Tucker Carlson Warns that Trump’s Indictment Makes This ‘Not the Best Time to Give Up Your AR-15’

The indictment of Donald Trump by a Manhattan Grand Jury has restored some measure of faith in the American justice system. It proves, at least for the moment, the old adage that “no one is above the law,” and that even the rich and powerful can be held to account when they break it.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump

However, this indictment is also revealing a darker side to certain cultish factions of society that despise law and order when it is imposed on them or their idols. They are intensely determined to seek vengeance on any legal authority that dares to due its job. And any attempt to apply the law equally will trigger a violent response.

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On his Thursday night program on Fox News, Tucker Carlson provided a frightening example of the sort of retribution that he favors and urges his audience to engage in. He interviewed conservative activist Ned Ryun, who articulated a dystopian view of the future following the Trump indictment. And Carlson added his own overtly threatening reply…

Ryun: We’re in a cold war, civil war era in this country in which we have to decide and commit to the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction. Democrats are launching nukes at us. We better decide we’re launching nukes back at them until they stop. […] And if you don’t fight it, if you just accept it, we will slouch our way into a one-party state, one-party system, which ultimately ends up in authoritarianism.
Carlson: Probably not the best time to give up your AR-15.

Carlson’s comment is unambiguously threatening. He is exhorting his glassy-eyed viewers to take up arms in “defense” of their messiah. Which is something that Trump himself proposed when he posted a comment last month on his failing Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that urged his disciples to physically fight for him this time. What we got to lose? Carlson and Trump are drooling over the prospect of a violent retaliation for what they see as persecution.

For his part, Trump has already posted more than fifty comments – mostly of his political and pundit devotees – since the indictments were announced. And to no one’s surprise, Trump lashed out personally at the judge saying

“The Judge ‘assigned’ to my Witch Hunt Case, a ‘Case’ that has NEVER BEEN CHARGED BEFORE, HATES ME. His name is Juan Manuel Marchan, was hand picked by Bragg & the Prosecutors.”

Trump has also fired up his grifting operation to squeeze more funds from his flock. This is someone who claims to be a billionaire, but makes the peasants who worship him pay his legal bills. And it’s no coincidence that Trump makes a point of spelling out the name of the judge, who is an American of Latin descent.

Curiously, Fox News can’t decide whether Trump’s indictment is an atrocity or cause for celebration. Many of the network’s hosts are convinced that affirmation of Trump’s guilt will assure his victory in 2024. That includes Fox’s Chief Trump-fluffer, Sean Hannity…

Hegseth: This is, politically, a great night for Donald Trump. It just is. You remember the mug shots of Elvis, and Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash, and Jimi Hendrix, and Mick Jagger? Turned them into even bigger icons than they were. If there is a mug shot of Donald Trump, it will be in dorm rooms and on t-shirts, making him a hero — It will. And rightfully so. Because he’s become a symbol of what elites and those obsessed with power are willing to do when they have that power.
Hannity: You just gave away my business idea..

Hannity also interviewed one of Trump’s most adoring Senate – let’s say “ring” kissers, Lindsey Graham, who made a pathetic plea for donations on Trump’s behalf…

“They are trying to drain him dry. He’s spent more money on lawyers than most people spent on campaigns. They’re trying to bleed him dry. DonaldJTrump dot com. Go tonight. Give the president some money to fight this bullshit. This is going to destroy America.”

Really? It’s going to destroy America if people don’t fork over their funds to an alleged billionaire criminal? And Graham isn’t making a particularly good point by reminding people that Trump has “spent more money on lawyers.” That’s usually a sign of trouble, not the character asset Graham thinks it is. But he wasn’t alone on Fox News fawning over Trump and whining over his indictment. Here’s a nice compilation of what you’re missing if you don’t watch Fox…

What’s interesting is that these are the same people who it was recently discovered were lavishing affection on him on the air, while telling each other privately that they hated him and wished to be free of his lies and disturbances. Can anyone really believe them now?


