Trump Admits to Presiding Over ‘The Most RIGGED Election In Our Nation’s History’

Like a wounded grizzly bear, Donald Trump is exhibiting the sort of ultra-aggressive behavior of an animal that is desperate and mortally fearful. He knows that the American people are overwhelming repulsed by his noxious antics and totalitarian aspirations. He knows that every poll shows him trailing Joe Biden nationally, as well as in the crucial swing states. He knows that his political demise is imminent.

Donald Trump, Vote By Mail

In response to these facts, Trump has initiated a frantic and dangerous campaign to undermine America’s democracy. At a time when voters are understandably concerned about the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus, Trump and his Republican confederates are plotting to suppress votes in the upcoming presidential election. They are on a crusade to deny voters the right to cast their ballots by mail.

Even worse, Trump is attempting to delegitimize the election if mail-in voting is permitted. His intent is to lay the groundwork to challenge the results when he loses in November. Never mind that every study (including one by a Trump White House commission) found no evidence of fraud or any other problem. On Monday morning Trump pounded out four tweets condemning mail-in voting as rife with fraud. For instance…

Trump’s all-caps tirade sounds eerily like a threat. Is he soliciting foreign countries to print ballots? Is he proposing it as a tactic for his campaign or its devotees? It’s reminiscent of when he asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email. Not that any of that would work. The security features of vote-by-mail systems would catch those fakes easily. But Trump would claim that just the fact that they existed was proof that cheating occurred. Even though their existence would most likely be due to his involvement. The “scandal of our times” indeed.

Trump’s assertion that “MAIL-IN BALLOTS, 2020 will be the most RIGGED Election in our nations history” is supported by nothing but the hot air steaming from his lying lips. And his attempt to compare it to voting during previous world wars is simply asinine. Besides being a call to revert to voting systems that are as much as 100 years old, it ignores the fact that there were no impediments to voting because of the wars. There were no German soldiers lurking around polling places in Kansas. However, our soldiers, and their families stationed abroad, did vote by mail. That’s hardly analogous to the current situation with the presence of a highly contagious virus spreading throughout the country.

Trump also tweeted an article from the rabidly right-wing Breitbart News that quoted the Attorney General, Bill Barr, agreeing with Trump that mail-in voting would lead to a “rigged election” and would “absolutely open the floodgates to fraud.” Once again, there was no effort made to back up that claim with any proof. Very much like another of Trump’s morning tweets that was just another crackpot outburst about alleged “millions of mail-in ballots being sent out,” that no one “knows where they are going, and to whom.”

In reality, it is well known and documented where all vote-by-mail ballots are going, and who is receiving them. It is a tested and secure method of voting that is currently used by the military, most (but not all) states, and even Trump and his family.

That hasn’t stopped Trump from illegally threatening governors (ala Ukraine-style quid pro quo) with the withholding of federal funds if they disobey him and implement mail-in voting. He has explicitly admitted that his reasoning for opposing the practice is purely political due to his baseless belief that it benefits Democrats. And he has embarked on a campaign to destroy the Postal Service in order to achieve his goal of vote-by-mail prohibition.

Trump’s un-American determination to deny citizens their right to vote needs to be resisted in the strongest possible terms. Democrats in Congress are trying to pass legislation securing these rights, but they are being obstructed by anti-democratic Republicans. Organizations like the ACLU are working hard to make sure that mail-in voting is available to all Americans. They need our support now.

However, there are some idiotic Trump disciples who actually have a plan that we can all happily get behind. They are burning the applications they receive for vote-by-mail ballots. In their diseased minds they think that they are getting the better of Democrats who support mail-in voting. Okay, fine. That’s the sort of deranged behavior that we should all encourage. If they are so convinced that voting by mail will result in fraud, then they are free to opt out. And if Trump thinks that 2020 will have historic levels of election fraud, it’s only because he knows exactly what he is capable of. It isn’t a warning. It’s a threat.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Admits to Presiding Over ‘The Most RIGGED Election In Our Nation’s History’

  1. (Trump Tweet:)

