Self-Gaslighting? Frightened by Reality, Trump Keeps Posting Fake Approval Ratings

The walls are closing in around Donald Trump as the impeachment hearings proceed. More witnesses from within his own administration are coming forward this week to provide incriminating testimony. Consequently, Trump is frantically tweeting attacks on non-partisan career public servants, along with testimonials from disreputable congressional supporters and Fox News shills.

Flaming Trump

Trump’s ego won’t allow him to face the reality that his presidency is coming apart at the seams. In what appears to be an effort to persuade himself, as well as his glassy-eyed cult followers, that he is uncommonly popular, Trump repeatedly posts that he has an approval rating of 95% among Republicans. While he has tweeted this at least 29 times this year, he has never once provided a source for that wildly implausible number. Recent polling from the real world shows that his Republican support is at a career low of 74 percent. Nevertheless, Trump tweeted this bizarre commentary Monday morning:

Let’s set aside the awkwardly comical phrasing in this tweet wherein he appears to say that his own claim of party unity “is a great fraud.” Trump is clinging desperately to a delusion of wide scale GOP adoration. Even if it were true, it would represent a tiny sliver of the electorate which is only about 29% Republican, compared to 31% Democratic and 38% independent. There is no rational argument that he is well-liked by any constituency beyond his worshipful Deplorables. So he resorts to some tiresome sloganeering about the “fake” this and the “do nothing” that.

Trump was recently humiliated by the loss of Republican gubernatorial candidates in the bright red states of Kentucky and Louisiana. And that was after he had campaigned vigorously for them, rallied for them, and even tied his personal reputation to their electoral fates, begging voters to elect the GOP candidates for his sake. And subsequent to those embarrassing defeats, Trump boldly ignores objective truth to tweet that “we are winning.”

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll has even more bad news for Trump. They found that a majority of 51% of the American people favor his impeachment and removal from office. That number goes up to 67% when asked just of those following the hearings closely. So the better informed one is, the more they want Trump out. Plus, an overwhelming 70% think Trump’s extortion of Ukraine’s President Zelensky to dig up dirt on Biden was wrong. These results are consistent with other recent polls on the impeachment question.

Trump Delusional Impeach Polls

Trump’s misrepresentation of the public mood is nothing new. The question is: Does he know his claims are false and he’s brazenly lying to the American people, or has he managed to fool himself into believing that he’s the nation’s most beloved hero? Either way, Trump’s fear of the future has pushed him into ever more noxious assaults on his perceived foes.

Last week he blasted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff with a profane warping of his name as Adam “Schitt.” Even worse, he failed to defend America’s honor after North Korea launched an attack on Joe Biden that included an overt death threat. Which affirms what has been obvious for far too long. The only person Trump will ever defend is himself, even if it means neglecting the welfare of the nation and purposefully ignoring reality.

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9 thoughts on “Self-Gaslighting? Frightened by Reality, Trump Keeps Posting Fake Approval Ratings

  1. Desperate for attention and total worship, the Tyrant again posted his bullcrap “50% Approval Rassmussen” stamp, ignoring, however, that Rassmussen’s accuracy is only slightly better than his. Which is six degrees below zero.

    So, recognizing that the opposite is also true, I fixed the stamp and reminded the Tyrant that he is ALSO bragging about THIS:

  2. “The question is: Does he know his claims are false and he’s brazenly lying to the American people, or has he managed to fool himself into believing that he’s the nation’s most beloved hero?”
    Technically, I think the answer is “both”.
    He is so deep into his narcissism & his neurons a’snapping (apart) so fast that it must sound like bowl of Rice Krispies, in his head! His cognitive skills have never been very good (same as his math skills). What little he may have once known, he can’t recall anymore. His skills are limited to name-calling; lie, cheat & steal; bribery; extortion; frivolous lawsuits; con artist; betrayal; corrupting those around him & brainwashing of “sheeple” at rallies.
    All that Trump has left to fill his empty, little mind is an ever-expanding EGO! If he didn’t constantly feed his ego with “yuugge” & grandiose lies, his mind would burst like a over- filled balloon. (A terrible mess of blood, bone & chicken fat would explode all over. Gross!) He is 100% his ego – there is nothing else in him. So, yes, he believes he is the greatest person on face of the earth! Not a rational thought to get in the way. All ego driven!
    “Fun & Fantasy in Psycosisland!”

    What I find so scary is just how many supposedly normal (no known mental illness) Americans, who can tweet, speak, drive & basically function, are willing to “check their brains at the door”, forego finding truth & thinking for themselves. “No thanks!” They eat up & digest all his lies & crap. “Yum!” No matter how stupid, vile, cruel, hateful, even obvious lies & his “poor me” pity parties… His cult groupies believe it all!!? Unwilling to listen, or consider any facts. They’re like zombies – brains eaten so can’t have any thoughts. Follow Trump right off a cliff – and take the whole country down with ’em!

    His “we’re more united…at 95%… biggest fraud ever…bad Dems & media…& we’re winning…”, etc. It will work. They won’t know it’s BS; will feel stronger as group & vote with majority. (They think 95% agree.)

  3. Talk about biased and non-factual. Maybe you should go back and proofread your own article.

    • Note please that this Tyrant Worshiper doesn’t actually say HOW this article is “biased and non-factual.” And, of course, he ignores the fact that, unlike His Beloved God’s Ministry of Truth, this website provides evidence in the form of cross-referencing.

      But then, Tyrant Worshipers can’t read….

  4. Ah yes, so true Kali. What a shame so many illiterate folks worshipping at the Trump altar of despotism! But then, those who can’t read or think for themselves are most likely to be getting their info from ‘FuxNews’ ~ the right-wing propaganda network for people who prefer their news, spoon-fed & predigested for them. “No need to think; trust only us.” They don’t care if it’s truth or not!?!
    If they did, they’d at least be curious & look outside the predetermined borders of FuxNews & beyond what the mainstream corporate media wants people to know. And doesn’t.

    • Fux Spews. 🙂

      Remember, officially, the channel is entertainment, not actual news.

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