Survey Finds Trump is Not Trusted By the Vast Majority of the World

There couldn’t be a worse time for the United States to be embroiled in an international conflict. These dire circumstances require a steady hand and the confidence of international allies. Instead, the U.S. has Donald Trump in the White House behaving with the typically frenetic, reckless impulsiveness that has tainted his presidency.

Donald Trump

Wednesday morning we saw Trump deliver a speech wherein he once again took credit for “solving” a problem of his own making. He also reminded America and the world how poorly equipped he is to be relied on in a crisis. He spent much of his oratory ranting about how evil our enemies are and chest-thumping about how big our missiles are. That’s when he wasn’t maligning our country’s previous president, Barack Obama, someone for whom Trump still can’t control his crippling jealousy.

Trump also displayed his pitiful ignorance by proposing nonsense like his intention to “ask NATO to become much more involved in the Middle East process.” If he had any knowledgeable and experienced staffers left, he might ask them what NATO is an acronym for and why it would be inappropriate to involve it in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Trump’s managerial ineptitude has decimated his administration. Consequently, the U.S. currently is governed by “acting” department heads, including Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, and White House Chief of Staff.

Trump’s reputation for being a pathological liar has resulted in a serious crisis of confidence at home. A majority of voters still say Trump committed impeachable offenses. It is impossible for most Americans to believe anything he says, much less assertions with the life and death importance of justifications for war. It has already been reported that Trump’s initial claims about the need to assassinate Iran’s military commander, Qasem Soleimani, were unsupported by any credible intelligence. Even his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, walked back the claim that there was an “imminent threat” of attacks by Iran, which Trump used to validate his aggression. Now, a new survey by Pew Research confirms that that sentiment is also a worldwide phenomenon:

“As has been the case throughout his presidency, U.S. President Donald Trump receives largely negative reviews from publics around the world. Across 32 countries surveyed by Pew Research Center, a median of 64% say they do not have confidence in Trump to do the right thing in world affairs, while just 29% express confidence in the American leader.”

Notably, at the end of Obama’s term as president, confidence in him was at 64% in the same poll done in 2017. Trump’s low ratings are likely driven by his bellicose persona and ignorance of world affairs. But they are also tied to the unfavorable opinion that the world has of his policies. According to the Pew survey he is underwater on everything from tariffs, to climate change, to his border vanity wall, to immigration generally and, particularly relevant with regard to current affairs, his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear weapons agreement. And in the poll’s comparison of Trump to other world leaders…

“The survey asked all respondents about four international leaders in addition to President Trump: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump receives the highest negative ratings among the five leaders.”

Let that sink in. The world has more confidence in Putin and Xi, than in Trump. It’s also interesting to note that the animosity toward Trump does not stem from any general disdain for America. In fact, in the thirty-three countries surveyed, most (54%) have a favorable opinion of the United States. Although that number has declined since Trump’s election, it remains positive. However, as with most things, Trump has a drastically different view of reality, especially with regard to his reception in the world, as he repeatedly – and falsely – tells us on Twitter that…

So it’s important to remember that Trump’s problems are only America’s problems for so long as he is representing us. Therefore, the sooner we can remedy that problem, the better it will be for this nation and for the world.

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7 thoughts on “Survey Finds Trump is Not Trusted By the Vast Majority of the World

  1. Trumpelstiltskin has asked our (former?) allies for support and help in the Middle East, all of which the 45th dotard has personally insulted more than once since taking office. This request surely is going over like a lead balloon with France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, etc., etc.

    I realize that there were a lot of non-voters of the last election but it does seem highly contradictory that even when Obama left office he had an approval rating of 64% and trump has never gotten more than 42% since taking office. That really says that the next Democratic candidate for President really needs to pay a lot of attention to the states that shifted the vote by the Electoral College and the Electoral Collage should and needs to be placed in the dust bin of history.

  2. I still find it very hard to understand what is it about the American Ayatollah and Terrorist that people CAN trust. Not once in his entire public life has he demonstrated any reason why anyone should respect or honor him.

    Yet, the number of his worshipers NOW are probably greater than those who worship Kim Jong un! The Terrorist (and I don’t mean Kim) ruins our international standing, pushes to initiate an undeclared war against Iran AND Iraq, he worships dictators, treats our allies like crap — he is EVERYTHING the Tyrant Worshipers accused Barack Obama of being, and they love their Tyrant even more!