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Lindsey Graham Tells Fox News that ‘There Will Be Riots in the Streets’ if Trump is Prosecuted

The FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker three weeks ago has yielded abundant evidence of crimes committed by the twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host. Not only were there at least 184 classified documents, but they were stored haphazardly in a conspicuously insecure location.

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Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

Under ordinary circumstance, someone found to have unlawfully taken highly sensitive national security materials, hoarded them at his resort hotel/home, and lied to the FBI about their existence, would be indicted and prosecuted. Especially when his excuses for having done so keep changing and becoming ever more absurd. But there is nothing ordinary about Trump and his glassy-eyed cult followers.

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Among the most blindly worshipful Trump disciples is Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. He is currently trying to dodge a deposition by a Grand Jury in Georgia requiring him to testify about his participation in undermining democracy and overturning the election on Trump’s behalf. And in his spare time he is visiting with Fox News to foment riots…

“If there is a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle, which you presided over and did a hell of a good job, there will be riots in the streets.”

Is this a threat? Is a United States senator trying to intimidate the Attorney General and other prosecutors to dissuade them from doing their jobs? Does Lindsey Graham, a former JAG lawyer, think it’s appropriate to not so subtly insinuate that if authorities go forward with legally justifiable indictments of his political ayatollah that a jihad should be ensue?

What Graham is saying is that Trump’s cult supporters are violent and can’t be relied upon to respect the law. He is validating their insurrection on January 6th and predicting that they will engage in similar acts of violence and assaults against police officers and others. And from Graham’s perverse perspective, all that is necessary for them to resort to civil rampaging is for honest prosecutors to establish that there is sufficient evidence that Trump committed crimes. This is what the so-called “law and order” party has sunken to.

Graham made this comment to Trey Gowdy, host of Fox News’ “Sunday Night in America.” Gowdy’s claim to fame is that he chaired the House committee that conducted the bogus Benghazi hearings. Of course, had no objection to Graham’s reprehensible remarks. He tacitly approved, then moved on to another subject.

For his part, Trump posted Graham’s remarks on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social without comment. He didn’t bother to condemn the suggestion of riots or to call for peace. Trump knows that he’s guilty and has no credible defense. So he is essentially affirming the threat and once again encouraging his supporters to “be wild.” Trump previously posted a comment that similarly incited violence, saying that…

“The Raid on my home, Mar-a-Lago, is one of the most egregious assaults on democracy in the history of our Country which is, by the way, going to places, in a very bad way, it has never seen before!”

First of all, there was no discernable “assault on democracy” involved in the FBI’s execution of a legally obtained search warrant. But if Trump wants an example of such an assault, he need only recall the January 6th insurrection that he incited, or his relentless and false assertions of the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him.

As for Trump’s threat that the nation is “going to places…it has never seen before,” he is, sadly, quite correct. But not in the way that he thinks. The threatening rhetoric by Trump, and his flunky Lindsey Graham, is emblematic of the direction that the Republican Party has taken since the advent of the Trump Cult. And Fox News is just as culpable for messages fomenting violence.

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It is now up to Democrats, and other patriots, to remove these traitors from every position of public responsibility. This coming November will be the first test to see if we are up to the challenge.

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UH-OH: Trump Mauls His Slobbering Lapdog Lindsey Graham in a Barking ‘Big Lie’ Blowup

The stench of desperation is wafting through Mar-a-Lago as Donald Trump slides deeper into the sewer of his own lies and psychoses. Even as the news breaks that he knew early on that there were no significant irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, he is continuing to disgorge increasingly bizarre and repeatedly debunked claims of fraud.

Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham

On Thursday morning Trump released another statement via his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). Like most of his Twitter tantrums (twantrums?), this one was drenched with malice toward whoever he presently deemed worthy of his persecution and punishment. But this time the punishee was among his most loyal and shameless sycophants, Lindsey Graham.

