Trump Says ‘This is Easy’ as He Leads America Into a Coronavirus Wasteland

Donald Trump’s criminally negligent response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic will go down as one of the most deadly abdications of leadership in history. From the beginning he refused to take the threat seriously. He insisted that the few cases reported in the U.S. would shortly drop to zero. His claim that he had everything under control was either a flagrant lie or fatally ignorant.

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Trump also failed to pressure his pal, Xi Jinping, into providing honest and accurate data on the rapidly spreading infections. At the time, Trump was bragging about a pretty rotten trade deal that he was negotiating with China. He was afraid to jeopardize it by holding Xi’s feet to the fire on a public health catastrophe that has now taken the lives of more than 40,000 Americans.

Trump continues to tread the hypocritical territory between total authority and “taking no responsibility at all.” He spends the vast majority of his Coronavirus Task Force briefings (aka Trump 2020 reelection campaign TV infomercials) bragging about what he imagines are unprecedented achievements, but that don’t actually exist in the real world. Yet somehow these claims of outright victory are adjacent to his accusations of abject failure for which he blames mostly Democratic governors and the media.

Monday morning Trump shoveled another heap of garbage into his Twitter feed. It was typically self-aggrandizing, while maligning anyone he regards as less than utterly adoring. He began by unleashing a tired and impotent attack on Democrats, and concluded by praising himself:

Let’s break down this tantrum. For starters, it was not the Democrats (radical, do nothing, or otherwise) who “screamed” for ventilators. It was doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, and other public health experts. It was also patients who were suffering, many of whom later died.

Secondly, acquiring ventilators was not exclusively the job of state governors. The federal government has a long established role in responding to national emergencies like the one that is in effect today. By not coordinating that response, Trump produced an environment where states had to compete with other states to get critical medical equipment and supplies. What’s worse, they also had to compete with the feds, who were undercutting efforts by the states to get these supplies. And Trump’s claim that “everyone got their V’s” is patently false.

Thirdly, Trump segued into a bizarre rant about “Testing, Testing, Testing,” and claimed that the states were “playing a very dangerous political game” simply because they asked the Trump administration to do its job. While testing is done in the states, the responsibility for producing the test kits rests with the president who alone can invoke the Defense Production Act to compel companies to gear up the manufacture of necessary medical items.

Finally, Trump pretends that he’s going to work with the governors. That’s when he isn’t attacking them with childish insults and inciting his cult followers to engage in open rebellion to the “Stay at Home” and “social distancing” policies that are critical to flattening the curve of the pandemic. And perhaps the most preposterous assertion in Trump’s Twitter tirade is his claim that “This is easy compared to the fast production of thousands of complex Ventilators!”

Really? Trump thinks it’s easy to manufacture, distribute, and process the tens of millions of test kits that are required before we can ever return to some semblance of normality? If so, then there is just one simple question he needs to answer: Why hasn’t he done it?

Obviously, Trump is only focused on shifting blame for his failures to others. That’s because he’s desperate to halt the brutal decline he is suffering in the polls, and to salvage his floundering reelection prospects. He’s just too stupid to realize that everything he’s doing will have the opposite effect that he’s hoping for. But what’s worse is that he is continuing to contribute to the tragedies and loss that the American people are suffering. And he just doesn’t care.

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6 thoughts on “Trump Says ‘This is Easy’ as He Leads America Into a Coronavirus Wasteland

  1. While we all, out here in Reality World know that a person cannot claim “total authority” & at same time, “take no responsibility” for what is happening, Trump-a-chump sees no problem at all with doing both of those things at once. Indeed, it is exactly how he has run his “Trump enterprise” since well, always. He has total authority over it all & when it goes all to hell, blames everyone else, taking no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome. Plus, he walks away with millions of dollars in his pocket, leaving others “holding the (empty) bag”.
    That’s his M.O. He thinks it makes him a “smart businessman”. I’ll bet anyone whose had business dealings with him would disagree with that! I’ll double-down & bet they call him something very different!
    Of course, they can’t tell us cuz’ Trump makes every person who works for him in any capacity, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to get the job. He has always hated the truth & the truth tellers! After all, the charade won’t work anymore if the truth gets out…& then what would little Donnie do? Go legit? Never! Bite your tongue!

  2. Why hasn’t he done it? you ask. Simple, it would COST money. That’s why. He and the ENTIRE gop HATE spending money to help anybody else with anything. It’s easier if everybody is DEAD. That’s what they want.

  3. He’s hoping enuff Dems will die that GOP can still steal it on election day, as planned.
    The only fly in their ointment might be if cohntry goes for mail-in ballots. So much harder to steal if no polling places to intimidate voters & to use “remote vote changing software coding”. Mail-in ballots provide paper trail, sent in at different times & altho some may be not counted cuz’ “Oops!” In someone’s car trunk, but can’t change a whole lot of votes by boxes of ballots in trunks. (That actually happened in FL, the year of “hanging chads”…)

  4. You’ve summed up Trump perfectlly: “He’s just too stupid.” Too stupid to do his job. Covid-19 offered him a glorious opportunity to redeem much of his woeful reputation, simply by doing his job: realize the reality, set up the means to deal with it and go on his hallowed TV to tell everyone what he was doing. It’s called leadership. Sadly, all the sycophants he’s gathered around him are equally stupid, so no one could help him see the light. Instead of leading the nation through this crisis, he’s now buried in his own failings, lies and denials, while thousands of Americans suffer and die. What a waste.

  5. One of the latest items coming out is that Oil Can Don is beating the drums as a precursor to firing Dr. Anthony Fauci. If Dr. Fauci gets removed, the media still should contact him for factual statements on the state we are in as the good doctor may be the only one being totally truthful.

  6. “‘Oh, that was easy,’ says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed at the next zebra crossing.”
    — The Book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    “Let’s get a million people together to protest against social distancing! Hey, why am I coughing so much? Damn Obama!”
    — Tyrant Worshiper

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