Trump Tweets Yet Another Racist Lie About a Democratic Woman of Color, Rep. Ilhan Omar

This is getting beyond tiresome. The bottomless well of Donald Trump’s bigotry continues to produce flagrantly racist bile that proves unarguably his repulsive lack of decency. There has never been a president more devoted to hatred than the one currently occupying the White House. And the American people are justifiably nauseated by his rancid prejudice.

Donald Trump, MAGA

On Wednesday morning Trump retweeted an abhorrent message from one of his loyal cult followers. Terrence K. Williams fancies himself an aspiring comedian, but like most ultra-conservatives who lash out at the underprivileged, he’s just revealing how disgustingly mean-spirited his brand of “humor” is. The tweet he posted falsely asserted that Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American who represents the 5th district of Minnesota, was allegedly caught on video in a celebratory dance on the anniversary of 9/11.

Rep. Omar herself made the correction to Trump’s lies in her own tweet that took note of the fact that such lies are putting her life, and the lives of others, in danger. (Media Matters captured a screen grab of the offensive tweet). As you may notice, the tweet that Trump referenced was deleted. That’s because it was later revealed that the video of Omar was actually from a Congressional Black Caucus event that took place on September 13.

Trump’s tweet remains on his Twitter feed as some sort of monument to his poisonous point of view. And he actually thinks this disgusting outburst will benefit his Republican Nationalist Party in the election next year. Likewise, Fox News covered this story without ever saying conclusively that the the original tweet and video were completely false representations of what occurred. Their headline says only that “Trump, Omar clash over video of ‘Squad’ member dancing.” But this wasn’t a “clash” which implies a difference of opinion. This was an outright lie that was so obvious even the original poster took it down.

Trump has promoted the tweets of Williams before. The last time it was a tweet that accused Hillary Clinton of murder. It regurgitated the conspiracy theory that there is a “Clinton Body Count” and that now Trump’s pal and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, was the latest victim. The video in that tweet was also removed from Twitter, while Trump’s retweet is still there.

You have to wonder how much more of this can occur before some of Trump’s cult followers begin to see that he is advancing the cause of white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Or perhaps they don’t mind because they all agree. You can’t keep dismissing the fact that Trump repeatedly spews hateful bigotry unless you’re fully on board. The fact that Trump hasn’t just done this once or twice by “mistake” should make it clear that he is exactly what he seems to be: a vile, bigot who is exploiting hatred to inflame his dimwitted, glassy-eyed disciples. Hopefully this will come to an end before too many others are hurt.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Tweets Yet Another Racist Lie About a Democratic Woman of Color, Rep. Ilhan Omar

  1. Thought you could use a laugh if you haven’t seen this yet, Mark:

    Fox Host: “Conservative media is basically saving this country”

    Jesse Watters: Conservative media is basically saving this country. They are doing God’s work. They are fact checking The New York Times, CNN, they’re constantly poking holes. It’s exhausting.

    Holy freaking crap. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, every word of that screed is a lie, including “and” and “the.”

    • Conservative media is NOT doing God’s Work at all!! God’s Work would never, ever include Lies!
      They are doing the devil’s work & if they’ve even got minimal knowledge of the God they claim to worship & The Holy Bible, then they know darn well that lying is NOT of God. Not ever.
      The devil, on the other hand, is “the father of all lies” & is the only one who would have anyone lie. The devil also lies to people so they might think they do God’s Work, when it is surely the devil they’re doing the work of whenever they lie! God doesn’t change. He will never have people lie for him. Conservative media (Fox News especially) should check themselves! God would have nothing to do with their lying/lies & considering the flow of lies coming from those who call themselves “conservative media”, they are most certainly doing the devil’s work. None other!
      May God open their eyes to the truth, that they speak with forked tongue, doing devil’s work.
      Their false pride & vanity is also NOT “of God”, & will likely stand in the way of their eyes being opened to the truth any time soon.

      • True, but remember, the Reichwingers and FoxPods worship Their Beloved Tyrant AS a God. Makes more sense now, right?

    • “Poking holes”? Hmmm…
      Like, with devil’s pitchfork?

  2. How about the Trumpenstein body count???????/s

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