Trump Thanks Congressman for Saying on Fox News that He’s Not Presidential

The closer Congress gets to impeaching Donald Trump, the farther Trump gets from sanity. He has lately taken to boosting himself with absurd conspiracy theories, and brazenly seeking to enrich himself while thumbing his nose at the Constitution, and making bizarre threats to sue the media for – get this – false advertising.

Donald Trump, Presidenty

Trump’s safe spaces are becoming much harder for him to locate and more confined to the corners of his mental bunker. He has had to suck harder than ever on his Fox News pacifier, but even that symbol of solace is leaving a bad taste in his mouth. Unfortunately for Trump, he doesn’t have many other sources of soothful ego stroking left. Breitbart and One America News Network (OANN) just aren’t cutting it. And his Republican colleagues in Congress are beginning to step away from his increasingly cringeworthy behaviors.

Consequently, Trump is forced to find comfort wherever he can. For example, on Saturday morning the forlorn President tweeted his appreciation to Republican congressman Tom McClintock who had just completed an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News (video below). But the brief segment was not all happy news for Trump.

McClintock spent much of the interview complaining that the House impeachment inquiry is unfair. He regurgitated the standard GOP talking points about the process not permitting Republicans the same authorities that Democrats have. Of course it’s routine in Congress for the majority to control the proceedings. What McClintock is asking for is to have the same power as the majority Democrats. When did Republicans ever offer that to Democrats when they were the majority? Even the senior legal analyst at Fox News, Andrew Napolitano, shot down these GOP talking points.

Following that canned opinionating, Cavuto asked McClintock about some of Trump’s recent self- made problems, including Syria, Ukraine, and his G7/Doral debacle. Cavuto characterized these fiascos as “embarrassing, morally repugnant incidents.” And McClintock agreed saying that…

“There’s an old saying that ‘There are many things that might be legal, but still don’t look good on the front page of the newspaper.’ [Trump] is a man who’s never had an un-tweeted thought, and on occasion I think that gets him into a great deal of trouble. I do wish he’d be more careful in his choice of words, more presidential in his bearing, and more sunny in his disposition.”

So this interviewed wrapped up with Trump’s surrogate essentially saying that the President is an inarticulate baboon whose demeanor is a downer. And for that Trumped thanked him on Twitter. At least that was better than Mitt Romney saying that Trump’s Syria policy is “so weak and so inept.” And it’s better than Fox’s Judge Napolitano saying that Trump’s G7/Doral scheme is a “direct and profound violation” of the Constitution. This may be the best Trump can expect for the foreseeable future. In fact, it’s likely to be only downhill from here.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Thanks Congressman for Saying on Fox News that He’s Not Presidential

  1. This is what happens when we elect people – to Congress & White House – who apparently didn’t have to pass exam in Gov’t class to graduate HS. GOP talking points are garbage, but they’re talked anyway. I guess when there’s no truthful talking points to defend your position, or your president, you just have to “use the tools you’ve got.” It must be difficult to defend a moronic criminal in the WH, just cuz’ he’s a fellow member of Rep. Party. I might feel sorry for those party loyalists who set out to defend the indefensible, if not for the fact that the damage Trump is doing to this Country & the world is totally reprehensible & yet members of his party prefer to be good party members over being good, patriotic Americans. I find that to be morally repugnant, as is Trump.
    Trump contaminates every thing he touches – that is evident. He’s a cancer growing & spreading pain & death everywhere he goes.
    He’s contaminated his own party so badly that “Hazmat suits” should be required dress at their next convention!
    I don’t see much difference between today’s Republicans & Hitler’s close group of Nazis pals. No matter what atrocities their almighty leader does, they stand by him & prop him up all the way to the end. I’m sure those Nazis had lame excuses to justify their behavior, same as Rethugs will, someday. A record number of Congressional Rethugs have resigned or are not running for re-election. Guess something to be said about that, but it’s more chicken-shit, than self-respecting. They, no doubt, have lucrative positions awaiting them in private sector, where they can cash-in on their Congress connects. That’s if we even have a democracy left. (Perhaps in name only.) Still, they have nothing to say about all the myriad of horrible things that Trump’s been doing. Why not? Writing a book? Silence IS acquiesscense! It is enabling Trump to continue, ever more brazenly. And he is.
    I grew up with family who were Republicans, but it was not the Party I now see before us.
    “Party before Country” is flat-out UnAmerican! If there were ever a time to put Country 1st – this is it!
    If a person only drives the car in an armed robbery & someone gets killed, that driver was out in car, but is still charged with the same crimes as the shooter & everyone else involved. By the same token, those who refuse to speak out & especially any in Congress who vote against Trump’s impeachment, share in the guilt for the deeds he does while in office. Voters need to remember that! Repub. Party is not the one of my father. And no, Dems would not be doing the same!
    The Party that impeaches a President over a blow job from an intern with a crush on him (really, was his wife’s problem, not ours) & yet, doesn’t think Trump is deserving of impeachment, so votes against…?!!? WTF?!! To Rethugs I say:
    Everyone, take off your blinders & rummage around in your garage – see if you can find your dignity & self-respect ~ prob’ly stuffed away in dank corner with your true patriotism to this Country ~ then, clean it up & use it to do what is absolutely necessary, right now!

    • Sunny, I think you need to start your own blog.
      You often have more to say than I do in my article. 😉

      But thanks for your support and passion for what’s right.

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