Fox News Cultists – And Nearly No One Else – Believe Trump is Honest

The determination of Donald Trump to malign the credibility of the media has taken a toll. However, the impact has been felt mostly by his own devoted disciples. The American people by and large continue to have little respect for Trump as a trustworthy source of information.

Trump Lies

Trump’s problems are entirely of his own making. His frequent and shameless lying does not go unnoticed. He has been documented to have told more than 18,000 lies since his inauguration. And particularly with regard to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Trump has repeatedly disseminated easily verified falsehoods. As a result, the majority of the American people don’t believe what he says about pretty much anything. Even more painful from Trump’s perspective, and after years of vilification, they believe the media more.

A new poll by USA Today/Suffolk University affirms these views. When asked if they think Trump is honest and trustworthy, only 31% said that he is, while more than twice as many (64%) said that he is not. What’s more, when the responses were broken down by preferences for news sources, the ideological divide was starkly revealing:

“According to the Suffolk poll, of the 31% of Americans who believe Trump is honest and trustworthy, nearly two-thirds of them say Fox is their favorite news source. Among Fox-first viewers – who comprise about 25% of Americans in the survey – 78% say Trump is honest and trustworthy, while just 15% disagree.

The imbalance is even more striking when you look at people who don’t trust Fox the most. Among the three-fourths of the population who don’t list Fox as their No. 1, just 15% say Trump is honest and trustworthy, while nearly 80% say he is not.”

Let that sink in. The poll shows, firstly, that only 25% of the American people say they watch Fox News. The number is actually smaller than that as the Nielsen ratings show that only about 1% of TV viewers are actually tuning in the right-wing network. The poll respondents are likely just giving credit to the channel that reflects their political biases.

Of the 75% of Americans who are not Fox News viewers, a measly 15% of them regard Trump as honest and trustworthy. That compares to 78% of the Fox cultists who are only a quarter of the total respondents in the poll.

Consequently, Trump is suffering a huge trust deficit from which he is unlikely to recover in the few months remaining before the election. And his recovery is all the more difficult since there is no sign that he plans to be more truthful going forward, or that is even able to be. Trump’s commitment to spewing self-serving fiction has been a key component of his character (or lack thereof) for decades. And the more he puts himself in from of the people, the more he lies, and the more his credibility sinks into an abyss.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Cultists – And Nearly No One Else – Believe Trump is Honest

  1. I just assume, as a matter of course, that Trump and Fux News are liars and that nothing either source says is ever true.

  2. Propaganda is a powerful weapon for authoritarians!

    • This comment may seem to be off topic, but it isn’t – not really.
      I urge everyone whose got a little free time in their day, to take an interesting walk backwards in time with NewsCorpse! I just did & found it a very good read, indeed! ‘Trip’ to look thru spectacles of Nov. 2015! I didn’t have time, but glad I read it, astonished all over again that he won.
      Incredulous that GOP is running Trump again ~ knowing all that we now know!
      Ahhh…we were so innocent then, so naive in our grasp of the obnoxious orange-faced, imbecile, the deranged & perverted criminal psych-case that was coming down the road & about to steamroller right over us! I dare say, NewsCorpse was onto Trump while most of us didn’t yet take candidate Trump seriously! In that day’s blog NC speaks of & lists what, at the time, was already a record # of lies by Trump. (Things were simpler then!) It is now an inconceivable 18,000+ Trump lies & growing every day that he opens his mouth, speaking with forked tongue!
      Now, we can see GOP’s destruction of American Democratic Republic, by way of a fraud & failure they defend & support 100%, giving powers not his to take, enabling & excusing all words & actions of the Trumpenstein monster! Benedict Arnolds ~ willing traitors of the USA!
      Driven by their lust for power & $$$, letting loyalty to 1 putrid excuse for a man, be more important than loyalty to America the Beautiful! ~ Our values, traditions, rule of law, reputation & our way of life! “Our everything!” *Eternal shame on them all!*

      ~~> The blog date to look for is Nov. 29, 2015. …2015. A year BEFORE Trump was put in office by Electoral College as #45th President & by all measures, the VERY WORST US prez ever!!
      Any 5 lies on list should’ve been enuff for smart folks to reconsider their votes for this person… Well, knowing what we know now, for sure! GOP is betting on stupidity of their voters to vote Trump again.

  3. I believe all the swing states have voting by mail.
    It really doesn’t matter; the facts; voter by mail. Trump can be counted on to scream fraud when he loses; he already did so when winning in 2016. Vote by mail is convenient but the right ALREADY believes the 3 million pop vote loss was illegal immigrants voting. There will be violence; we already had right wing terrorists right before 2018’s blue wave’…and the crazy part was THEY THOUGHT they would win. How they will act when they lose; told its stolen from them? By mass shootings of course. Demographics are spelling doom to a white wing party outright hostile to the growing groups; they will go down with violence; further cementing their doomed future on a national stage. Terrorism ALWAYS destroys its own cause among majorities; the same way race riots of 1968 hardened racism, the same way Left wing terrorism of the 1970’s like weathermen created the Reaganite backlash. NOBODY wanted to be associated with a side containing killers of innocents. Race riots and crime on white victims motivied by race hate; brought fear which brought so much racism; sooo much. The NYC I was born in 1980’s; seething mutual hatred.

  4. Oil Can Don is a huckster. He has a vocabulary designed to sell, repeating words, deflecting, distracting, denigrating, projecting, gaslighting, etc. even if he can’t complete a sentence. There is a video on You Tube entitled, “How Donald Trump Answers a Question.” https:// afo BV-Uzl It is very informative showing or explaining why he can be or is successful, much to our chagrin. Just as GW Bush was not very intelligent, but he was a political fox. These people whom we have little respect for must not be taken lightly. Their very nature makes them very politically lethal.

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