GOING POSTAL: Trump’s USPS Envy Reveals His Egomaniacal Intentions

Never forget that there is always an ulterior motive behind everything Donald Trump does. If there isn’t a tangible personal benefit for Trump he wouldn’t be doing it. That benefit could be political, financial, or just a shot in the arm to his voracious ego. But it’s there, and you don’t usually have to dig too deep to find it.

Donald Trump, Stock Market Crash

Last week Trump reprised his long-running vilification of the U.S. Postal Service. His hostility to this agency, that is explicitly authorized by the Constitution, is rooted in his jealousy of and contempt for Jeff Bezos, a real billionaire and the owner of Amazon and the Washington Post. In a rancid screed on Friday Trump called the Postal Service “a joke” and complained about their management and deficits, saying that…

“The post office, if they raised the price of a package by approximately four times, it would be a whole new ballgame. But they don’t want to raise it because they don’t want to insult Amazon, and they don’t want to insult other companies, perhaps, that they like. The post office should raise the price of the packages to the companies. Not to the people, to the companies. If they did that, it would be a whole different story.”

First of all, if the Post Office raised their prices four times, those costs would be passed on to their customers. So Trump’s ignorant and disingenuous promise not to burden “the people” with the increases is a purposeful lie. This is similar to his ludicrous claim that tariffs imposed on China are paid by the Chinese government directly to the U.S. treasury. In fact, they are paid by American companies who either absorb the decline in their profit margin, or tack the increase on to their products, amounting to a de facto tax on all American consumers. As a failed businessman Trump can’t be expected to understand how these things work.

What’s more, Trump’s assertion that Amazon is getting some kind of a sweetheart deal is false. They are paying bulk rates similar to all other shippers of mass quantities of packages. It’s also false that the Post Office is losing money as result of their relationship with Amazon. Actually, it is Amazon and other large retailers who are the bright spots in the USPS business. Without them the Postal Service would be even further in debt. And Trump’s idiotic proposal to raise rates would likely cause Amazon and others to develop their own delivery operations (which Amazon has already started), resulting in still deeper debt for the USPS.

The aim by many on the right is to fully privatize the USPS and run it like FedEx. That’s preposterous. FedEx and other third-party shippers are profitable because they took only the most profitable type of business from the Postal Service. They do not, and cannot, deliver ordinary first class mail. Nor do they service many rural areas. So unless you want to pay $14.00 to send a letter to grandma, or a birthday card to your sister, you better start supporting the Post Office.

The real problem facing the USPS is not package delivery, but a bizarre requirement that they must pre-fund 75 years’ worth of retiree health benefits. Neither the government nor private companies are required to do that. And the prices for their services are in line with their costs. That is actually required by a 2006 law mandating that “each line of business within the postal service set its prices at least high enough to break even.” It is, therefore, literally against the law for the postal service to lose money on package delivery. Again, business moron Trump wouldn’t know this.

So why is Trump fixated on this issue when there are so many other matters (such as a deadly global pandemic) that require the nation’s attention? For two reasons. First, he is bursting with envy of Jeff Bezos. He knows that he will never achieve the sort of success or respect that Bezos has. Consequently, he seeks to illegally abuse the power of the presidency to inflict pain on his nemesis. In addition, Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post that Trump despises because they aren’t afraid to publish the truth about him. That assault on journalism is another unlawful action on Trump’s part intended to intimidate the free press.

The second motivation behind Trump’s attack on the Postal Service is his fear of the prospect of all Americans having access to their right to vote. Mail-in ballots are permitted in many states and also by the Pentagon for our citizens in the military. And it is especially necessary at this moment in time to protect people from exposure to the coronavirus.

However, Trump has claimed that mail-in voting is only used by cheaters (including himself) and that it is rife with fraud, although there has never been any evidence of that. However, Trump himself revealed the real reason he’s opposed to it when he told Fox News that it “doesn’t work out well for Republicans.” He went on to complain that Democrats were “crazy” for supporting vote-by-mail, saying that “They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

So there you have it. Trump is afraid because he knows that the more people who vote, the less likely it is that Republicans will be elected. And his confederates in the Republican Party agree with him. They are probably right. Consequently, killing initiatives like vote-by-mail that make it easier to vote is part of the GOP platform, along with other assorted means of suppressing votes.

What true patriots should be doing now is contacting their representatives in Congress and demanding that they support the Postal Service by fully funding it and providing emergency funds to help it get through the pandemic. Remember, they are a major American employer, including tens of thousands of veterans. In addition, you can help by buying a sheet of commemorative stamps. I would suggest the Trump tribute stamp that is labeled as “Year of the Rat.”

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10 thoughts on “GOING POSTAL: Trump’s USPS Envy Reveals His Egomaniacal Intentions

  1. This is exactly the stuff that Democrats should be yelling about, loudly & clearly, every day. Where’s Joe Biden right now? Why isn’t he out in front of cameras (okay, in in front of a camera) telling the people what Trump’s doing & why?
    Trump provides enough ammunition for years of attack ads, just by tweeting his insanity. I don’t understand why the Democrats aren’t calling him (& all the other Republican morons) out, all the time.

    • It’s very easy to pass the blame to candidates. And while I agree Biden and every Democrat should be speaking on this issue, it is really up to the VOTERS. If the Voters Do Not take the time to become engaged in their government, the corporations. I have called ALL my Reps., signed numerous petitions and will continue to speak out social media.

      But really. WHY are citizens so poorly engaged? Why do they watch Fox propaganda like sheep? Why do they not take it upon themselves to do what is in their OWN best interests? Why do they think trump is a “strong leader?” Because they think he’s going to make their lives better? Really?

      “We, the People,” will ONLY get the kind of responsive government we need when we ENGAGE and are active.

    • Biden did address this 2 weeks ago: Trump “is trying to let [the USPS] fail. Congress should do everything it can to prevent this.”

  2. Actually, Moscow Mitch is playing a very big roll in trying to bury the Postal Service. Moscow Mitch is preventing a funding bill (which has been passed by the House) from coming to a vote in the Senate. The rest of the repuglikan senators can say, tongue in cheek, they are for in maintaining the USPS while knowing full well the proposed bill will not in all likelihood ever come up for a vote.

  3. Trump will be committing voter suppression if he’s successful with undermining the USPS.
    He will also be an accomplice in abetting violations of the federal laws under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Those of us who have physical limitations rely on the USPS to mail in our absentee ballots.

    • Yes we do! And we vote, baby! Informed voters vote by mail yoo

  4. OT: Dumbbytch and Moron just got their asses fired by Fux Spews. Can’t imagine why. Why would Fux Spews the only creatures who worship Their Beloved God more than they do.

    And all we got from them is a little ego-boo and more bs on Biden:

    Seriously, Diamond and Silk are trending twice on twitter, but Joe Biden, who’s been accused of sexual assault, is silent in the basement, quieter than a mouse peeing on cotton. Where is the MSM on that?

    I wonder if Terrorist Donnie will offer his “condolences.”

  5. Please do not insult rats (or any other nonhuman animal) by comparing them to trumpidiot. Raats are clean, intelligent, sensitive creatures. If you had a pet rat, he would love you and NEVER suggest that you drink bleach.

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