Trump got wind of some of the excerpts from the new book, Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. He surely didn’t read it, but the press has been quoting some of the more scandalous passages. One of them involved an account of how Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee reacted to to Trump’s obsession with having lost the election to Joe Biden. As reported by the Washington Post…

“The book, ‘Peril,’ describes parallel efforts by the South Carolina Republican [Graham] and his conservative colleague from Utah, Sen. Mike Lee, to personally investigate the president’s claims of voter fraud as the lawmakers prepared to certify Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6.

Graham and Lee, both of whom ultimately voted to certify the results, took the claims of election fraud seriously enough to get briefed on the details, involve their senior staff and call state officials throughout the country. But privately, Graham gave the arguments a withering assessment, according to the book, saying they were suitable for ‘third grade.'”

And that was all it took to trigger Trump’s tempestuous wrath. This isn’t even an issue with Graham speaking out of turn on Fox News. It’s an account from a book that Trump hasn’t read, but would ordinarily dismiss as “fake” news. The tediously long tirade he released rebutting this was rife with seething animosity toward Graham, despite the Senator’s wretched record of Trump-fluffing fealty to the Former Guy:

“I spent virtually no time with Senators Mike Lee of Utah, or Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, talking about the 2020 Presidential Election Scam or, as it is viewed by many, the ‘Crime of the Century.’ Lindsey and Mike should be ashamed of themselves for not putting up the fight necessary to win. […]

“Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, and all of the other Republicans who were unwilling to fight for the Presidency … are letting the Democrats get away with the greatest Election Hoax in history—a total con job! […] They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Most of the rest of Trump’s harangue was dedicated to his “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. He insists that the evidence of fraud is “staggering” (a word that he also used in another tweet Monday) despite the inability of him or his legal flunkies (whose licenses are being suspended) being able to provide any of it in more than 60 court cases that they lost. Nevertheless, Trump whines…

“Look at the facts that are coming out in AZ, GA, MI, PA, WI, and other States. If this were Schumer and the Democrats, with the evidence we have of Election Fraud (especially newly revealed evidence), they would have never voted to approve Biden as President. […]

“We are losing our Country! The Democrats are vicious and fight like hell, and the Republicans do nothing about it. RINOs fight harder against Republicans than they do against Democrats. […] The evidence on determinative and wide-ranging Election Fraud is staggering. Your Republican Presidential candidate won in a landslide, but has so little backing from Republican ‘leadership.'”

Trump also complained about the Republicans being politically negligent, asking “Why don’t they have hearings [where] we would all hear the irrefutable facts!” Who wants to tell him that in Congress the minority party doesn’t control the hearings schedule? However, nothing is stopping him from holding a press conference or a MyPillow-style symposium to make the “irrefutable facts” public. He could even produce his “staggering” evidence at one of his cult rallies. So is Trump just another RINO failing to expose the Democrats who “are destroying our Country”?

Trump’s assault on Graham marks another milestone in his mental meltdown. After all, Graham is the guy who insisted that “the Republican Party can’t grow” without Trump. He also said that he wants to “harness the magic” of Trump’s “movement,” while ignoring his “dark side.” And he has pledged to go to war for the principles Chick fil-A stands for.” But even all of that isn’t worshipful enough for Trump. And his dimwitted devotees still haven’t figured that out.

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Lindsey Graham Goes After Biden on Afghanistan and Gets Literally Everything Wrong

President Biden has been taking considerable heat on his handling of the Afghanistan war winddown. Despite the unprecedented airlift that has evacuated more than 100,000 people in less than a month, and having to navigate the traps that Donald Trump left for him, the President has still had to weather unduly harsh criticism from politicians and pundits.

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

Fox News predictably takes the lead among pundits taking aim at Biden. However, on Sunday morning CBS took a turn with an interview of GOP Senator Lindsey Graham. Ed O’Keefe hosting Face the Nation asked Graham what consequences Biden should face for his decisions about leaving Afghanistan. Graham responded with a bizarre question of his own, asking “Whose decision was it to pull all the troops out?”