    No wonder he is so hated and so distrusted worldwide. And he is simply incapable of recognizing this. He is undeniably the WORST “president” we have ever had! If he manages to steal another election, sorry, be reelected, this country will lose any remaining respect we have worldwide. We have BECOME a terrorist nation!

    And, as I’ve said many times, what must it be like BEING Donald Trump? A man of such tiny ego and such monumental narcissism, so completely absorbed in his own fantasy of BEING Donald Trump, the Great and Powerful, with no understanding or recognition of any form of reality! And his worshipful minions do everything they can to FEED that ego and narcissism! How is that even POSSIBLE?!!

    [Especially as the Tyrant Worshipers STILL condemn Obama for HIS “egotism”!]

  3. Who would have guessed that a 6 time bankrupt, 5 time draft dodger, fake a*s “game” show host, is NOT to be trusted? WOW, who saw that coming? NO one, I tell you. NO one. God almighty. MORE proof that un-American, racist, sexist, clueless, classless, lying, a*swipe, dump, has NO business in the white house.

    • Who’d have guessed that a 6x bankrupt, 5x draft dodger, a multiple year tax dodger taking up a whole lot of IRS time & $$. Hides all info & docs, refusing to comply w/Court rulings & claiming some ‘magical’ immunity that Barr concocted. Who would think that he’d be a polarizing leader & less than stellar Prez? His constant lies & instability makes him (& therefore, us), UNtrustworthy in the rest of the world! So, now what?
      Topping off, Trump has now told 15,000 lies & ‘untruths’ (fact-checked)…so far. Surely an Oval Office record, but maybe “World Record” for duly elected liars-in-chief!? Where do we go from here? Are we at rock-bottom yet?
      Who’s gonna’ convince Rethuglicans that it is time to cut Trump loose? The President should never be the biggest threat to our Nat’l. Security. But, HE IS!
      Anyone with mental faculties intact & shred of honesty within them, can see that we have a real problem here! This is NOT “partisan politics”. It’s US & global stability issue. Turns out, Trump can make demands, but not deals. He cannot negotiate – hell, can’t even spell it. He is beholden to our enemies & our friends he offends. He simply cannot be allowed to continue doing things in secret & we can’t trust him not to keep doing it. He’s made it so that no one is on our side – too risky – they just don’t trust him. Neither should we.
      I’m sorry, but that’s the truth & bottom line. Let him resign to save face…but w/o trust, there is nothing. It’s over.

  4. Meanwhile, Scary Slanders knows nothing about the Constitution….

    Fox’s Sarah Sanders says she “can’t think of anything dumber than allowing Congress to” authorize war

    Scary Slanders: [T]he last thing I want to do is see [Congress] take power away from President Trump and put it into their own hands. I don’t think anything could be worse for America than that.

    That’s a shame, Mizz Slanders, because THE CONSTITUTION vests the power to declare war with the Congress — NOT YOUR BELOVED GOD!!!

    Another in our continuing evaluation of the dictatorship the Tyrant Worshipers want Their Beloved God to lead and their willingness to allow Their Beloved God to commit treason against the United States and terrorism against other countries.

  5. Mizz Sanders can’t think of anything dumber…? I sure can & it’s staring at her in the mirror!
    Our Constitutional gov’t has worked fairly well, in concept, for over 200yrs ~ up until Trump’s Cabal, with it’s mind-numbing stupidity & consuming lust for world domination, took it over.
    How truly arrogant, to be so lacking in experience & still think that they know better than everyone else since the Country was founded. Have some effing respect for America, dammit! And for the US Constitution!
    Has no one in this Admin. taken & passed a H.S. Government class? Maybe they don’t teach that in school anymore? (Did when I graduated, way-yyy back in 1976.)
    Take-away Lesson 4 Voters:
    NEVER AGAIN elect a President who has such massive EGO & minimal BRAINS!
    *{Doesn’t the R’s Party have any other choice than Trump, that they could run in 2020?? Or is Putin calling the shots for whole R. Party?}

  6. Propaganda works but so would the fairness doctrine if the anti-american RW thugs who voted to cancel it would get the hell out of the way and let reasonable people run the nation. Never have I been ashamed to be an American before. I am now. May the RW, who have worked on the takeover of the whole govt since the 30s burn in Hell and eat the ashes. We are shamed and disgraced by every winger in the nation. Anybody who has a problem with what I see needs a good brain bleaching. And a kick in the backside. Starve! you creatures from Hell.

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