The Madness: ‘I’m Donald Trump and I Approve this Message’ that Impeachment is a Coup

For those of you who have been waiting for Donald Trump to finally crack wide open and devolve into madness, that time has come. Sure, there are those who will that say it happened long ago, but now the cracks are rupturing into massive fissures that threaten to swallow the entirety of Trump’s frazzled psyche and, if we’re not careful, the whole nation..

Donald Trump, Constitution

Trump is sweating out the prospect of his impending impeachment with the worst imaginable reactions. If he were smart he’d just resign now. His tweets and public comments reveal someone who has given up on reality in favor of throwing bizarre tantrums and lashing out at his perceived enemies. He has actually warned that criticism of him could lead to civil war. But on Wednesday morning he whined that “the press has gone crazy” because they reported on his unspeakably cruel proposal to shoot migrants and to build a border moat stocked with snakes and alligators. By the way, Fox News confirmed those reports, so they must be crazy too.

Trump also ranted about what he called the “Do Nothing Democrats.” Nevermind that the House has passed more than 200 bills that are being blocked by GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. Trump complained that Democrats were “wasting everyone’s time and energy on BULLSHIT.” And isn’t that a lovely presidential expression of bipartisanship.

Trump’s derangement continued during a press avail wherein he attacked the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, impotently calling for him to resign and recklessly accusing him of treason. This obsession with Schiff stemmed from a brief passage in Schiff’s opening statement at a committee hearing. Trump has been incessantly whimpering that Schiff fraudulently put words in his mouth. But the truth is that Schiff merely paraphrased Trump and said he was doing so in advance. But Trump leaves that part out.

However, the most disturbing recent remarks from Trump concern his allegation that the efforts to impeach him are a coup. That’s a charge that Trump picked up from the wingnut media that has been bellowing this absurdity for several days. But it’s one thing for right-wing propagandists to spew these ludicrous conspiracy theories, and another when it comes straight from the President as it did when he tweeted that “what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP.” And now Trump has included this preposterous nonsense in an official campaign ad:

This video is abhorrent for many reasons. It is filled with lies about Democrats “trying to undo an election.” The video includes a clip of Fox News host Mark Levin making a declarative, and ignorant, statement that Trump broke no laws. Levin asks his Fox colleagues if they can name one. They can’t, but I can: The laws that Trump can be charged with violating right now include extortion, campaign finance, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy against the United States.

The video also falsely alleges that Democrats are “fabricating evidence.” It includes images of mostly women in Congress including Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. And it closes with the abhorrent charge that the Ukraine affair and the whistleblower complaint are “nothing short of a coup.” And remember, this is an official campaign ad that Trump was required to approve.

Apparently Trump has no idea what a coup is. For the record, it’s an illegal, and often violent, overthrow of a government by force. Impeachment, on the other hand, is the constitutional provision for removing a corrupt leader through a defined legal process that requires the bipartisan affirmation of Congress.

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So you have to wonder what Trump is so afraid of. There is a Republican majority in the Senate. It would take twenty of them to join with every Democrat to convict Trump and remove him from office. If Trump is scared – and he obviously is – it suggests that he knows something about what he did that could result in enough Republicans voting against him. And that fear would explain the extreme hysteria he’s displaying by his lies, insults, and paranoid references to coups. Because he knows that soon we will all know the gravity of his crimes. It’s just a matter of time, which he is rapidly running out of.


8 thoughts on “The Madness: ‘I’m Donald Trump and I Approve this Message’ that Impeachment is a Coup

  1. “Apparently Trump has no idea what a coup is. For the record, it’s an illegal, and often violent, overthrow of a government by force. Impeachment, on the other hand, is the constitutional provision for removing a corrupt leader through a defined legal process that requires the bipartisan affirmation of Congress.”