That, of course, was a decision made in what Trump’s own National Security Advisor called a surrender agreement between Trump and the Taliban for an unrealistic May 2021 withdrawal. Biden put it off until August 31. But Graham wasn’t through lobbing mud at his former friend:

“I think he should be facing a lot of consequences here … Joe Biden’s fingerprints are all over this. He’s created the conditions for ISIS to flourish in Afghanistan. They doubled the number of troops available because of the jail break. A terrorist group called the Taliban is now in charge of the country. … He deserves a lot of accountability for this, and I’m sure it will be coming.”

Graham got literally everything wrong in that brief commentary. To begin with, he didn’t bother to explain how Biden “created the conditions for ISIS to flourish,” and O’Keefe didn’t bother to follow up. More objective observers would note that it was Trump’s abysmal deal with the Taliban that set the stage for more terrorist activity. That deal called for the release of 5,000 Taliban fighters. It also lifted all sanctions on the terrorist group. And it set a date certain for the exit of American and allied troops.

Graham’s complaint that a jailbreak “doubled the number of troops” was peculiar, because the jailbreak to which he is referring occurred on August 2, 2020, under Trump’s watch. So that’s just more evidence that it was Trump who bears the responsibility for the ordeals that followed. O’Keefe let that slide as well.

Graham closes by stating the obvious that “the Taliban is now in charge.” Of course that’s only because Trump negotiated that outcome when he excluded Afghan leaders from the talks that resulted in the U.S. withdrawal. By doing so he further delegitimized their government and guaranteed that they would have no role in the country’s future.

Those are the decisions that made the conditions in Afghanistan far more favorable for the terrorists. They all emanated from Graham’s Dear Leader Trump. Nevertheless, Graham took this opportunity to call for Biden to be impeached, and not for the first time. Which only affirms that he is a brazenly political hack who couldn’t care less about facts as he stabs his former friend in the back. That in turn affirms the total absence of ethics on the part of Republican Party that Graham represents.

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Lindsey Graham Exposes His Impeachment Hypocrisies as He Attacks Biden on Fox News

There are few people in American politics who are more obsequious sycophants or shameless hypocrites than South Carolina’s senior senator Lindsey Graham. For example, today Graham is a groveling toady for Donald Trump, but during the 2016 presidential election he referred to Trump as a “jackass,” and “a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot,” who “doesn’t have the temperament or judgement to be commander in chief.”

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

Graham is, after all, the guy who said of candidate Trump “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.” But a year later Graham complained about Trump’s critics in the press calling him “some kind of kook, not fit to be president.” This video never gets old…

On Friday Graham appeared on Fox News and demonstrated his Olympic-grade ability to flip-flop as he attacked his former friend, Joe Biden. The topic of discussion was the arduous evacuation of Americans and others from Afghanistan. However, his appraisal was rife with fantastical visions of dire circumstances that did not exist in reality. He told his Fox Friends that…

“If we leave one American behind, if we don’t get all those Afghans who stepped up to the plate to help us out, then Joe Biden, in my view has committed a high crime and misdemeanor under the Constitution and should be impeached.”

Graham is deliberately setting up a scenario for failure based on his partisan political hopes rather than the facts on the ground or any genuine concern for the wellbeing of either Americans or Afghans. And he is rushing to place blame on President Biden for problems that have not, and likely will not occur.

Never mind that it was Trump’s malfeasance and incompetence that set the stage for what’s happening now in Afghanistan. Trump’s own Defense secretary, Mark Esper, said that Trump “undermined” the deal with the Taliban. And his national security adviser, General H.R. McMaster, derisively described Trump’s deal as “capitulation,” and a “surrender agreement.”

Graham’s sudden craving for an impeachment is another one of his partisan backflips. While he’s itching to impeach Biden without even the pretense of rational grounds, he voted against impeaching Trump for actual crimes against America – twice. And his preposterous justification for those votes was that “I firmly believe impeachment would further destroy our ability to heal and start over.”

Even more bizarre was Graham’s recent threat to impeach Vice-President Kamala Harris based on an easily provable lie, saying that, “I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if Republicans take over the House.” Which is just another crucial reason to vote against every Republican for any office.

