In Desperate Reversal Trump Pleads with His Supporters to ‘Vote By Mail’

For several weeks Donald Trump has been ranting in his customary incoherent manner about the risks of voting by mail. He insists that it is a process that is rife with fraud, despite not having any evidence to support his alarmist raving. To the contrary, all the evidence shows that it is safe and secure, and has been for decades.

Every study conducted to ascertain the reliability of mail-in voting has concluded that there is no problem other than trivial numbers of incidental errors. David Lublin, an elections expert and professor at American University in Washington, D.C. told ABC News that…

“Voter fraud has not been a widespread problem in the United States. It’s just not remotely a widespread problem that, in fact, usually when claims are made, the more they’re investigated the more they disappear.”

Even a Commission on Election Integrity set up by Trump himself in 2017 failed to document any fraudulent voting and, humiliated, was disbanded a few months later.

So it is with particular curiosity, although not remotely surprising given his penchant for hypocrisy and lies, that Trump has reversed himself completely and is now embracing mail-in voting, but only because it is now in his interest to do so

Trump’s tweet starts off with the tacit admission that he has been deliberately misrepresenting an alleged difference between mail-in voting and absentee voting. But everyone other than Trump knows that there is no difference whatsoever in the processes for requesting or casting ballots. They are just different names for the same thing. What’s more, Trump concedes that voting in this manner is both “Safe and Secure, Tried and True.” While he singles out Florida, the same is true for every other state.

This striking turnaround comes just hours after Trump reiterated his baseless charge that voting by mail is an attempt to rig the election and will result in massive fraud. A few days ago Trump unleashed a maniacal tirade declaring that, due to mail-in voting, “This is going to be the greatest election disaster in history.” He likely meant that not as a warning, but as a promise of what he intends to do.

The reason for this frantic u-turn is likely that Trump has finally been convinced that his anti-voting harangues are actually hurting his own reelection prospects. Republicans across the country have been begging him to stop this rhetorical nonsense because they see how badly it is affecting their campaign efforts for both the White House and down-ballot races for Congress, the Senate, and local offices.

The real purpose of Trump’s assault on democracy has been to suppress the vote. He and the GOP have been focused on reducing voter participation for years. They know that when more people vote, Democrats win. Trump even admitted this last April when he told Fox News that it “doesn’t work out well for Republicans.” He went on to complain that Democrats were “crazy” for supporting vote-by-mail, saying that “They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” For once, he’s right.

To achieve his nefarious anti-democratic ends, Trump is attempting to sabotage the Postal Service. He is refusing to allocate necessary funding for continued operation. He has advocated for privatization, which would utterly destroy the 250 year old, constitutionally mandated institution. He recently installed Louis DeJoy, a major campaign donor, as the new Postmaster General. DeJoy is already ordering slow-downs and other measures to impede service with the intention of disrupting the election.

Trump obviously doesn’t care about the adverse effect this will have on voting. And he certainly doesn’t care that a majority of Americans support mail-in voting. But he is also ignoring the fact that a crippled post office would have trouble delivering Social Security checks, prescription medicines, and other critical necessities. It could literally cost lives. But Trump’s purposeful mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic has already taught us that he couldn’t care less about any of that.

However, now that Trump has become aware that he might also suffer some ill effect of his campaign against mail-in voting, he is callously and selfishly changing his tune. Whether this will have any effect on his cult disciples is another question. They have already initiated demonstrations to protest mail-in voting by burning their own applications. If MAGAts don’t want to vote, that’s something Democrats should eagerly encourage. Feel free to retweet/share this:

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5 thoughts on “In Desperate Reversal Trump Pleads with His Supporters to ‘Vote By Mail’

  1. I am confused about the June 2020 thing at the bottom of today’s …calling all MAGA to burn their mail-in ballots? It says is by/from NewsCorpse.

    About that totally unqualified Postmaster General Trump installed to destroy the USPS:
    Since USPS is mandated by Constitution, isn’t there something that can be done to remove that man who has never even carried mail – prob’ly not even from his own mailbox – & force replacement to person who’s QUALIFIED for the job?!? I know that’s a foreign concept to Trump, but that jerk is doing to USPS exactly what Trump/GOP is doing to this country… Destroying it completely, from the inside, out! How obvious does he need be, that he doesn’t find incompetent from in USPS ranks, but is flipping-off entire Country by removing the real Pstmstr Genrl & putting in some rich asdhole with ZERO experience to take down the only efficient & well run part of federal gov’t! I am sure mail carriers would back the move to get rid of this idiot that Trump put in. How can it be that we have no recourse against Trump’s OBVIOUS dismemberment of USPS?!

    • Just proving a point – after all, aside from hypocrisy being the Tyrant Worshipers’ sole principle, they also have an extraordinary talent for shooting themselves in the foot. Their need to “show them evil libs” takes precedence over any form of logic.

  2. Thus far, Trump’s only specified Florida as a place for his disciples to use mail-in voting. Why? Because the Sunshine State’s full of old folks who rightly fear going out to do anything in public during the Covid pandemic. Trump needs every vote he can get, so he spins 180 degrees yet again. I’m wondering when he’ll figure out that he should tell his flunky DeJoy to quit crippling the post office, there might be Trump votes on the floor of that warehouse.

  3. Oh, don’t worry, he will come around on other States once he sees his horrible stats. Never underestimate our contrumptible prez!

  4. Fear not AnnieLaurie, I have absolute faith in the shiftiness of Herr Trumpler. But in this case, I wonder if he’s aware that lots of his deranged flock burned their mail-in forms as soon as they arrived, in protest against those dastardly Libs who want Americans to vote.

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