How Does Trump Have Time to Post Dozens of Tweets During a Raging Pandemic?

It’s Saturday and time once again for the regularly scheduled Trump Tweetstorm. On this episode, our reality TV game show president posted fifty (50!) self-serving, lie-riddled, insult-laden tweets, all before mid-afternoon.

Donald Trump, Toilet, Bathrobe

It’s bad enough that the American president finds it necessary to constantly lash out with such childish egocentrism on a frivolous social media site. But during a pandemic that is causing hundreds of thousands of illnesses in the country, and thousands of deaths, it is mind-boggling that he even has the time. Trump has never been a particularly efficient manager, having spent more time playing golf than any other president. And that’s when he isn’t watching Fox News or staging cult rallies. But you would think that his days would now be consumed with finding ways to mitigate the hardship – physical, emotional, and financial – that our fellow citizens are enduring.

Instead, Trump is tweeting interminably. With 50 tweets in seven hours (that’s about a tweet every eight minutes), Trump really needs to explain how that benefits a nation in distress. And you also need to factor in the time it took him to read the content that he’s retweeting prior to posting it.

Among this morning’s retweets were eight by John Solomon, a disgraced, ultra right-wing conspiracy crackpot. But even more egregious, there were 16 tweets that featured Trump’s daughter Ivanka. They covered a variety of subjects, but were mostly attempts to pay tribute to her and whatever project she’s pretending to be involved with. That’s a lot of tribute to someone who is only in the White House because of her family name.

The tweeting appears to have stopped just as Trump took to the podium at today’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing. Unfortunately, these briefings have not served their purpose from the start. Trump has hijacked them to boost his 2020 reelection campaign. So he commandeers the microphone to exalt himself, malign his critics, and shout manically at the press.

In fact, Trump opened today’s briefing by haranguing the media in some vague sense without ever explaining what he’s talking about. He later spent several minutes defending his firing of the intelligence community Inspector General, which led into several more minutes lying about the conversation wherein he extorted the president of Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden. Again, this obsession with himself does nothing to advance the fight against the coronavirus.

The bottom line is that we have a president who is flagrantly negligent. A competent leader wouldn’t have time to cast himself as the star of a daily press conference. He wouldn’t have time to bicker with reporters for whom he harbors a bitter hatred. And he surely wouldn’t have time to tweet dozens of times, predominantly about his own daughter, while the American people are suffering.

We need a president who will assemble the best and brightest experts to attack this pandemic, and then let them do that while he attends to a bigger picture agenda and the multitude of other presidential responsibilities. Trump has dropped the ball on virtually everything. And with respect to COVID-19 that has been a deadly dereliction of duty.

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5 thoughts on “How Does Trump Have Time to Post Dozens of Tweets During a Raging Pandemic?

  1. 50 tweets?!? (I don’t Twitter or Fakebook, so wouldn’t know that.)
    Couldn’t find any praising retweets by others of his own greatness? Good, if there are less of them, finally.
    His daughter is yet another fraud & failure ~ a chip off the old block, but much easier on the eyes ( if ya’ like the Barbie doll type). He’s kinda’ creepy tho in how he looks at & thinks of her. He hasn’t announced a VP for ~ God Forbid! ~ a 2nd term, has he? Wonder if it might be Jared (the son he wishes he had), or even Ivanka? Start of royal dynasty…Trump’s wet dream. I think it would be nuts, but then he IS totally nuts!
    Finding time for 50 tweets on Sat. before his media sideshow is EZ when don’t actually do any work of normal US President. Thinking that’s a great way to spend his time & what he tweets somehow matters to people, that I don’t understand.
    All I can figure is it does show the world what his mind is on & NOT on. EZ to see that “he is over” this Coronavirus thing. His ass is covered & is wasting many tests that we need out here, making sure everyone who visits him is tested 1st. (HE doesn’t want to get that virus!) He & those he cares about have plenty of tests available + only the best health care there is, paid for by us, of course. That’s the extent of his thinking on Covid-19 now. “Moving on.”
    He is itching to get out of WH & back to Mar-a-Lago, where he holds court, making deals & being catered to, bowed down to, etc. Am sure he’s working on excuse for HIM to violate ‘stay at home’ rules & make his trip be “essential”. In meantime, they are back to stacking the courts to create ‘Injustice’ System that prevails many decades into future. Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Americans falling ill & dying ~ areas of Trump support are getting tests & such they request — keeping those voters alive & well to vote. But, he is tired of that topic & wants those briefings all for & about himself. Looks like he has that now.
    And the moronic MSM will put it all on TV, as if it is news, or even worth reporting. Shame on them! And he still treats reporters like shit.

  2. These so-called tweets should actually be labeled as barbs as tweets were originally intended to be positive. This is what we can expect: more barbs and barb throwing. One more thing, “I, alone, can fix this,” and, “I do not take any responsibility at all.” How does that work for you?

  3. Maybe it’s “I, alone, can not fix this”. “I take full responsibility for all”. What buck?

  4. He, alone, can make a crisis, into a catastrophe.
    He takes full responsibility for all the bestest things! “No President has ever been as great at everything as I am!” (…& all the Trumpy-chumps say, “Amen!”)
    All the bad things that happen are “fake news”, “witch hunt” & a “hoax” by Dems, just trying to harm him & ruin his re-election in Nov!

  5. Simple, dump’s a dumba*s and does NOT give 2 wet s*its about this country. He NEVER has and NEVER will.

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