Graham clearly has an impeachment fetish, but only when it concerns innocent Democrats. However, he’s happy to forgive his Dear Leader for flagrantly impeachable misconduct. What’s more, Graham is willing to betray his longtime friends in order to achieve his sinister goals.

Remember, both of Trump’s impeachments were over his deranged obsession with destroying Joe Biden. In the first, Trump was found to have pressured the president of Ukraine to dig up nonexistent dirt on Biden. In the second, Trump incited a violent insurrection to overturn the will of the people and prevent the certification of Biden’s electoral victory.

At this point it would safe to disregard Graham as a hyper-partisan, bootlicking, fraud, who will sell out his party, his country, and his soul for a smattering of crumbs from his messiah, Donald Trump. After all the turmoil of the Trump years, Graham still believes that the Republican Party “can’t grow without him.” And he worshipfully declared his desire to “harness the magic” of Trump’s “movement,” while ignoring his “dark side.” Which is something he could just as easily have said about Satan.

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Trump Rants About Crime to Deflect From the January 6th Hearing Probing His Crimes

Tuesday morning the House of Representatives held its first hearing to investigate the January 6th insurrection incited by Donald Trump. The bipartisan committee is looking into what happened, what caused it, and what actions were taken to respond. Much is already in the public record, and most of it incriminates Trump and his Republican confederates.

Donald Trump

The committee has already been dismissed by Republicans as partisan, despite the fact that GOP House Leader, Kevin McCarthy, is the one who refused to allow three of his members to take seats on the panel. Now he’s whining about the absence of the GOP perspective that he prohibited. Meanwhile, Fox News covered portions of the hearing with a chyron that politicized and belittled the probe reading “Pelosi-Selected Committee Holds First Jan 6 Hearing.”

However, as usual it is Trump who is desperately yearning to be the center of attention. Consequently, he released another of his pseudo-tweets that is a pitifully transparent attempt to deflect from the hearings that he knows expose his guilt. Trump began…

“The fraudulent nightly network newscasts have devoted ZERO minutes to crime recently, even though crime is eating away at our cities and our Country.”

That is an easily provable lie. All of the cable and broadcast news networks have been reporting regularly on crime. Trump must be watching channels that don’t cover news, like Fox “News,” Newsmax, and OAN. He went on to babble that…

“They don’t want to talk about it because it will hurt the political narrative of the Communist Democrats.”

Trump has called Democrats “communists” before, but now he is doing it almost daily. For him it is just a handy epithet in his 3rd grade vocabulary, because he surely couldn’t define it if his life depended on it. And he went on to say…

“Just think, six months ago we had the most secure border in our history. Today, it is the least secure in our history with criminals illegally flooding into our Country-many spreading COVID into our communities-and other Countries prisons being emptied into out neighborhoods.”

There isn’t a single word in that that is true. It is merely more of Trump’s robo-talking points. Refugees at the border have a COVID positivity rate of less than 6%, lower than the Texas average. And there is no evidence whatsoever of “prisons being emptied.” Trump just makes this stuff up as he goes along.

[By the Way: It should not go without notice that Harrington’s postings are blatant violations of Twitter’s terms of service that prohibit attempts to circumvent a suspension. (more on that here). She has posted Trump’s pseudo-tweets at least 60 times just this month. Harrington’s account should be reported and suspended for her repeated breach of Twitter rules]

Trump and the Republican Cult are struggling to malign Democrats in order to avoid being held accountable for their complicity in the insurrection. Lindsey Graham went on Fox News Monday night to lie to Sean Hannity about crime. He blamed it all on Democratic states like California saying that…

“If you do this crap in South Carolina, you’ll be lucky if you go to jail. You’ll be lucky if someone doesn’t shoot you. So I say that because we’ve lost deterrence. These big Democratic cities and states have lost deterrence. People no longer feel afraid to assault someone in the street. Nobody feels afraid to go into Walmart and clean out the place because nobody in the prosecution level is gonna do a damn thing.”

Graham apparently knows nothing about his own state, much less California. South Carolina is currently #7 nationally for homicides (11.0 per 100,000), a ten year high. That’s more than twice the rate of California at #29 (4.5 per 100,000), a ten year low.

