More Americans Say Trump is Mentally Unfit than Biden (Duh)

For several months Donald Trump and his Confederacy of Buttmunchers have attempted to paint an unflattering portrait of Joe Biden as suffering from cognitive decline. In the process they have produced deceptive messages, images, and videos intended to give a false impression of Biden. And Trump has repeatedly made disparaging remarks during his press harangues, and even in his TV ads.

Donald Trump, Mocking Disability

It’s an ironic line of attack considering Biden’s prolific and articulate oratory, contrasted by the abundant evidence of Trump’s own failing mental acuity. After all, it’s Trump who has advised people to inject bleach; who thinks he coined the phrase “Buy American”; who believes that testing for the coronavirus creates new cases; who asserts that doctors were amazed at how he “aced” a cognitive assessment test; who is hyper-focused on his TV ratings during a deadly pandemic and economic recession; and who struggles to answer questions coherently and can barely construct a sentence that is halfway intelligible.

The American people have observed Trump’s bizarre and aberrant behavior for three and half years now. And despite his furious efforts to malign Biden, they recognize a nutcase when they see one.

This is affirmed in a recent poll by Monmouth University. The survey asked “How confident are you that [Donald Trump or Joe Biden] has the mental and physical stamina necessary to carry out the job of president?”

The results reveal that the American people overwhelmingly regard Trump as unfit for the duties of his office. Only 35% said they are “very” or “somewhat” confident of Trump’s mental stability. A majority of 54% said they are “not to” or “not at all” confident. Biden’s numbers are the complete opposite with 52% saying they are “very” or “somewhat” confident, and only 35% saying they are “not to” or “not at all” confident.

These survey results are all the more striking considering the lengths that Trump has gone to mischaracterize Biden. He has posted numerous tweets alleging that Biden is “not all there.” In a recent ad Trump asserted that Biden’s agenda would make America “diminished and weak, just like Biden.” Never mind that it’s pure projection on Trump’s part. Whether consciously or otherwise, some part of Trump knows that he’s the one drifting in and out of lucidity. and he’s not the only one who’s noticed (see video below).

Where once these sort of attacks were considered out of bounds, Trump doesn’t even try to conceal his malicious intent. It must be frustrating for him that after all of his noxious and denigrating slander, it’s Trump who wears the mantle of mental infirmity according to a nation of worried citizens. And it isn’t likely to get any better for him if he persists in attacking Biden. The people get that his attacks are offensive and reflect more on him than on his rival. Which would turn whatever further efforts he directs at Biden into a downward spiral of self-destruction. The problem for Trump is that he is already too psychologically impaired to understand that.

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2 thoughts on “More Americans Say Trump is Mentally Unfit than Biden (Duh)

  1. That video at the end of your piece today shows just a wee bit of Trump’s obvious cognitive DECLINE ~ the part you can see/hear. Sadly, it is also indicative of other very important cognitive skills that aren’t as EZ to see, but are ESSENTIAL to learning new things & ability to recall them later; understand, memory & recall, so to apply to current situation/problem need to solve …& decision making ~ when you call forth all that stuff you’ve learned, sift thru it, mix it all together, add any new info you may have (ask experts).
    Then, using all these cognitive skills, knowledge /experts input, problem solving & decision making skills, you put it all together & make the best decision, course of action, etc., & apply to current situation at hand… Can now make wise/best decision & act upon that…”Leadership”.
    As anyone can plainly see, Trump has impaired cognitive development & severely limited cognitive skills that he can use to lead a nation. Or anything else! This is s man who just “wings it” thru life & with shitloads of money to use/lose from his Dad, only bankrupted a few times. (Ha!)
    If not born filthy rich & sneaky liar, Trump would have likely grown-up to be the paranoid homeless guy who wanders on the streets all night, talking to self & imaginary others.
    Even if ya’ ignore the crude & criminal aspects of the man, the bully asshat we know him to be — best case scenario — he still CANNOT be a good, competent president & leader!
    Enter “narcissism” & he also cannot listen, learn, or comprehend advice of the experts. He “knows everything” & is “way smarter than anyone else he ever met.” His over-blown ego will always get in the way of him thinking, gaining wisdom, or gaining those skills he lacks!

    Biden may be a little slower, fuddy-duddy kind of guy who won’t go out on a limb, or take risks….BUT, where HIS cognitive skills may be fading, Trump never really had them to begin with!

    Biden’s choice for VP will be good indicator of what LIES AHEAD.
    (Hope he goes bold!!)

    Trump is just A HEAD that LIES.
    (Hope he goes home, leaves U.S.A !)

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