The Virus that Infects Donald Trump: ‘All I See is Hatred of Me’

One thing that has been clear about Donald Trump from the outset of his administration is that he has never exhibited the qualities demanded of the presidency. He lacks the intelligence, compassion, commitment, morality, and humility, that are the hallmarks of leadership. And he has never demonstrated that he has the ability to learn, take responsibility, or to bring the diverse community of Americans together.

Donald Trump, coronavirus

Trump is always about only Trump. He has brazenly profited from his position by funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to his own properties. And he has focused his political attention exclusively on advancing his own partisan interests. These are traits that psychiatric professionals have diagnosed as malignant narcissism, a combination of ego-centrism and sociopathy.

The risks of having someone with those mental issues in positions of power are readily apparent. They portend a tendency toward authoritarian behaviors that demand unflinching loyalty and reject competent advice. What’s worse is that when someone like Trump is under pressure, he will cease to behave rationally. His fears will incite ever more defensive and destructive responses to events he is unable to cope with or comprehend. Like a wounded animal, he becomes more desperate and vicious.

That appears to be the state of Trump’s mental decline now. And his Twitter feed is the best evidence of his psychic decay. Late Sunday night Trump tweeted this frightening call for help:

Let’s break that down, shall we? First of all, Trump is confessing that he compulsively consumes news on six television networks and two newspapers that he frequently disparages as “enemies of the people.”. How could he possibly have time to do that and his duties as president as well? Especially during a national emergency brought on by a deadly pandemic.

We already know that much of his time is spent tweeting (dozens of times a day), staging photo-ops with corporate CEOs and supporters, and leading daily press briefings. Never mind that he has no business even attending those briefings considering that he has no relevant knowledge or experience to contribute. To the contrary, he generally disgorges lies and misinformation that others on his staff have to clean up later. Even worse, he diverts the discussion into his petty grievances with reporters or devolves into shameless episodes of self-exaltation or making excuses for his failures. That is, when he isn’t blatantly exploiting the crisis to boost his reelection prospects.

However, the most unambiguous sign of a severe mental breakdown is Trump’s assertion that “all I see is hatred of me.” Really? That’s ALL he sees? He doesn’t see any of the presentations of facts about the crisis in the U.S. and internationally? He doesn’t see any of the medical professionals offering their expertise to educate the public on how to stay safe? He doesn’t see any of the human interest stories and testimony from real people going through the hardships of surviving in these trying times? He doesn’t see the crushing anguish of victims or the inspirational acts of heroes or any of the human stories that define us as a people? He sees only what he perceives as hatred directed solely at him.

The fact that Trump is blind to all of these non-political, educational, uplifting, and heart-wrenching stories, says something unmistakable about him. Even worse, the only things he does see are his paranoid perceptions of the universal hostility that consumes his diseased mind. What sort of person unleashes public declarations that everyone hates him? And what does it say that he lashes out with vengeful visions of his perceived enemies “destroying themselves”? Is this the behavior of a psychologically stable leader? Is it even remotely sane? And how long can America endure the madness of a man who also tweeted this all-caps rant:

Trump is now implying that he would terminate the “social distancing” recommendations by health experts after a totally inadequate 15 day period, simply because he regards the economic impact to be worse than the pandemic itself. Unsurprisingly, Trump contracted this preposterous notion from Fox News. Now he’s putting money before the lives of thousands of Americans. And he’s only doing that because the financial downturn will negatively affect his reelection hopes. If it wasn’t clear before, it most certainly is now: Trump is suffering from a sickness that threatens every American. And if we don’t take the opportunity in November to socially distance ourselves from him and the Republicans he’s infected, we can all expect to be victims of the Trump Virus.

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3 thoughts on “The Virus that Infects Donald Trump: ‘All I See is Hatred of Me’

  1. Now, we have this:

    Lou Dobbs: “The president was right and frankly Fauci was wrong” about unproven experimental medicines

    So, let’s translate this into English.

    So, Louie Louie Dumb and Stoopy is saying that His Beloved God is correct solely because he is the President, and any expert that contradicts him based on, you know, *actual facts*, is automatically wrong because the expert is NOT the President.

    Does that sound right to you? No wonder not even NotWorthAPence could accept His Beloved God’s bs without rolling his eyes…..

  2. Your run-down on the Trump-chump ~ his traits, fears, behaviors & risks, as they relate to the extremely poor job he’s doing as our supposed “president”, really hits the nail on the (Trump)head. Very well done!!
    Even on best behavior, that man does not have the capability to run this, or any other country. Run it into the ground maybe — that, he seems to be doing in every way that he gets his fat, sweaty, little hands on. The risks in this case, with Covid-19 virus, are deadly! A narcissist truly considers themself to be 100% perfect, 100% of the time. We know that’s not even possible (100% of time), but he does not – thinks he is perfect & the whole world is NOT perfect like he is, so everyone else IS WRONG & just won’t admit it! Now that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And it is. He is. Trump can see every single American die from this virus & still never admit that he handled it wrong!
    Big problem for us all right now is that Trump can’t find a way to reach out for help, to get on the right track, change gears & play catch-up — whatever it takes to save American people & economy from devastation by this virus. He has no way of doing that w/o admission, to himself & others, that he totally screwed it up! That he was wrong. Dead wrong. Stupidly wrong – thinking it to be a Dem plot against him & a hoax, that guess China had to be in on too, huh?! All of that’s truth, but not Donnie’s truth.
    And he will set there & do nothing to fix this, while people die. While we die. He will basically ignore it; or maybe lie & brag about how he’s the hero saving us .
    There is 0% chance of him having an epiphany, saying, “Oh crap! I’m sorry! I screwed up. Let’s get this taken care of so more people don’t die & we save our economy, get back to living our lives.” 0% chance of that happening. IRONIC ~ since that’s what’s needed & it would very likely save his re-election, make him look like a “great leader”. (At least, human.)
    But, 0% chance he’ll do the right thing now. So instead, we’re stuck using 19th century techniques ~ “stay at home” & “wash your hands”, in 21st century world ~ with draconian enforcement (like San Joaquin Co, CA, is now employing).
    Widespread testing, so we know who’s infected & can separate them in groups until well & test clean… while we continue testing others to find & separate any with virus. In most folks, virus will run its course (separated from rest of us), minor flu-type symptoms. Separating the sick from rest of us may require taking over hotels, or other large facilities, where people can stay in groups with others who have it, until testing clean. TV, phone chargers, meals, meds & beds provided. Basic stuff.
    We protect the most vulnerable & treat those needing medical care w/o overwhelming our health care system.
    All of this requires that we provide whatever our health care workers need to do their jobs & stay healthy themselves! & It requires we have enuff tests, widely distributed, so many more people can be tested, even before sick! This CAN be handled in logical manner, even with such late start to doing this. But not w/o a helluva lot more tests out here…. As in, NOW! …& for sure, not w/o LEADERSHIP from the top! (“Miss-ter President!”) Time’s a’wastin’! What we’re doing is stupid ~ “a little too little; a little too late”! (Thanks 4 that, P.B.)

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