So using crime as a deflection from the January 6th hearings might not have been a very good idea after all. But then again, what else do they have? They could reprise the old “lock her up” chant about Hillary Clinton. Or they could complain about the dozen or so Trump associates who have been indicted on felonies. Or they could brag that Trump is only responsible for a few hundred thousand of the 600,000 dead Americans due to his negligent and incompetent mismanagement of pandemic. After you’ve been called a war criminal by Carl Bernstein, there really isn’t any place left to go.

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Chicken-Hearted Lindsey Graham Says ‘I Will Go to War for the Principles of…’ Chick fil-A?

During these turbulent times in a divided America it’s useful to recall the old and inspirational saying that “When the going gets tough, the tough chow down on fast food chicken.” At least that would be the version of it told by Republican senator and Donald Trump lapdog, Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

With the fowl stench of war permeating Washington, Graham has courageously taken sides in the nation’s most contentious battle. As reported by Fox News, Notre Dame University has erupted into a bitter culture clash that threatens to tear at America’s core:

“A group of students and faculty at an elite Catholic university say they don’t want Chick-fil-A to open a restaurant on their Indiana campus because of the restaurant chain’s frequent donations to Christian groups.

“Roughly 180 University of Notre Dame students and faculty have signed an open letter calling on the school’s Campus Dining division to nix the proposed new shop.”

Fox News isn’t being entirely honest, as usual. If the problem were merely funding for Christian organizations, no one at Notre Dame, a private Catholic institution, would care. But citing the complaint as “donations to Christian groups” is a euphemistic way of disguising the fact that those donations are actually going to openly homophobic hate groups that actively campaign against LGBTQ rights.

Upon learning of the actions taken to deny Chick-fil-A a place on campus, Graham rushed to the front lines to declare that “I want everyone in South Carolina and across America to know I have Chick fil-A’s back. I hope we don’t have to, but I will go to war for the principles Chick fil-A stands for.”

Well, isn’t that special? Graham wouldn’t go to war in defense of the Capitol Police who were attacked by Donald Trump’s insurrectionists. Nor would he go to war to fight for a congressional committee to investigate the January 6th right-wing riots. He declined to fight for voting rights that his party is suppressing across the country. And he failed to hold Trump accountable during both of his impeachment trials.

In fact, few have been more subservient to Trump than Sen. Graham. He insists that “the Republican Party can’t grow” without Trump. He says that he wants to “harness the magic” of Trump’s “movement,” while ignoring his “dark side.” He has steadfastly remained joined at the lip to Trump despite Trump’s reckless incitements to violence, his seditious promulgation of the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him, and his responsibility for the deaths of more than 600,000 Americans due his negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID pandemic.

However, Graham is now aligning himself with the QAnon caucus of the GOP. Earlier this year Rep. Lauren Boebert, along with Ted Cruz, Fox News, and others, blamed President Biden for a sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A. That may have been the opening salvo in the war that Graham is enlisting for now.

Graham’s South Carolina constituents are surely going to appreciate his determination to fight to the death on behalf of a fast food chain based in Georgia that is seeking to peddle their chicken parts at a university in Indiana. And he’s willing to make this sacrifice to the exclusion of every other crisis that America is facing. It is, after all, the only cause that he has promised to “go to war” over. Such are his priorities: Trump and Chicken.

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SALVATION: Lindsey Graham Accepts Trump as His Political Lord and Savior

There aren’t many Republican officeholders who are more shamelessly devoted to Donald Trump than Lindsey Graham. His devotion borders on the blind adoration of a cult follower. He defends every idiotic thing Trump does and says. He salivates at the chance to spend time with Trump at his resort or on the golf course. And now he has confessed out loud his belief that the Republican Party cannot exist without Dear Leader Trump.

