space, Trump-thuggery & every single person who has ignored subpoenas, refused to provide documents requested, or to answer legit questions asked of them by Congress in the course of doing its job, should be charged with obstruction, brought before the court & told to do what Congress is asking, or throw their butts in jail! Period. All of them. They are all obstructing Congress & any attrmpt at justice, by refusing to cooperate in any way with a legal body who has the right to ask the questions & hold these hearings! Trump telling everyone to refuse to answer, lie to cover his big flabby ass, etc., is telling them to violate the law & Constitution. (Isn’t it illegal to tell others to violate the law?) Congress calls you in to answer their questions during a formal Inquiry, it isn’t a friggin’ invite to a tea party, where one can just say, “No thanks. Rather not.” We wouldn’t dare ignore a subpoena from court, or simply refuse to show up. When body of legal jurisdiction says to do something, we have to do it, or there are ugly consequences! The same damn thing should apply to all these people NOT testifying before Congress when told to do so. This whole dam charade is beyond ridiculous & we have a president who claims he can’t be indicted while in office, yet there is a ton of proof that he & his cohorts broke laws aplenty. An AG who is also a fat lying skank & is working against our country & instead, acting as if he works for Trump, personally. So, in effect, we have NO Attorney General, but WE are paying him to NOT do his job! To him I say, “Quit, or we’ll impeach you!” Trump can hire him with his own money to be his lying lawyer, but we need an AG & we don’t have one. Trump MAY BE above the law & so it seems – but all these other shmucks ARE NOT! They do not have any legal right to refuse to answer questions cuz’ Trump told them not to. Some other guys who lied for Trump are sitting in prison – how quickly Trump turned on them! His loyalty demands are 1-way only. He’s guilty as sin & knows it!
    Mueller investigation asked & people (mostly) answered questions. Why not same respect shown to Congress? Both have legal right to investigate on our behalf.
    Clinton was impeached over a blow job, for cryin’ out loud! Does anyone think that any of this bullshit would be allowed & perpetuated if Democrat President had done ANY OF THE SHIT TRUMP HAS DONE??!! “Hell no!”
    Trump & McConnell, et al, have done nothing but obstruct everything that our government should be doing. And nothing can be done about it? Really?!?
    This whole damn thing is a travesty of justice! Authoritarian Rule has already begun in the USA & this is only 1 example of it. We don’t have democracy anymore & Constitution is being shredded!
    “Stand up, or shut up, Congress & American people!” (That includes all you pu**y-whipped Republicans!)

    Lewandowski’s other memorable quote:
    “… have no obligation to be honest with the media.” Yep ~ just another lying asshole, lying to the American public & thinking that’s just fine. Following his lying prez who’s a bigger asshole cuz’ he lies to us all everytime he opens his mouth! 12,000+ lies so far! (“Alternative facts” are just lies too)
    Media us very complicit in the demise of democracy & America, as we’ve known it – but there’s plenty of blame to go around, since none with power, who should do/say something are doing a damn thing about any of it! Shame on all of you. And, don’t bother with excuses for it later cuz’ no one wants to hear them!
    History will bear witness to the end of democracy & the “once great leader”, USA. And it WILL name names! Your children & grandchildren will be so ashamed of you!
    Future generations will be ashamed of you most of all, “Little Donnie Trump”!! Your family name will be like that of Hitler, Stalin & Bonaparte! Shame & blame is yours. Enjoy.

  2. Well then, we have NO obligation to be nice or polite, to that anti-American, anti-patriotic s*itstain, corey.

    • I don’t know a polite way to tell him to, “Go to hell & take a few friends with you!” — “But not ’til after you share a cell with Big Bubba.”
      (If I add a “please” on it, does that make it polite? LOL Yeah, didn’t think so. )

  3. Too bad you know crap…cause that is what this is!!! Another hater and liar that must call everyone names… and do you kiss your mom with that fility mouth? We all know 4 more years of Trump. Thank the lord!….but you probably dont belive in god…too bad moron!!!

    • Another hater and liar that must call everyone names… and do you kiss your mom with that fility mouth? We all know 4 more years of Trump. Thank the lord!….but you probably dont belive in god…too bad moron!!!

      Who then promptly does so, while demonstrating a total lack of English skills. Amazing how Tyrant Worshipers demonstrate their utter stupidity every time they post…..

      Mark, have fun smashing this twerp….

    • Wow! Are you related to Lewandowski perhaps? Cuz’ you sure took things a bit too personal. And apparently can’t tell crap from truth either, if you call what was said here “crap”. It sure isn’t. But, to each his own, eh?
      It’s a shame that our country has become so politically polarized that people cannot have civil debate or discussion with those having different POV. Some of us can still argue a point w/o spitting venom & hating the person with opposing opinion — “polite discourse” is what my mother used to call it. I like to find out WHY people think what they do & share info — oftentimes 1, or both, persons have access to info that the other 1 didn’t. These days, so much crap is happening on daily basis that it’s a full time gig trying to keep up to date with multiple news sources!
      EZ to miss something.
      What’s sad & a waste is trying to discuss current events with Fox Faux News viewer! They ONLY get news from Faux News – no other sources, it seems & don’t read anything else either?!
      Fox admits that they offer “filtered” news — thru their “opinions & views of the day’s news”, as told by various newscasters & shows. Claim it’s more “entertaining” than straight-up “just facts” news & that is what their viewers want. Entertainment version. I guess so. Easier than having to think about all the bummer news — Fox tells ’em only a few things & what to think about it, all at same time. “Pre-digested news” — told by people who think same as you do. It’s only bad when viewers believe they’re getting the whole story & all the facts.

      Oh! I’m sorry ~ you may be 1 of those Fox Faux News viewers, huh! ? Whoops!

  4. And, BTW Mr. Stafford:
    My mother is dead, so no, I don’t kiss her with this mouth. But I used . Since my mouth speaks the words that are true, wasn’t a problem.

    You are wrong about so many things, almost hate to correct you, but you’re prob’ly used to it anyway… You are dead wrong in your assumption that I don’t even believe in God. You couldn’t be further from the truth on that one! I am very much a Christian, who Loves my Lord & Savior Jesus more than anything this world has to offer! I am a free-thinking Christian, not a follower of any 1 religion, but a true follower of Christ Jesus. I am not perfect, but then, no one is. I may use “bad words” when I get really upset about something, but I don’t blaspheme. Even Jesus got very angry when he saw money-changers in the Temple, cheating people in the House of God – and He let them know He was angry about it!
    I’m not perfect, am a “work in progress”. I do NOT lie, cheat, steal or covet. Been with my husband for 40yrs (long years). I’m a compassionate, kind & truthful person, who spends her money bringing food & Love to a bunch of homeless dogs?, plus rescuing the kittens that God sends my way, altho am allergic to cats. (w/daily Benadryls)
    I pray daily, often more than once, and I’ll even pray for you tonite.
    Do don’t think you know me. You don’t! And don’t judge me as less than yourself. I’m not! The liar, the hater, con artist, who’s racist, greedy & a tax cheat, who is doing terrible things to the least able to fight back (all that based on factual evidence), & the 1 who loves himself so much that he has called himself, “The Chosen One”…. That man is a dangerous tool of the devil, not a man of God. So yeah, he brings out my anger & ugliest words. Wish he didn’t. But don’t be fooled by him – he IS doing the devil’s work.
    Save your condemnation for he who deserves it! Not me, please.
    You can’t judge who is Christ Loving person from far away, or from any 1 thing. Ok?
    God Be With You & Keep You Safe From Harm…??

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