Trump’s Jealousy of Bloomberg Kicks Off Hannity’s Super Bowl Suck-Up on Fox News

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and Fox News has decided to turn the traditional presidential interview into a Trump-fluffing pageant of propaganda. While Fox likes to pretend that it’s a credible news organization, they can’t help taking every opportunity to prove that that’s a lie. So rather than assign the interview of Donald Trump to one of their alleged “journalists” (Chris Wallace, Bret Baier), they hand it to the Pope of the Cult of Trump, Sean Hannity.

Donald Trump Sean Hannity

Hannity long ago abandoned any pretense of impartiality. He has appeared on stage with Trump at his rallies. He has turned his program into the media campaign headquarters for Trump’s reelection. And he has launched untold smear campaigns against anyone who dared to criticize Trump or tell the truth about him. Hannity’s show is a fountainhead of conspiracy theories and lies in the service of Dear Leader.

So as a teaser to the Super Bowl Sunday Trump interview on Fox News, Hannity released a brief clip to entice potential viewers. Generally the goal of these promos is to offer up something compelling that would make people anxious to tune in. And here is what Fox News and Hannity decided was just the sort of soundbite that would drag in a big audience. Hannity asked Trump what he thought of Mike Bloomberg. And Trump replied…

“I just think of ‘little.’ Now he wants a box for the debates to stand on. Okay, it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong. You could be short. Why should he get a box to stand on, OK? He wants a box for the debates. Why should he be entitled to that? Really? Does that mean everyone else gets a box?”

WOW! Now that’s powerful television. The president of the United States of America blasts one of his potential electoral rivals as being “short.” And that’s the only thing that Trump thinks of when asked about Bloomberg. Naturally, Trump doesn’t think about the fact that Bloomberg, unlike Trump, is an actual billionaire with an estimated net worth of $54 billion. And Trump isn’t thinking about Bloomberg’s promise to spend a billion of that to defeat Trump – even if he isn’t the Democratic nominee. The only thought that flitters around in his empty skull is how he can attach infantile nicknames to a man he is painfully jealous of. As for Bloomberg, he responded with a stinging tweet that refuted Trump’s box blather, for which there is no evidence whatsoever:

So if you’re keeping score:

Trump: Mini Mike is short.
Bloomberg: Trump is a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan.

Trump spent the night before this interview road-testing his childishness. He posted a tweet that whined “Mini Mike is part of the Fake News. They are all working together.” This reflects Trump’s crippling paranoia of an all-encompassing cabal that is determined to destroy him. Another tweet asserted that Bloomberg “is getting the DNC to rig the election against Crazy Bernie.” Here Trump manages to fire preadolescent taunts at two rivals at once. All the while pretending to care about the fairness of the Democratic primaries. And Trump’s final midnight tweet raged about the fake box controversy and the imaginary battle “to have the right to stand on boxes.”

If the clip above is what Fox News considers to be the most riveting segment from the Trump/Hannity drool-fest, it’s safe to say that there won’t be anything remotely newsworthy coming out of it. Well, other than further evidence that Hannity is a devoted StormTrumper and Fox News doesn’t give a damn about having any journalistic integrity. But we already knew that. So there really isn’t any reason at all to watch this puerile charade. And low ratings for his Super Bowl butt-kissing with his harlot Hannity would be like needles stabbed into his eyes. So feel free to change the channel, America. Or you could spend that eight minutes whipping another bowl of guacamole.

UPDATE: The interview was even worse than expected. Hannity was a flaming suck-up. And Trump led off with whining about impeachment. Then he just rattled off his petty hatred for Democrats:

  • Biden: He’s Sleepy Joe
  • Sanders: I think he’s a communist.
  • Warren: I call her Fairy Tale.
  • Clinton: I think of emails.
  • Pelosi: I think she’s a very confused, very nervous woman.

This is just further proof that Trump is a low functioning dotard who can’t form a coherent thought or substantive opinion on anything. He just blurts out lame slogans and talking points that might have been written by a temperamental child. And Hannity succeeded in producing a total waste of time, fumbling whatever opportunity he had to be relevant.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Jealousy of Bloomberg Kicks Off Hannity’s Super Bowl Suck-Up on Fox News

  1. Ah yes…Bloomberg might be short, but does he have little tiny baby hands?
    Trump sure does — not cute little baby’s hands tho — Trump’s are nasty lookin’ tiny little puny hands, with those tiny, fleshy fingers too! That just creeps me out! I can’t help it.
    Bet I know what his handshake feels like… “eewww!” 1 of my Drs. has small fleshy hands too — had limp & “gooshy” handshake. I hated shaking his hand, but rude to say, “I’ll pass thanks” – so kinda’ had to. Hard to stop myself from wiping hand off after. Again, didn’t wanna’ be rude – but that was my natural reaction. Felt like handshake with tiny dead fish, but a warm 1 — not good!
    Guess I shoulda warned my husband? He came to 1 appt. w/me & Dr. shook his hand too. Barely out the door & husband says, “Nice guy, but really creepy handshake!” I “Shhh-ed” him; only laughing once safely in car. (Soon after, changed Drs.)
    So, Bloomberg can stand on box to make up for height.
    Trump can’t make up for his puny little hands. Jealousy.

    • On a more serious note:

      Why don’t reporters & pundits (& whatever Shammity is) correct Trump when he speaks “untruths”, due to his total ignorance (on so many topics)?? He may walk away a tad smarter than when he got there.
      Like, pointing out that standing on a box to be equal in heights is common practice, at debates & elsewhere. (In standing debates it’s as much for camera’s benefit – no need to constantly adjust when panning & jumping from person to person.)
      I’m surprised if Trump hasn’t done that himself, but he usually stands alone at a podium. Stand him on stage next to 6’7″ basketball player awhile & he’d be whining for a step-up soon enuff.
      When Trump makes stuff up, gets it wrong, or is flat-out lying, why not correct the facts??! Used to be if someone went on TV & told a lie, they were likely to ‘get called on it’ & fact be corrected. That’s good, so people watching don’t come away thinking lie, or erroneous statement is correct truth.

  2. This is disgusting. It’s the “only conclusion” ONLY because the Senate has rendered the impeachment trial the hoax the Terrorist always called it — not because it took place at all, but because the Terrorist’s minions and worshipers made it a total farce. No witnesses, no evidence, a concerted effort to avoid seeing anything that confirmed Their Beloved God’s criminal actions, and what ELSE does anyone expect?

    Pasquale “Pat” Cipollone has now proven that he would make a great mafia lawyer — if his name didn’t demonstrate that already. All he needs is a horse’s head in Nancy Pelosi’s bed.

    We should ALL be terrified.

    White House counsel argues “the only conclusion” is to acquit Trump

    The President’s defense team is now giving their closing arguments.

    White House counsel Pat Cipollone began by saying the defense will complete their presentation “in a very efficient period of time.”

    Cipollone continued: “You understand the arguments that we’ve been making, and at the end of the day, the key conclusion, we believe the only conclusion based on the evidence and based on the articles of impeachment themselves and the Constitution, is that you must vote to acquit the President.”

    He repeated a Trump team talking point that the impeachment “is an effort to overturn the results of one election and to try to interfere” in the next presidential election.

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