The Best/Worst Donald Trump Advice of 2019: Read The Transcript!

It’s New Year’s Eve and Donald Trump is doing what he does most of the rest of the year: Lounging at his golf resort, watching Fox News, and posting asinine lies on Twitter. It’s a lazy lifestyle of ego gratification that he has adopted since becoming president and rarely wavers from it.

Trump Lies

True to form, Trump was busy tapping out tweets on Tuesday morning to insult Democrats, praise Putin, and insist on his innocence with quotes from some Fox News flunkies. And stuffed into the mix was one of Trump’s favorite phrases that he thinks is an effective argument for his impeachment defense. And as it turns out, it’s actually the most useful suggestion that Trump has given to the nation for the whole year. Therefore News Corpse has chosen it as…

The Best/Worst Donald Trump Advice of 2019: Read the Transcript!

Everyone really should read the summary memo that Trump falsely calls a “transcript.” The memo that Trump himself released reveals with crystal clarity that Trump extorted President Zelensky of Ukraine. Trump asked Zelensky to interfere in the U.S. election by trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. And he conditioned critical U.S. military aid on Zelensky’s cooperation. What the memo says that Trump said, in response to Zelensky’s inquiry about the aid, was…

“I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it.”

That’s a textbook quid pro quo. Trump then talks about getting some information related to a debunked conspiracy theory about a computer server that belonged to the Democratic National Committee. But he quickly segues from that to explicit requests for dirt on Joe Biden:

“There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with [Rudy Giuliani and] the Attorney General [William Barr] would be great … so if you can look into it.”

So yes, please take Trump’s advice and read the “transcript.” It’s one of the most precise confessions that Trump has made to his criminal behavior. And if that isn’t enough, there is also Trump’s explicit admission that he wanted Zelensky to probe the Bidens, which he made on national television. Yet somehow, Trump still had the audacity to spend much of the year denying that he asked for that obvious quid pro quo. In fact, he tweeted that there was no such request at least 43 times this year.

Trump’s Twitter timeline was awash with flagrantly dishonest declarations of his innocence that he usually couched in attacks on others. He tweeted about the whistleblower 119 times this year; he swore that there was “no collusion” 153 times; he called his critics “crazy” 209 times; and he whined impotently about impeachment a whopping 589 times. That’s nearly twice every day.

Trump is particularly obsessed with the whistleblower whose whereabouts he repeatedly asks for. He accuses the whistleblower of having gotten everything wrong in his report to the Inspector General. That claim was chosen by PolitiFact as their Lie of the Year for 2019. But worst of all, in a post-Christmas tweet, Trump retweeted a shady account that allegedly named the whistleblower. Of course, that cannot be substantiated, but the harm is done to that person whether or not he/she is involved.

What’s more, the post that Trump retweeted was extraordinarily suspicious. The name on the account changed at least four times. And with each new name, the previous one was deleted. But all of the accounts had the exact same tweet content, were created at the same time, and linked to known Russian propaganda sources.

It’s a year-end enigma that just drips with criminal, if not treasonous, intrigue. But it Trump is confidant that everything will be resolved if you would only “read the transcript!” Even if none of his own willfully ignorant cult followers will:

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5 thoughts on “The Best/Worst Donald Trump Advice of 2019: Read The Transcript!

  1. So, while we’re bombing the Middle East, Trump is lounging his fat ass around at his resort, tweeting BS?
    How perfectly “normal” for a US prezident, right? Wrong! God help any Dem doing that — they’d be strung up by their ….um…toes!
    Normal for Trump & ok, cuz’ he isn’t running the Country anyway (except into the ground). He’s ACTING prezident, a distraction from whatever is really being done. “Not a care in the world.” The outcome of Senate’s role in his impeachment is already known, so what else has he to do but hold court at his resort & lie around making money off it – clear violation of a law that it seems he’s not held to. Perfect.
    As to that other tweet you mentioned ~ I thought I smelled a troll on that one….
    Have a Happy New Year, MarkNC!

  2. The only way to get by today is the realization that we Americans will have a chance to defeat him in 2020. There should never be Russian Donations to the GOP and NRA, yet it was the GOP that packed our Supreme Court to get the “Citizens United” anti-Democratic law enacted. That law clearly told the GOP they can take Foreign cash from Russian billionaires to work for Russian interests and profits. The United States of America is watching as Vladimir Putin pulls Donald J. Trumpf’s (R) debt ridden strings. Trumpf (R) had Donny Jr. brag about the Trump Organization’s golf courses are fully paid for with Russian loans before the 2016 Election. Estimated to owe the Russians over $1 billion, so far in future payments, on golf courses here inside the USA. Moscow Mitch (R) accepted around $50 million from Russians in 2016 to pass out to GOP candidates, clearly a Bribe\ for future ‘considerations’. The NRA bowed down to Russia and was able to beg hundreds of millions from Russians to con American GOP Voters. It worked then, so they are doing it now at this moment. It is happening with full appreciation by the anti-American GOP recipients of more cash. Why do so many GOP voters agree with taking Donations from the Foreign nation which as Nuclear weapons aimed at their own children? Vladimir Putin is bragging about Russia’s newest hyper-sonic nuclear missiles he has targeted at our Cities and people, almost weekly. He is flipping off our Military as Trumpf (R) sits idly twirling his rubles in tiny fingered hands. Why are his fingers so Tiny? Is it he has a tiny little ‘brain’ and…………………. God save us all, the World is in jeopardy due to the GOP’s “be best” occupant of the United States of America’s White House. We can fix that, right?

    • Yes. We must fix that, right?!! After reading that it’s painfully obvious that we must remove many Russian loyalists in our so-called representative gov’t!
      Equally important ~ we MUST have new laws & serious consequences for any & all who violate them!
      The sell-out of the USA by the Rethuglican Party must be dealt with severely, asap! And all involved shamed & removed! That working for Russia cuz’ taking their money is treasonous!
      Russia is laughing its ass off at our greedy pigs in gov’t & what they’ve done!

  3. Defeat the very evil Trumpenstein in 2020 and then charge him in court with his crimes and criminal acts while then receiving consecutive sentences.

    • Trump & all his nasty cohorts, fellow criminals, must ALL pay the harshest penalties possible!
      Funny, how Trump-a-chump often calls for execution & calls “treason” so often, when the real traitors committing treasonous acts is he, himself, & his bought & paid for pals in Congress & other high office.
      “High office” is exactly what our Founding Fathers meant with the phrase, “high crimes and misdemeanors” — it referred to those in high office. And I think we know it when we see it. As we see, such crime at the top destroys our Country, ripping it apart!
      Will we survive it?!?

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