HOLY KRAP: Trump Sucks Up to North Korea as They Call for Joe Biden’s Death

We have encountered yet another “Just when you thought Trump had hit rock bottom” moment. These moments seem to be more frequent and more nauseating with every iteration. Donald Trump simply has no lower boundary as to how disgusting and repulsive he can be. In fact, he appears to be proud of his ability to consistently sicken the decent people of this nation and world.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Trump’s capacity for hostility and vulgarity is astonishing. On Saturday he tweeted about House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, of whom he is in mortal fear and, true to his infantile nature, called him Adam “Schitt.” Following up on that, in his regularly scheduled Sunday Morning Tweetstorm (which has surpassed three dozen tweets before mid afternoon), Trump posted a response to a tweet by a little known Trump-fluffing hack with the little known wingnut network, One America News (OANN). The tweet by Graham Ledger linked to a British tabloid that quoted North Korea’s state-run news agency attacking Joe Biden:

In addition to North Korea advocating that Biden be “beaten to death with a stick,” it also said that Biden was showing signs of “the final stage of dementia,” and that the “time has come for him to depart his life.” But as horrifying as that is about a former Vice-President of the United States and candidate of president, Trump’s reply was even more horrifying.

Rather than standing up for a fellow American being disparaged by a hostile foreign tyrant, Trump could only manage to say that Biden is “somewhat better” than a rabid dog. That’s like someone calling your mother a dirty whore and you defending her by saying, “Hey, she’s not dirty.” And in the same response Trump actually joined with North Korea to insult Biden by calling him “Sleepy and Very Slow.” And nowhere in this reply did Trump bother to condemn North Korea’s official pronouncement that Biden should be violently murdered and that his death was overdue.

It’s hard to even come up with adjectives that sufficiently describe how appalling, abhorrent, loathsome, etc., Trump’s response is. It is nothing short of traitorous to side with Kim Jong Un and his brutal dictatorship in such attacks on an American citizen and statesman. And political affiliation has nothing to do with it.

What’s more, Trump’s tweet went on to state that only he “can get you where you have to be.” Which is ludicrous on many so levels. First of all, it reaffirms his position as a malignant narcissist who delusionally regards himself as the one and only savior (The Chosen One as he calls himself) for America. Secondly, Trump is saying that he will work to get North Korea to a place that they want to be, as opposed to what’s in America’s best interest. Thirdly, It presumes that he has the ability to conclude a deal, despite having utterly failed at every previous attempt.

Finally, Trump closed his tweet by telling Kim that he would “See you soon!” So he’s rewarding the tyrant who is asserting a death wish on Americans with another in-person meeting. It’s an abomination. But sadly, it’s no less than what we have come to expect from Donald Trump, whose ignorance and hatred are the hallmarks of his presidency. It’s why he must not be allowed to remain in office. Well, that along with the myriad crimes he has committed: Extortion, campaign finance violations, witness intimidation, emoluments breaches, perjury, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy against the United States.

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5 thoughts on “HOLY KRAP: Trump Sucks Up to North Korea as They Call for Joe Biden’s Death

  1. I propose a Law that allows some ex-presidents be denied Secret Service protection for life. Since Donald J. Trumpf (R) is so loved by everyone he will not need to be protected, right? He can live in Russia or North Korea on his pension, and leave Americans alone. He is conspiring with Kim to have Joe Biden taken out by North Korean agents with nerve agents, like he did to his brother. Maybe Trumpf (R) and his Boss Vladimir Putin will do it like Vladimir did in London already. They both hate America.

    • I agree that it would not surprise me if biden had an ‘accident’ as keeping trump in office is to the benefit of both putin and kim. as for the secret service detail, if he is removed from office he should not be afforded such protection as a disgraced potus. furthermore, he should not be afforded a state funeral when he dies for the same reason. what I am really hoping for is putin to realize that he is no longer a useful tool and to start releasing information on trump that would completely bury him. putin and/or kim don’t have to kill him physically. just take him down with attacks on his ego. that would destroy him.

  2. steve scalise reminds me of a little dog my mother in law had. He would endlessly drag his butt around in circles on the carpet… something about ” impacted glands ” ?

  3. WTH!!?
    Trump-a-chump has NO known bottom to his depravity! How low can he go? All the way down to lower recesses of hell, where there’s sure to be a seat with his name on it, waiting for him. I’m sure he will love his name being on it; will prob’ly narcissistically proclaim right away that he & Satan are “the best of friends”! Kindred spirits, anyway.
    Where do you suppose Kim Jong Un got his opinion of Joe Biden, to say such horrendous things? Threats, really. Those nasty comments are so far off the mark on Biden that one can only presume he’s been listening to the thing in the WH. That lying pile of steaming horseshit who tweets out his ass, with no respect to keep his damn mouth shut! Oblivious to the fact that because of his temporary position of power, people might actually believe the lies & shit he says about others. Of course, people may also think he’s a man of respect & class befitting his current job title. They’d be SO wrong!
    But then, the USA has never had such a crass, disgusting, mouthy piece of garbage as the prez before. Always before this God-awful thing, our leaders kept their private thoughts private – as it should be! Trump best hope to God that our next president doesn’t do to him as he has been doing to others – if so, would not need to lie, could say plenty while being truthful. Trump is for sure, “the clueless president” & we need a law that says not allowed to just ‘tweet’ the presidency, making it a hate monger’s platform. Come to think of it, we’ll need a batch of new rules/laws when this asshat is done!
    1 other thing:
    How dare the leader of N. Korea, or any other nation, think it’s alright to say such things about Joe Biden, or any other American leader?!? We are shocked cuz’ that just doesn’t happen. Normally. But there’s nothing normal about DJT, now is there? Not 1 thing! It’s HIS behavior, his always lying mouth, that has made Kim Jong Un think he can say such disgusting things about Joe Biden. And that, in itself, should be an impeachable offense.
    As pointed out, Trump said nothing to chastise Kim for saying what he did ~ oh contrare! ~ Trump cares only for whatever it is that Mr. Un is wanting. Trump is not looking out for American interests. Wow! ~ Some American leader that is, right?
    How can we even trust Trump to do ANY foreign policy? We’ve never had a president looking out for himself & others, instead of our own Country!
    Remember this during campaign of lies & on Election Day!

  4. As a very wise Wicklow woman said to me … ‘Sure, what can you expect from an ass – but a kick!

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