    Excellent point there Marcus…

  2. All the Democrats are doing is gas-lighting it’s pathetic what a corrupt government I hope they all get thrown into Guantanamo Bay

    • So, you want Your Beloved God Tyrant to be thrown into Guantanamo Bay. Whatever you say, although I rather think he’d prefer Sing Sing. After all, it IS in New York….

  3. Trump is the world’s worst leader. Too stupid to know how embarrassing he is for America. Too full of himself to even care. Can’t wait to be rid of the complete moron.

  4. NOPE, WRONG, dump, is NOT a coup. You un-American, clueless a*swipe. NOT at all. That’s something you supporters of his BETTER get.

  5. Impeachment is definitely NOT A COUP! A coup would be must quicker & easier than all the crap of going thru impeachment proceedings…only to have the dishonorable Repubs in Senate put “Trump above Country” yet again. That’s IF Moscow Mitch even allows for full Senate debate & vote on it!? (Doubtful on that!) With 40% of Repubs in Congress deciding not to run for re-election in 2020, you’d think they would leave in noble & honorable way, by speaking out about what Trump’s been doing in & to our country & democracy.
    Looks like I’ll be disappointed yet again by the Party of my father, his father & my brothers too. Alas, not the values of the Conservative Party they used to be! They have traded in any morals, values & patriotism to USA for blindly stupid loyalty to a man hellbent on destroying everything that ever made this country strong & respected. And all the while, he accuses others of doing bad deeds when he’s the 1 doing them! How good a con-man to get folks to believe the lies, over their own eyes?!? The bully & ego-man-iac named Trump, who HATES this Country & our Constitution, despises democracy, loves our facist enemies & degrades American working class people! Oh, he claims to love the USA, but those are just empty words to FOOL his Trump-thumpers – ripping our country in 2 dividing us with his lies & hate-filled talk — turning us against each other!
    Shockingly, his disgusting, filthy con game of “fooling the masses” is working! Can see it at the rallies, where he plays ’em for fools while they chant & cheer for him. So sad! They actually believe his lies & words of hate ~ but ignore his actions & damage he is doing to us & American relations + democracy. How does he do that?!?
    They still think he’s on THEIR side, working hard for THEM, when everything he has done is for HIM & his SUPER wealthy pals — both people & corporations.
    He is friends with America’s enemies & has made our best allies no longer able to trust us. How can anyone see that as good for America? The whole world is worried that Trump may get another 4yrs in office! And why not? He has invited other countries to interfere in our 2020 elections AGAIN! Hell, HE is sabotaging any chance of fair elections, right from the WH & lying about it even when there’s proof! Then he instead, falsely accuses the other side of what he is doing & whines “poor me”, of how everyone else is being mean & unfair to him. It would be funny, if not for the people he’s fooled & the liars going on TV helping him do so.
    He is sprinkling the seeds of violence in his twitter feeds & such, mixed in with his lies about a coup. “Little Donny Poisonseed” & Faux Not-News are poisoning the gullible people who WANT to believe that he’s on THEIR SIDE. He’s using & abusing them, but they don’t see it. He is always on 1 side only ~ HIS OWN! I
    I don’t know if, or how, we can help those people see what the truth is? They aren’t the rich folk getting richer. They’re some of the ones who’ll be hurt by Trump’s massive CUTS in food stamps, Section 8 housing, SSI & Medicare & health care for rest of us, amongst other things. And he will spend about a Billion Dollars of rich donor money + have Russia, Saudis & all others – foreign & domestic – helping fool more voters & purging others from getting to vote at all. Whatever it takes. Illegal, cheating, & lying his ass off about his opponent. In other words, same ol’ stuff as always…so he can continue to profit from presidency while destroying everything that once was America & making us the most hated country in the world!
    There has to be a way to get this thru to his “cult followers” – at least those who can still come back to reality in time. But how can we reach them with TRUTH??
    Any ideas??

  6. Why can’t Trump just have a heart attack from all the awful fast foods he eats?! He is mentally deranged & at times, barely coherent…so, maybe a stroke?
    The whole world would be better off. Sad to say, but it is true!

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