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

Graham made a pilgrimage to the GOP media Mecca (aka Fox News) on Thursday for a prayer meeting with fellow Trump cultist, Sean Hannity. While there, Graham testified as to the salvation he has received through the grace of Trump:

“Let me just say to my Republican colleagues. Can we move forward without President Trump? The answer is no. I’ve always liked Liz Cheney but she’s made a determination that the Republican Party can’t grow with President Trump. I’ve determined we can’t grow without him. All of these people like Herschel Walker, and all of the people you just named are attracted to the Trump Republican Party. Economic populism. America First agenda. If you don’t get that as a Republican you’re making the biggest mistake in the history of the Republican Party.”

For the record, in four years Trump presided over the loss of the House, the Senate, and the White House to Democrats. He never had an approval rating that hit 50 percent. He lost the popular vote twice. He was impeached twice and both times polls showed that a majority of the people favored his impeachment. He is the first president in decades to leave office with fewer people employed than when he started. He exploded the national debt by cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy. He advanced the nuclear aspirations of both Iran and North Korea. He withdrew the U.S. from the international Paris Climate Change Accords. [Inhale…]

[And exhale…] What’s more, Trump incited deadly riots in Washington, D.C. by insurrectionist mobs. He continues to push his “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him, which is likely to foment more violence. And worst of all, his negligent and incompetent mishandling of the COVID pandemic resulted in the deaths of more than half a million Americans.

That’s the record that led Lindsey Graham to the determination that the Republican Party can’t grow without Trump. No, really. That’s it!

This is the same Graham who, before his epiphany, described Trump as a “kook” who is “crazy” and “unfit for office.” It’s the same Graham who later sought to “harness the magic” of Trump. Needless to say, a sane person would come to an entirely different determination. A sane person would recognize that Trump is a dead weight that is sowing division and hostility through his lies and a cult-like demand for loyalty and unwavering obedience.

What Graham thinks is attracting people to the Republican Party is actually just attracting desperate and frightened party shills to the cult, while simultaneously “canceling” apostates like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney who dare to tell the obvious truth that Biden beat Trump. The American people are not fooled by this. And the more that Trump is embraced by GOP lackeys like Graham, the better it will be for Democrats.

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UGH: Lindsey Graham Wants to ‘Harness the Magic’ of Trump While Ignoring His ‘Dark Side’

The perverse devotion of many Republicans to the disgraced, twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump, continues to entrap them in a quicksand-like sinkhole from which there appears to be no escape. Each day provides more evidence that they are disciples of a cult whose principles consist exclusively of worshipping Dear Leader.

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

Among the most spiritually bound Trump-vangelists is Sen. Lindsey Graham, a convert who once described Trump as a “kook,” “crazy” and “unfit for office.” Over the years Graham’s position changed as he concluded that his own fortunes were tightly knitted into Trump’s. He recently issued a bizarre call for the impeachment of Kamala Harris. And the depths of Graham’s devotion was affirmed again in an interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios. In this interview (video below) Graham is seen clinging desperately to Trump and his continued friendship like a security blanket. “Donald Trump was my friend before the [Capitol] riot,” Graham says, “and I’m trying to keep a relationship with him after the riot.”

Graham refers to the Trump Insurrection at the Capitol as “a dark day in American history,” but nevertheless dismisses it as something from which we should just “move forward.” That’s like just moving forward from 9/11 while remaining friends with Osama Bin Laden. To date, Trump still refuses to take responsibility for the Capitol riots. And Graham himself fails to take responsibility for unlawfully pressuring Atlanta election officials to overturn the state’s results by throwing out valid ballots.

Graham believes that the best way to move forward with the “values” of the Republican Party is “with Trump, not without Trump.” Never mind that Trump has embarked on an aggressive campaign to attack Republicans who he has deemed disloyal to him, and to oppose their reelection. And the Party is going along with him.

When Swan directly questions Graham’s support for Trump despite his continued propagation of the Big Lie that the election was “stolen,” Graham dodges the question entirely. In his way, Graham is adopting the Big Lie himself.