    Ok…Stupid shit from that dumbass shouldn’t surprise anyone. In fact, IF he were to be straight up & truthful ~ THAT shock could be too much for my tired old heart to take. But, no chance of that, so no worries here. Trump talks as if will be loads of fake printed ballots, presumably filled out already & fake signed.(?) With the proper person’s signature on the back of envelopes, as required by law, will be what ~ snuck into the mail to elections offices? That sounds SO STUPID!
    IMPOSSIBLE to pull that off! He acts as if there are no safeguards to make sure all ballots are legit. There are!
    **But, since he brought it up, I want to use this chance to say that…If your signature has changed at all since you registered to vote, you need to re-register. I registered many years ago & am sure my sig. has changed over years! If your signature when you mail ballot back DOES NOT MATCH the 1 they have on file for you, your ballot will NOT be counted! You won’t know it tho & who decides if it’s same or not?
    Rethugs may try to interfere with that, like they interfere with voting at polls — that’s why this is 1st time in 30yrs that court is allowing them to be present at polls on Election Day. (A big mistake! – EXPECT CHAOS!)
    Our military families overseas & soldiers in war zones at election time are among those who regularly vote by mail & no complaints from either party about any fraud. Many of us here at home regularly vote by mail, either due to illness, disability, or other personal reasons. No fraud has been suggested in that. And 5 states use ONLY mail-in voting & fraud has not been an issue there either. There are many good reasons to have voting by mail & no real drawbacks to it. This year, with the coronavirus being a real threat to people’s health, the smartest thing to do is to use vote-by-mail! No one should be made to risk their health & life to vote in person, when we have an established, proven system for voting by mail that works!
    Added benefit is that it creates its own “paper trail”, so IF any doubts arise, there’s a paper record that can be used to verify vote counts. It is safer & more fraud proof than electronic voting! The only fraud I see is Trump & his Rethug Party LYING to scare the American People, saying there would be “massive fraud”, when they know that’s NOT TRUE!
    I truly believe that the interference in our elections by the (R) Party, thru gerrymandering, voter purges, creating chaos & long lines at polls in predominately Democratic voting areas; faulty voting/count machines, & this year the return of Rethugs to polling places to harrass voters & interfere with voting in person…THESE are the election fraud that we need be worried about & the very same tactics that Rethugs rely on to win. So far, they have none that work with voting by mail & THAT IS their real problem with it!
    If they cannot cheat, apparently they fear they cannot win.
    To which I say, “Tough Shit!”
    Fair elections matter!

  2. It’s a disaster for the country that the wingers will believe whatever their dear leader(s) dream up. Am beginning to wonder if the Bible believing folks are so used to believing impossible things that the Rethugs have a willing army of unaware misguided and propagandized voters to screw up the works.
    The nation is at a tipping point, IMO. We either teach rational thinking skills back in the schools or the USA dies a death created of too many small individual bleeding cuts.

  3. No, NOT at all. Who’s telling him that skunk s*it about foreign countries printing ballots? God almighty. THAT LIE alone SHOULD be something impeachable, again. These ungrateful, un-American, racist, sexist, bigoted, lying, clueless, classless, worthless, s*istain supporters of his and him.

  4. When you receive a ballot in the mail, you must use it or turn it in when you vote in person, …… at least in Texas. It happened to me — I’m 75yo, and decided to vote in person on primary election day, after my working there answering questions outside. I had to go home and retrieve the ballot and bring back to voting table, so that they knew I hadn’t voted twice.

  5. Nobody is asking for mail in ballots except the democratic party. Why is that.
    And what’s the problem with voter I.D. If you can legally vote, why would anybody be against an I.D.

    • Please educate yourself.

      It isn’t just Democrats advocating for mail-in voting. Republican governors in Iowa, Georgia, Nebraska and West Virginia, have implemented it. And Trump, Pence, McEnany, and others in the admin all vote by mail.

    • Nobody has a problem with the use of mail-in ballots except the Rethuglican Party & its more mindless followers. Why is that?!

      Rethugs had no problem with it in 2004, when ballots sent to our soldiers fighting in Iraq were “conveniently” filled out for the (R) Party & all soldiers had to do was sign it & mail it back. To be fair, they had option of filling 1 out themselves, if they chose to vote differently. And if not too busy fighting Bush/Cheney’s war & trying to stay alive. Why is that?!

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