Lying Has Consequences: Poll Shows Americans Trust the Media More than Trump

From the very first days of Donald Trump’s presidency, his compulsion to lie about all things great and small was a dominating feature of his character, or lack thereof. Trump lied about the crowd size at his inauguration, about millions of fraudulent Democratic voters, about his taxes and alleged wealth, and even about his faith. The odds were (and are) pretty good that if Trump is talking, he is lying.

Donald Trump

Now a new poll provides evidence of the consequences of Trump’s pathological prevaricating. After three years of spewing flagrant falsehoods on every subject (more than 16,000 lies documented), it turns out that that isn’t a very good way to establish trust. Who knew? According to the Monmouth University Poll:

“Trump is trusted less as source of information than three cable news outlets – except if you ask Republicans. Nearly half the American public (48%) trusts CNN more than Trump, compared with one-third (35%) who trust Trump more than CNN and another 13% who trust both equally as a source of information.

“The results are similar when Trump is pitted against the left-leaning MSNBC – 45% trust MSNBC more, 32% trust Trump more, and 16% trust both equally. The right-leaning Fox News also bests the president as a trusted information source – 30% trust Fox more and 20% trust Trump more, although a plurality of 37% trust both equally.”

So Americans trust CNN and MSNBC more than they trust Trump, each by a thirteen point margin. If Trump finds out about this, he could have a stroke. The public at large even trust Fox News more than Trump. Although Republicans are “more likely to trust Trump (35%) over Fox News (21%), with 40% trusting both GOP-aligned sources equally.” Which only proves that the Cult of Trump is strong, especially among Fox viewers.

This preference for the press as a credible source of information has been documented in many other polls over the past few years. And a recent poll by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist reveals that a majority of Americans don’t trust what Trump has been telling them specifically about COVID-19 (coronavirus). That’s not surprising considering the fact that Trump has been callously exploiting the White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefings as a replacement for the campaign rallies that he can’t hold anymore. He has hijacked those briefings for crass political gain and because he needs them to satisfy his ego. Although, it’s obvious to most viewers that he has nothing of substance to contribute, so he wastes time with falsehoods and lavish tributes to himself. Is it any wonder that he isn’t trusted?

As for Fox News, they posted an article on their website about this poll that completely misrepresented the results. The headline bleated that “Monmouth poll gives media lower job approval than Trump amid coronavirus crisis.” That’s technically correct if you ignore the whole of the results. The poll asked if various entities had “done a good job or bad job dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.” If you look only at those who said Trump did a good job, he prevailed by 50-45 percent. But those who said he did a bad job (45%), were more than those who said the media did a bad job (43%). So that can hardly be called a victory for Trump.

What’s more, the poll showed that 72% of the American people said that state governors have done a good job. And 65% said that federal health agencies have done a good job. So the people do have confidence in specific leaders and agencies, just not Trump. That, along with Trump’s abysmal showing on trust when compared to the media, is an encouraging sign that the American people are paying attention and will hold those who failed them accountable in November. And that really can’t come too soon.

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5 thoughts on “Lying Has Consequences: Poll Shows Americans Trust the Media More than Trump

  1. I can’t believe Trump does as well as he does in these polls. His cult will believe anything Dear Leader says and right wing media enables him to get away with it.

    We all need to remember, commit to memory, how poorly Trump has handled this Covid-19 crisis. I know it’s just 1 of many things he has screwed up & made worse ~ what HASN’T he mishandled??!
    Between now & Nov there will be many $100,000,000’s spent to convince everyone that he has “done all great things”, with well edited sound bites & the best in campaign theatrics by Karl Rove (remember “Mission Acomplished”?).
    Up to us to remind folks of “the real”, like this massive f*ck-up & how little he cares about the American people – live or die! He cares about $$$ period. Trillions added to our debt & very, very little for working class America; the biggest bucks are going to biggest corporations — most of whom NOT BEING AFFECTED, as we are, by this virus & the lousy leadership!
    Already, Trump’s given $Trillions to Wall St. & has bailed out oil & gas industry. Now, amongst the greedy pigs with hands out for $$$ are Boeing & Trump’s own hotel/resorts! And they intend to keep secret for 6mos. the names of those receiving big bucks with “no strings attached”. That’s unheard of, but does show you that they know they’re doing wrong & screwing us for benefit of big money donors!
    This financial bailout was FOR US ~ the people down here being hurt by all the jobs lost & loss of income. Yet, the amount of money they’re handing out has BALLOONED & we will only get miniscule amount of total! The corps getting these large sums haven’t actually lost money, submitting no statements showing losses & many are ones who recently got a ton of money & used it to buy back their own stocks & bonuses for their top dogs.
    Meanwhile, Trump is doing nothing to procure tests & health care supplies that we desperately NEED! Massive testing is the ONLY WAY to get a handle on this global pandemic, but GOP & friends are getting tested, going out, & no hardship for them – only the best care for them. We will suffer financially, get sick & many will die, as this virus rages on!
    Trump is the WORST leadership of them all! He & all GOP must be voted OUT!!

  3. Why bother to comment on such an obvious paranoid schizophrenic?
    The man needs special help. It is not only bewildering, but dangerous to enable a sitting president, with glaring mental deficiencies and delusions! Amendment XXV, was created for just such an emergency.

  4. The ‘polls’ are as accurate as anything Trumpf (R) lies about. On the airwaves is a fully right-wing propaganda Corporation pretending to ask for people to respond. It is running it’s own ‘poll’ by seeking people who agree with Trumpf (R) to call in. Imagine that! Anyone familiar with solicited ‘polls’ will view it for what is, Political campaigning in the Fake guise of concern. How many Americans must/will die to appease Trumpf’s (R) sense of grandiosity? He demands adulation for incompetence. He blames his own Mother for having born him! So do I!

  5. Trump will never be someone this country trusts. From collusion with Russia and his role in Ukraine to calling this virus a hoax and his cronies blaming democrats or Obama for all of TRUMPS failed actions. I have no idea who you are looking. But there is not one person that I know that wants another 4 years of this idiot.

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