Graham says that he wants to “harness the magic” of Trump’s “movement,” while ignoring his “dark side.” He could say the same thing about Satan. Then he claims that Trump is a “cross between Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan, and P.T. Barnum,” as if it’s a good thing to be like a notorious racist, a disgraced president who traded arms for hostages, and a professional showman and huckster.

Graham praised Trump as the only person he knows who “can make [the Republican Party] bigger.” [GOP registration dropped from 31% in 2016 to 26% currently]; “He can make it stronger.” [Trump still has the lowest approval rating of any modern president]; “He can make it more diverse” [Trump has exacerbated racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia]; “And he also could destroy it [Okay, we’ll give him that one]” For some reason, Graham thinks that the best way forward for the GOP is someone who presided over the loss of the House, the Senate, and the White House.

Graham is typical of the Republican bootlickers who are too afraid of angering the Orange Menace for fear that he will sic his rabid QAninnies on them. But that fear will doom them to a perpetual minority status on the political landscape if the GOP even manages to survive without breaking apart. And while this is good news for Democrats in the long term, it still holds short term perils for the nation as Trump’s hostilities are spread like a virus through the body politic by infectious agents like Fox News.

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PRIORITIES: While Texas Freezes, Lindsey Graham Stumps for Trump’s Useless Border Wall

The Republican Party long ago distinguished itself as a haven for cravenly selfish elitists whose primary purpose is to lower taxes on the rich, eliminate regulations that save lives, suppress minorities, and advance the agenda of extremist evangelicals. This week the GOP had some outstanding opportunities to affirm their commitment to that mission.

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump

Without question, the biggest story of the week was the devastating winter storm that bombarded Texas and much of the eastern United States. What we learned from that ongoing catastrophe was that Republicans were more interested in politicizing the tragedy than in doing anything constructive to help their suffering constituents.

For instance, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott rushed to Fox News to deflect blame for the failures of his administration to out of state Democrats and the “Green New Deal,” which has not been enacted into law anywhere, especially Texas. Meanwhile, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz jetted off to the sunny climes of Cancun, Mexico, with his family, rather than stay at home and do his job during troubled times. Humiliated by such a callous abandonment of his duty to his state, he frantically returned and immediately got to work making excuses on Fox News, where he blamed his minor children for his own poor decisions.

On Saturday, the GOP’s Senior Trump-fluffing Senator, Lindsey Graham demonstrated the same lack of human decency. After spending time with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Lindsey boarded a plane for the southern border where he could raise an issue that is topmost on the minds almost nobody: Trump’s idiotic, useless, and vain border wall. Graham’s cross-country jaunt to serve as Trump’s mouthpiece resulted in a propaganda video wherein he asserted that…

“The Biden Administration apparently has decided to stop plugging this hole here. As a result the Border Patrol is now gonna try to have a camera and people sitting up on that hill to watch them as they flow in. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put this section of the wall together? What good comes from allowing this hole to continue to exist? This wall is here for a purpose. To keep people from coming into our country illegally,”

For the record, what Graham is referring to is a thirty foot space along a double-tracked portion of the wall on a border that is 2,000 miles long. The other track at this point is complete, so if the wall is capable of preventing entry (it isn’t), it would already be doing that. Also, notice all of “them” who are flowing into the country in this video. Frightening, isn’t it?

This is what Graham dropped everything to do. Does it help the people of Texas who are freezing and dying? Does it further efforts to combat the coronavirus? Does it even address the issue of immigration, for which Joe Biden and the Democrats just introduced a comprehensive bill that Graham could be working on? Of course not. It’s ironic that, while Graham is obsessed with a wall (that Mexico was supposed to pay for) to prevent people from Mexico getting into the U.S., Ted Cruz couldn’t get out of the U.S. and into Mexico fast enough.

This is so emblematic of the Republican Party. They have a perverse set of priorities that seem to be perpetually at odds with what the American people actually want and need. And when they aren’t trying to distract the public with politically partisan culture war demagoguery, they are lashing out with vicious attacks that have no basis in fact or reality. Take for example this crackpottery by Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly who, unable to substantively criticize President Biden, he goes after one of his dogs:

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.