Sean Hannity Freaks Out Because Biden Declined an Interview with Fox News

The quantity of certified bull… oh, let’s just say malarkey, that is spun by Donald Trump continues to flow like an avalanche of asininity. Just this week he has waxed idiotic about the presidential debates, about politicization of the coronavirus, about voting by mail, and too much more to summarize here.

Fox News Sean Hannity

Naturally, Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News), has been quick to buttress his lies and the infantile hostilities that are the staples of his reality TV act. And first among the Fox News Trump-fluffers is his “shadow” Chief of Staff Infection, Sean Hannity, who has been scientifically linked to increasing COVID-19 fatalities.

On Saturday morning Hannity posted a tweet intended to embarrass Joe Biden by implying that he is afraid of Fox News and is dodging Chris Wallace who recently interviewed Trump. The tweet read “HIDIN’ BIDEN: Biden Campaign Tells Chris Wallace He’s ‘Not Available’ For Interviews at This Time.” It linked to a two week old article that claimed that Biden “is refusing to speak with the journalist” because he “is ‘not available’ at the moment.'”

First of all, informing a reporter that you’re not available “at the moment” is not the same as a refusal. It just means that another time might be better. After all, Biden is in the midst of a search for a vice-presidential running mate, and he’s planning an unprecedented virtual convention. On top of that, Biden is masterfully allowing Trump to take center stage and deliciously sabotage his own campaign with ever more bizarre outbursts and demented ravings.

However, Hannity’s attack tweet left out a fairly important piece of information. Biden had already done an interview with Wallace last March, months before Trump did. What’s more, if anyone is afraid of the press, it’s Trump. The vast majority of his interviews have been exclusively with his bootlicking pals at Fox News. He has not done a single interview with CNN or MSNBC as president.

Biden would have legitimate reasons to decline to be interviewed by the blatantly biased right-wing shills on Fox News. But he hasn’t done that. That makes Hannity’s lies all the more egregious. Particularly when you compound that with the fact that Trump is so obviously frightened of being challenged by the press when they aren’t his sycophants, or when he isn’t in a position to bully them or run away.

Trump’s rambling and incoherent rants are typical of a deeply disturbed narcissistic sociopath. And the attempts by Trump and Fox News to characterize Biden as unfit for the office of the presidency just seem more ridiculous every day. The bad news for Trump is that no one is buying his rancid assaults and viciousness. Even a poll by Fox News found that majorities of Americans say that Trump does not have the mental soundness to serve. Suck on that Bunker Boy.

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3 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Freaks Out Because Biden Declined an Interview with Fox News

  1. As a reminder, Sean Hannity (Coward) promised to get his fat ass waterboarded 11 YEARS 3 MONTHS 18 DAYS AGO, and never mentioned it again.

    Sean Hannity (Coward) has no morals, no principles, no credibility, and NO ONE should pay any attention to him whatsoever.

    Yes, we still remember, Seanny.
    Yes, we ARE still counting, Seanny.
    No, Seanny, we will NEVER let you forget.

    Torture fan Sean Hannity still hasn’t been waterboarded like he promised
    — March 16, 2018 article — and it is STILL true.

  2. You’ll have to forgive Sean Shammity for projecting his own anguish into Biden’s, “not right now; I’m busy.” Heaven only knows how many times Shammity has heard the, “not now; I’m busy” excuse, as a (sorta’) reporter. I don’t doubt he’s heard that excuse from many people he has wanted to speak with. Heard it over & over again, thru the cracked open door. Some people are just crazy busy, like, ALL the time! I know I sure would be ‘too busy’ for interview, even for a brief chat with “Sean the Sham”! Respected journalist would be a different matter, but I bet Shammity has caught a glimpse of more than 1 person slipping out their back door to avoid him! To be expected when he’s a sham of a shill for the orange-faced Trumpfurter on FuxSpews TV, where the vapid folks & some in comas have TVs turned to 24/7.
    If I were Biden, would STAY busy, rather than have any dialog with Shammity ~ or anyone else on that channel where imbeciles & liars spew their stupidity with impunity! Biden should beware the ‘set-up’ ~ bullshit questions about Ukraine &/or, a severe & strangely edited version of interview, cut-up & butt-spliced together in some deranged way…in attempt to make Trump sound like the smarter & more coherent of the 2. (Yeah, right)
    Better yet, Trump can’t resist a “double-dog dare ya”…so dare him to go on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC Show, even for 1 segment. If he does, then Biden will do equal time on FauxNews & Spews. Make it funny ~ show sense of humor…something else Trump is totally lacking & the Country needs right about now!

  3. Why would Biden do an interview on an entertainment channel?

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