Fox News Senior Analyst Inadvertently Admits Fox News is NOT Real News

The schizophrenic ravings of Donald Trump continue to be displayed unabashedly to an astonished world. Trump’s love/hate relationship with Fox News is one of the most bizarre symptoms of mental infirmity ever observed in an American “president.” As often as Trump embraces the daily idolatry of Fox’s sycophantic shills, he likewise condemns them when they fall short of the unflinching adoration that he expects and demands.

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Among Fox’s most ardent Trump-fluffers is their senior political analyst, and former chief anchor, Brit Hume. On Tuesday morning Trump initiated a series of domino retweets aimed at rewarding Hume for his brazenly biased and oblivious lack of insight. Trump retweeted the rabidly right-wing Washington Examiner’s Mollie Hemingway, who retweeted Hume, saying that…

What Trump via Hemingway via Hume via Byron York (another Fox News contributor), were referring to was a statement by the chief executive of Axios, Jim VandeHei, who told the New York Times that he “he supported staff members’ right to march in public protests, adding that the publisher would cover bail for any employee who is arrested.” That’s not a particularly newsworthy comment. It simply affirms that staffers are permitted to exercise their First Amendment rights. It does not, as Trump et al imply, authorize them to introduce bias into their articles or to report on the events in which they participated. In fact, VandeHei reiterated that in his response to the Times.

What stands out in this criticism by Hume is his ability to dissociate from realty with regard to his own network. There is no mass distributed “news” enterprise that is as blatantly prejudiced as Fox News. Someone should introduce Hume to Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. The daily on-air performances of these slavish bootlickers is far worse than being a near anonymous individual among thousands at a public demonstration.

Hume should also be reminded that his Fox News colleagues, Hannity and Pirro, did not merely attend Trump campaign rallies, they were featured, on-stage speakers. So Hume is outraged if someone is compelled to express themselves on matters of great social significance, like police brutality and equal justice, but he is silent when his buddies are openly stumping for a political candidate.

This makes Hume’s cranky criticism regarding what constitutes a “real news organization” all the more poignant, especially as it applies to Fox News itself. Open your friggin’ eyes, Brit, and stop feeding Trump false narratives. Real news organizations have usually forbidden that. Which I guess allows Fox to do it since they have never been a real news organization. Thanks for pointing that out.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News Senior Analyst Inadvertently Admits Fox News is NOT Real News

  1. The ‘news’ part of FOX was formally removed a year or so ago, but people are still calling it ‘Fox News.’ Ridiculous!

  2. The hypocrisy of republicans and their media—and it seems they all suffer from it—never ceases to amaze me. They don’t know that it’s so obvious everyone can see it. Of course, the meat bags they cater to won’t or are incapable of seeing it.

    And those who practice this unabashed hypocrisy, I place in the same category as liars and thieves. The same character traits are required.

  3. This article is actually pointless. There goes those 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    Report on something real instead of thinking you’re such a genius coming up with this loophole tricky semantics BS. Barf.

    • Well said. This is such crap. Paid for by the deep state for your entertainment.


    • Once again, the wingnut contingent resorts to hollow criticism, unable to rebut a single point.

  4. Funny, that they who call for something more ‘real’ in blogs have nothing ‘real’ to say for themselves as they criticize, vaguely, what you have to say — which is not so vague, but perhaps meaning/message just zooms over their heads?

    I don’t want to say they are too shallow to have deep thoughts, but I have stepped in deeper puddles.

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