Even Trump’s ‘Friends’ Think His Behavior at Coronavirus Briefings is Asinine

For several weeks Donald Trump has been serving as the host of a daily reality TV program known as “The Coronavirus Task Force Briefings.” Trump envisions himself as the COVID-19 pandemic’s Pat Sajak, spinning a Wheel of Falsehoods and propaganda. He has turned what was intended to be a platform for disseminating life and death information into a petty, partisan, political charade.

Donald Trump

No longer able to bask in the glassy-eyed adoration of his cult disciples at mass rallies, Trump is callously exploiting a public health crisis in order to advance his own reelection prospects. He has cast himself as the star of the daily briefings despite the fact that, due to his ignorance and ego, he has nothing of value to contribute. Consequently, he wastes the time of the public and the press by upstaging the experts so that he can disgorge more lies, brag about imaginary accomplishments, and yell at reporters.

Trump’s narcissism always gets the best of him. He can’t hold a thought in his orange-glazed noggin that isn’t laser focused on his own self interest. But his efforts to exalt himself are failing bigly. His approval ratings are sinking during a national disaster, a time when any other leader would be enjoying a “rally round the flag” bounce. And he’s reduced to having to boast about his TV ratings because the American people aren’t buying his lies.

Even worse, many of Trump’s closest allies are straying from the Trump dogma. Rupert Murdoch’s conservative Wall Street Journal published an editorial titled Trump’s Wasted Briefings that said “If Mr. Trump thinks these daily sessions will help him defeat Joe Biden, he’s wrong.” GOP Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia is warning that the president should “let the health professionals guide where we’re going to go,” and that the briefings have gone “off the rails a little bit.” Trump’s chief Senate bootlicker, Lindsey Graham, said that Trump “drowns out his own message,” and suggested that he appear once a week rather than every day. Even a reliable Fox News Trump-fluffer, Brit Hume, responded harshly to a Trump tweet about the briefings, saying that…

To top it off, one of Trump’s closest friends, Piers Morgan, appeared on CNN Sunday morning and delivered an uncompromising smack down (video below). He prefaced it saying that Trump “won’t want me saying this, but I’m gonna say it anyway.” And his elaboration pretty much confirmed that:

“I’ve been watching these daily briefings with mounting horror frankly, because this is not what the president should be doing. […and what…] this requires of any world leader is that they’ve got to be calm. They have to show authority. They have to be honest. They have to be accurate, entirely factual with what they’re telling the people. And they have to have the ability to show empathy. And on almost every level of that Donald Trump, at the moment, is failing the American people.

“He’s turning these briefings into a self-aggrandizing, self-justifying, overly defensive, politically partisan, almost like a rally to him. Almost like what’s more important to him is winning the election in November. No it’s not, Donald Trump. What is more important right now is saving American lives.”

To be sure, Morgan is notorious right-wing jerk with a long history of racism and misogyny. His prior remarks about Trump have been effusively laudatory. Which makes this criticism all the more painful for Trump. We can expect some infantile and insulting tweets aimed at Morgan shortly, because Trump’s most predictable trait is lashing out at those whom he feels have betrayed him. And that’s pretty much everyone, since his paranoia and persecution was affirmed in his own words when he said that All I see is hatred of me.” Poor baby.

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5 thoughts on “Even Trump’s ‘Friends’ Think His Behavior at Coronavirus Briefings is Asinine

  1. OT, but speaking of asinine, this coming Wednesday will mark the 11th anniversary of the date Sean Hannity promised on Charles Grodin’s program to get his fat ass waterboarded “for the troops’ families,” but he never mentioned it again and still hasn’t done it.

    The longer Seanny the Cowardly Asshole Manatee ignores his false promise, the more he insults our troops and the American people. And, of course, the more he will prove himself the Cowardly Asshole Manatee lacking any credibility whatsoever that we’ve always known him to be.

    Torture fan Sean Hannity still hasn’t been waterboarded like he promised
    [March 16, 2018 article]

    Yes, Seanny, we still remember, and yes, we ARE still counting, And you can bet I’m going to mention this on Twitter as the date approaches….

  2. No one should believe a single word that Sean the Sham (-mity) says, on TV or off, until he gets properly waterboarded, as promised!
    EZ to say it but not so EZ to do it, eh Shammity?!?

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah, dump’s “friends” say that, but they will STILL keep on polishing dump’s….knob and keep fluffing him up. STOP bending over for dump and DUMP him as your ‘friend’. THAT would be more useful than continuing to polish his…..knob.

  4. Trump the Bump is such a jerk. Can’t believe anyone would listen to anything he says. Everything is a lie out of his mouth. He’s a disgusting piece of work. And his makeup is worse. How anyone could believe him amazes me. I read somewhere that his mother told him that “he was a good boy and could do anything he wanted— and he believes it . He’s nothing but an a—hole.

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