Trump’s Dementia Shifts to High Gear as Impeachment Trial Winds Down

On Friday afternoon the cowardly and compromised Republicans in the Senate voted to allow Donald Trump to become America’s first de facto emperor. They endowed him with blatantly unconstitutional powers that would permit him to openly violate laws, suppress dissent, and engage in overt acts of tyranny so long as he deems it in the public interest. That is not what the Founders and Framers intended.

Donald Trump

This congressional betrayal was justified by the flimsiest of arguments. The Senate GOP has taken the position that Trump’s crimes were merely “inappropriate,” as opposed to criminal, and therefore not subject to reprimand. Emboldened by these events, Trump has withdrawn into his Mar-A-Lago bunker to wallow in this ascension to monarchism and virtually unchallangeable reign. In the morning hours of Saturday he celebrated with tweets that exalted himself as “America’s Greatest President” who is putting on “The Greatest Show On Earth.”

Setting aside Trump’s slobbering, narcissistic adoration of himself, everything else in those tweets was either grossly misrepresented or utterly false. Lou Dobbs of the Fox News business channel is one of the Fox family’s most ardent Trump-fluffers. But his show is hardly a national success. It has no business programming competition because CNBC is airing reruns of shows like Shark Tank at the same time. And Dobbs’ audience is about a quarter of the size of his time period competition on MSNBC. As for Dobbs covering Trump “fairly & objectively,” that’s so hysterically ludicrous it hardly warrants a response.

Trump’s claim that his “poll numbers are the highest since election,” is a pitiful statistic to brag about. His approval rating is sitting on an abysmal 44 percent, and has never hit 50 at any time during his presidency. That’s an achievement no other president can claim. Even the Fox News poll shows Trump is broadly unpopular. His disapproval, however, remains well above a majority of the American people, as it has for the last three years. There is even a majority favoring his impeachment and removal from office.

Trump’s ego is now reliant on being fed by his evermore frequent cult rallies. He believes that the glassy-eyed disciples who show up for the free, Trump-vangelical, revival meetings represent the mainstream of America. But what’s even more indicative of his mental infirmity is that he thinks he puts on a “great” show. That’s only true if you really like the tedious repetition of moldy lies and fetid talking points.

Trump also posted a picture of himself “exercising” on the golf course. That’s his way of pretending that he isn’t bothered by having been impeached, which regardless of how the Senate votes next week, will permanently stain his legacy that is already bursting with failures and embarrassments. For instance, he is conspicuously ignoring the news that 2019 was a dismal year for the U.S. economy. It achieved a paltry 2.3% growth rate. 2018 and 2017 weren’t any better (2.9% and 2.4% respectively). And that’s after Trump had promised that his tax scam and other economic policies would produce growth of up to six percent:

TRUMP (Dec 16, 2017): The economy now is at 3%. Nobody thought it would be anywhere close. I think it could go to 4, 5, and maybe even 6%, ultimately.

Trump also ignored the 600+ point drop on the Dow Jones on Friday. That brings the decline of the last two weeks to 1,100 points. Trump is always quick to tweet about stock market gains, but then clams up when it goes the other way. That’s how his psychotic obsession with exalting himself as all-knowing and infallible drives his obsessive behavior. But as time wears on him, his mental state is showing signs of deterioration. And that is evident in his public appearances more than anywhere else. As seen here:

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6 thoughts on “Trump’s Dementia Shifts to High Gear as Impeachment Trial Winds Down

  1. That video Bill Maher posted showing quick clips of Trump’s problems speaking – they are a sign of serious problems within his brain functions (not a joke!) & will not get better, only worse. The more recent clips show quick cover-up by moving on, so he’s aware of it, but unable to prevent it. Not a stutter; more of a “short-circuit” in his brain. Rarely is this gonna’ be 1 isolated little “glitch” w/o any other parts of brain being affected to some degree. This is just issue that manifests physically, so we can see there’s a real problem here!
    It is, or soon will be, affecting other parts of his brain as well. Has he had an MRI yet? Is he seen by a Neurologist? He’s damn lucky that he gets very best health care, paid for by our tax dollars. No worries for him, like rest of us would have!
    (Think about that as he slashes our Medicare/Medicaid benefits.)
    What should cause concern is WHAT ELSE is affected? Brain is VERY complex – a president needs to be “firing on all cylinders” to do his job. Ours is not! We can count on a cover-up & lies from his enablers.
    We know he has trouble focusing on various topics & have seen his total lack of impulse control, knee-jerk decisions. And his overblown ego won’t allow him to admit anything being wrong. This is the person his lawyers & the Senate just gave “carte blanche” to do what he wants. No repercussions! Is this the best person to give presidential powers to? A whole lot of changes in his brain over next 4 more yrs + 11 months. (No telling what that is.) Just think about it as we go forward…

  2. Oh crap! Sorry Mark! Didn’t realize so long until posted. Feel free to remove it! I won’t mind. Promise. I would if I could…

  3. Maybe he will turn into a blathering, bumbling and incomprehensible shadow of what he is now three to four weeks of election day in 2020. (Pray for divine intervention.)

    • ?Praying for Divine Intervention daily! ?

      • So much for little angel faces — they just turn into question marks. (?)

  4. Correction. That’s “before” instead of “of.”

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